A reading please. Astra or anyone else

  • I would really appreceate a reading.

    I guy I know from elementary school, who I wasnt in contact with for a long time, but thanks to facebook we were back in contact. We didnt exchange messages on there for a long long time and now from nowhere he contacted me.

    I am wondering what his intensions are toward me? just friendly?

    Thank you

  • Hi Fishy

    I have the Page of Pentacles so this seems to echo the recent communication from him. My sense is that there is a heightened desire by a lot of folks these days to connect with others, even from the past, in order to find our heavenly connections, so we are reaching out more than ever, (therefore the popularity of sites like Facebook)

    Pentacles also says material, so there are practical interests here also.

    Nine of Pentacles - this seems to represent you. You look pretty heavenly here. He remember something about you that was heavenly and that is in his heart.

    Four of Swords - I think he has recently experienced something that has him quiet and pulling back in his life, so he is contemplating something new, and has this figure is laying down, well... it could mean more than friendship.

    Seven of Cups. Yep, he is pondering love, and I think there was something from elementary school he never forgot. You remember that day in the fifth grade that you got into your Mom's purse and found some perfume. You gave yourself a liberal dose and went to school that day and much to your surprise the boys seemed friendlier, especially him. You have forgotten about that day. He hasn't.

    So, yeah, more than friendship. Channel. Memories.

    Page of Cups - You follow up with him, and you will start receiving more communications from him that will be sweet and lovely... poetry.. he is romantic at heart and he never forgot you.

    Blessings and love... I think its sweet.


  • Thank you Astra. I will let you know how it goes if you are interested. Funny, first time we contacted, he bearly remembered who I was.



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