ScorpVirgo from Shuabby

  • Dear ScorpVirgo

    Just found your question.

    I read that you have moved back home and that is a postive move is what I am receiving for you. Buying a house is possible also , I feel that you will do this in Sept of 2012 which will be the best time for you to do so moneywise, as you will be settled more into a better paying job in which you will find in the next six months. I feel that you will interview three times before taking the job and this will be with two different companies. I see a large A with one company and a G with the other one.

    There will be a lot of brown in one office you interview in and this one is the one that will call you back for a 2nd interview.

    Going back to school is an option and I sense that you will do so but not as fast as you would like to. You need to relax is what I get. Go out with friends and forget your worries for a day or two. Rest is also here that is needed by you.

    Your future looks good to me as I get a bright yellow color coming into view here. Hang in there because the sun will be shining brightly in your life in 2012.


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