2011 good for taurus...not feeling it

  • So as you can guess i am a taurus female. Relationships have been pretty much non existant for a long time. My last serious realtionship was 6 years ago with a Scorpio we dated for 1 year then second year was a complicated mess. It's true what they say about Taurus/scorpio relationships. Since then i have basically been single until now. I have been reading horoscopes and they all pretty much say this year is the year for taurus and starting new relationships. Has anyone found this to be true?

    Well it has been true for me, however this year i have gone through a total of 3 relationships, 2 of which were in the past 4 months. It also seems like i'm making my way through the zodiac. 1st guy was a Cap, that lasted 1 month. The second also a Cap (1 month), the 3rd a libra (2 months; technically 1 month he was away for the second) and recently just ended a short fling with a Leo.

    What these guys have in common is the way they ended it...by ignoring me, no contact and moving onto a new girl, none of them had the balls to say this is not working. The Leo was flirting with me for weeks (i wanted nothing to do with him as things had just ended with the Libra. But over halloween against my better judgement (a lot of alcohol) i went home with him, which ordinarily i would not do. I have not heard from him since and thanks to facebook i have discovered that he is actually married! So currently i am having a FML moment.Not sure what i'm doing wrong, why i keep attracting these men. I'm level headed, not demanding (which bothers me because i see all these men smitten with girls who are clingy, cookiemonstery and over possessive).

    Anyway i just needed to vent, I am a typical taurus and have found solace in this forum from posts reminding me that i am a taurus, i am being true to myself, this is who i am, i can't change that. Being used and tossed aside time again does take it's toll. Yes i suffer in silence and pretend to the world it does not bother me, but it really does, which i guess is why i decided to share my tale of woe.

  • Taurus58, maybe you are being attracted to the wrong type of men ? The one which gets in and out of relationships with complete ease ? Maybe you should be, in fact, more demanding, and at least get to know the man in question better before getting involved with him, rather than after ? Facebook can be very helpful for that, by the way.

  • Also a Taurus...

    I haven't had the time to actively seek a new relationship. There were so many things going on in my life for the last few years. My last relationship was with a Leo. A wonderful man. He took a position overseas and I relocated to NYC.

    As for the men who showed interests? Two persistent Pisces, an attached Gemini, and a former friend who was an Aries ( who I had to cut off due to his 'stalker' nature). I didn't desire to pursue anything with them.

    I'm not sure what I want at this moment. Until I can figure that one out, I can't be a suitable partner to someone right now. But the craziest thing is?...I long to be in loving relationship again. I have been single for three years, seriously!

    I think about my former Cancer friend from time to time. I miss the way he made me feel. The emotional connection that was made. But somehow, he was unable to give me what my Leo (ex-boyfriend was able to give me), patience, understanding, intellectual conversations ( I have a moon in Gemini) and a realistic, cultural approach to looking at the real world.

    The more I give my .02 in the forums regarding people's exrperiences with Tauruses, the more I'm able to evaluate myself, how I am being perceived by others, what I want in a relationship...and will I ever be able to feel that connection with someone again...

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