Indecision aaagh help!

  • I am coming to the conclusion that I have a real phobia about making decisions. There are so many things I need to decide which will impact the future and I am so scared to make a decision. Someone once said there is no right or wrong decision. Does anyone have any tips for battling indecision? I really need to get over this point. Indecision should we move, indecision when should we moe, indecision should I do this or that oh it is driving me nuts. I feel so under pressure not just from my controlling husband but also from myself. Heck I could not even decide whether to let my daughter take part in a musical because it would tie us tll the end of the school year. I have to make all family decisions alone.

    Anyone have some brilliant advice for me? It is eating me up.


  • It's called "choking"

    when you think too much about something--you choke. Like if you are all alone and can shoot a hoop or sink a cue ball perfectly--but the moment it has meaning--an audience or a tie game you think too much and suddenly you feel doubtful. The best advice--comes from the fairies. You must remove yourself from all desicions and go out into nature alone and just get busy outside---go barefoot if you can---pot plants---touch soil--be busy. If you start seeing little flashes then the fairies and guardians are around you and as you keep your thoughts open they give you all the answers. This works! Also--you must detach because desperation clouds all intuition. You must rely on first gut reactions--once you go into fret and worry mode---fear takes over. Most great minds--before invention let go when frustration enters--they sleep on it or go out into nature and detach. The mind solves problems on it's own--it really does. When resistance comes always stop for awhile--take a break. Trust yourself and the fairies. Also--spirit says always remember---A woman who doesn't change her mind doesn't have one! If you allow yourself to be "flakey" you wouldn't be so stuck in being perfect. Often you may not know the desicion was right untill later and it suddenly doesn't feel right---give yourself permission to change your mind any time you please with no explanation to those who you fear disproval most--just say I changed my mind. Mostly, do the nature thing. Anytime I get confused by indesicion and pull my cards the nature card comes up and reminds me that outside the fairies want to help you but you must be open and feeling the energy of mother earth to receieve. BLESSINGS!

  • Oh that is a good idea, I have to get the tulip and daffodil bulbs in anyway! And I am signing my girls up for the musical regardless.

    Thanks again Blmoon, the big NO needs to be practised. More decisions heaped on me today where I scream it in my head. My husband has such a way with words. Aha but so do I.

    xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx. Paddi

  • This post is deleted!

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