AstraAngel I'd appreciate a reading if you have time

  • Hi AstraAngel, I started reading some of the Tarot readings you have done for others and I just love your style and insight. I haven't asked anyone on the forum for a tarot reading in ages, but I feel moved to ask you. So many changes lately in my life, I wouldn't even know what specific question to ask, so I am wondering if you can give me an overview? I do read cards for myself and I have gotten a lot out of the interpretations you've given to others. I'm always so amazed at how others get so much more out of the cards than I ever seem to see myself. So helpful. Anyway, I really just love your presentation. If you ever were to write a book I think it would be a fun read! Oh, my birthday is July 7, 1960 if that is helpful. Of course there is a new man on the sidelines who has my attention although it has not really progressed...stalled is more the word for it, or postponed? (He is Sept. 12, 1968). Not sure that's really what I need to know about right now though, I think something more "big picture" would be more helpful. Thank you for being here on the forum and sharing your gifts with so many. Very, very gracious of you. 🙂

  • Hi Jenever7!

    It is my pleasure to give you a reading! I am honored, thank you for asking.

    Okay, we'll start with your chart:

    Your Sun and Mercury in Cancer, and you have Saturn in Opposition in Capricorn.

    So your Cancer, loving, tender, nurturing nature is dealing with some opposing Saturn energy from the sign of career and accomplishment. Meanwhile, your life path (North Node) is wanting to take you to Virgo, which is a rather well disciplined, organized, analytical and observant nature. My take on this is that you are fighting to find a balance between your normal emotional "home-centered" nature, and something a little more intellectual, more process oriented.

    That Saturn energy in Cap drives you up the wall at times. While you love your home security system you bought, trying to figure out how to get the thing installed and working does not come easy to you. You face issues sometimes in your work, your boss asks you the status on that latest report, and you want to run screaming back home to bake another batch of brownies. Meanwhile your North Node is whispering to you, "your boss is right you know, you should have been working on that report all along instead of taking "breaks" to search out "Best Brownie Recipes of the decade" on MommieChocolateCookingForever dot com

    Fortunately, you have an ally in Capricorn! Your MOON is there to save the day! What does this mean? It means that while you deal with all of this home vs. career conflicts, you have one advantage that many people long for. And that is your emotional nature is actually very bright and positive and stable. So, after you ran home screaming from your job to bake the brownies, (after your boss asked you the status on that report), and after your Virgo angel whispered to you that you really should be more task focused... you have a brief cry.. and then... ALL IS FINE! You run BACK to the office, burst into your bosses office and exclaim, "I am so sorry! I promise I will have that report first thing in the morning! Mam!"

    Your boss is thinking, "what in the world? The reports is not that big a deal... " so she tells you, "Hey Jenever7, its okay... the report is not that important. Then you say something like, "Well its important to me! I am really trying to be the best employee at Acme Widget Associates, Inc possible! I take my role here seriously... and by the way... would you like to try one of my brownies? They are really yummy... go ahead, take two, they're small!"

    You have a wonderful way with people. Your forte is as a peacemaker, you love to be thrust into situations where you can see all sides of an issue and help achieve peace. You draw from both Capricorn and Cancer to find these nuggets of wisdom and your emotional stability is there to balance you out. Still, this results in some frustration in your own personal life, as you are typically giving out more energy than you receive. Your only need there is to take plenty of breaks for yourself... an evening once in a while, or even an entire weekend, where you escape to something luxurious and sweet, a getaway in the mountains, a drive to the top of Old Smokey, where you can be alone and hug yourself. Because deep down, you truly truly love yourself, and know that you are ultimately your own best friend. So take those times for yourself, alone with you and the skies, your angels and heaven coming down to hold you. And the Sun beaming over the beautiful person you are.

    On top of all that (that was mostly addressing the dynamic between home and career/work) you have Venus very close to your Sun in Cancer, so you are also very much a lover of lovers. Emotional relationships are not only important to you, they are essential. Your ability to send and receive love at home is your passion. You demand honesty in all of your relationships, especially at home. Especially in the kitchen. You do not have time for nonsense, your version of love finds you in the arms of another and you are pulling them (thats Mars in Taurus) to Barnes and Noble to the "relationship shelves" where you are determined to unearth more tips and wisdom on making your relationship with your lover as deep and intimate as possible!

    You: "Hey... look at this... another tip for us to help with our communication!"

    Him: "What? I was looking at the cookbooks, I thought you wanted me to find another Brownies recipe book?"

    You: "Oh, that can wait! Look at this, this author says we should spend more time in front of a nice fire, gazing into each others eyes, and saying the first thing that comes to mind!"

    Him: "Okay, so you don't want the Brownie recipe book?"

    You: "She says we should do this for an hour every evening for a month and keep a journal about what we say to each other!"

    Him: "okay... well, let me put this Brownie Recipe book back... "

    You: "No, wait a minute, let me see that!"

    Him: "Jen, you are something else. Maybe we can look into each other's eyes WHILE we are cooking the brownies?"

    You: "That sounds wonderful, let's add that book to the other twelve on cookies and relationships here in my shopping basket... "

    So you see Jen, how vital true connection in your love life is to you. Your partner MUST embrace your love of home and intimacy... you mentioned a "man on the side"... I hope he is on the side with the potholders, and cups and saucers... and the side that has you two taking long, leisurely walks in the Fall forest, holding hands, laughing and hugging about every twenty paces... I hope he is on the side of you deep commitment to a spiritual life, centered in caring for the earth, which is so important to you.

    You have a sixth sense about men, and this has always worked for you. You have smoked out the phonies in your past, a few rotten apples taught you how to toss em before they spoiled the whole bunch. What this says is that you have been able to protect your very innocent and childlike sincerity about love, you have been hurt however you have not let that make you thick skinned. You have a heart of gold, and once you have the "signals" from your guy that he is on the same wavelength, you will open up to him that most beautiful treasure you have - your Entire Cookie Recipe Book collection for him to borrow! Not many guys have ever been able to get that close to you. I think you are getting close to someone though! 🙂

    What else... Chiron in Pisces - you don't like baiting your own hook when you go fishing.

    Jupiter in Sagittarius - you like to watch horse racing

    Neptune in Scorpio - you like to dream of taking a round the world trip by sea one day, or at least to Greece. You want to feel the salt air breezes in your face, and you want to share those moments with him.

    Your Mars in Taurus is square with your Uranus in Leo, so you sometimes have confidence issues...

    You: "So you like my brownies? be honest!"

    Your boss: "I thought they were yummy, the best I ever had!"

    You: "are you sure? maybe you've had better before?"

    Jenever, I can tell you right now, that your Brownies are the best that have ever been made.

    Okay, let's now do a reading to see what your life situation is life, what has happened, and where you are heading. We'll use a Celtic Cross to gain an overview...

    You: Death - Inner transformation. This is a wonderful card for you at this stage of your life. This speaks volumes about how serious you are about your spiritual path! You were willing to let a painful past go, and this has recently felt like the bookends of your life. Your nature is as a transformer. You transform, and you help others transform. You have made tough choices all through your life in order to keep moving up to the light and this has been a source of strength to many around you.

    Your Situation: Where you are at - Ace of Swords - Hey, an Ace early in the reading is a fantastic sign. Something in your personal philosophy and intellect is germinating. This is something you have worked hard to establish, your own personal viewpoint that is so "you". You are a traditionalist by nature (Cancer) however your North Node Virgo is where your life is trying to take you. This ACE is Virgo - dependable and analytical! Well organized and poised for tremendous success - at last Saturn can take breather and let your Capricorn Moon swell to fill your sky. You are experiencing a new beautiful lease on life with your emotions, now being called into play in a wonderful more analytical maturity. There is also a lot of masculine energy associated with this card so you are feeling the energies of a companion as a part of this new chapter. I believe this is the man you referred to.

    Crossing you: Two of Wands - a choice now looms before you and I am sensing it is in fact connected with this man on the sidelines. Something has caused the relationship to pause, and this appears to have a lot to do with you. Like you are weighing it out, trying to decide what the future holds for you both. Until you settle this matter in your heart, the signals he received continue to say "wait" and so nothing is changing. This is as it should be, you are gaining wisdom and coming to a quality decision about the union. Once you decide, and send the signal, he will reciprocate and it will then be off to the races.

    Your fondest hopes and dreams - The Eight of Swords - Hmm... my first thought was "damsel in distress!" Help! Help! Who will help me bake my brownies? I am surrounded by a fierce storm, the practical aspects of life! Help! Help! You know what I see here Jen? A lady who know how to laugh. And more than anything, you long for a lover you can laugh with. Not taking life too seriously! So when you two are gazing into each other's eyes, in front of the fireplace, nibbling on your latest confections, you like to tell joke or two. In other words, you see a relationship as something that ultimately takes you to a very happy place, where the two of you can play, play, play. Because this lady in the Eight Swords is not in any trouble at all. Her bandage over her eyes, has some little secret slits so she can peek out and see who is coming near her... then, when the right guy shows up, her cries become a little louder... "help...(oh there he is!)... HELP! HELP!"... ha ha... you love to have a laughing lover, and that is one clue to unlock your present relationship with "guy on the sidelines"

    Difficulties of your past: six of Swords - moving on... there have been several painful journeys you have had to make in your life, you have become a regular passenger on this particular ferry.

    "Oh, hey Ms. Jen... back for another trip across the river I see!"

    "Yes, this one didn't work out either!"

    "Oh well, Ms. Jen, better luck next time, aye?"

    "yeah... sigh... I guess... do you have any advice for me Mr. Ferry Captain?"

    "Yeah, make sure you pick a guy who likes to laugh at your jokes. And you owe me $20 for the ferry trip"

    So a string of "trips" that you have become kinda used to. The good news is your faith in heaven never lied to you, you always had you heart tuned above, and even though the tears were real enough, you simply reached your hand into that crystal river and splashed some of that divine water in your eyes, and the tears became holy and something sacred for you. Your past is a mix of devotion and pain, and you are ready to see that turn into a mix of devotion and devotion.

    Last of the present - what you are moving away from - Queen of Cups. This is the last ride on the ferry (six swords). The love of this Queen is something that you have worn and knew pretty well, and you thought she would last through the winter. Well, the Ace Swords in the present situation tells me that something cut her short, and now she has undressed from her royal robes and replaced that with naked and brutal truth. She was a phase and a needed one. However, the attire was a little on the expensive side, and who needs all of that outer adorning anyway when heaven is calling you to something much more YOU.

    First of the Future - Two of Pentacles - So we see the transition from Queen Cups > Ace Swords > Two of Pentacles ... what this means is a NEW journey only this time it will not be in that Six of Swords ferry. At last your next trip will be authentic and true to your deep spiritual nature. So, choices are a very strong energy for you right now... crossing you, the Two of Wands... and ahead of you the Pentacle Two... I still want to say this is connected with "Guy", and once the wand choice is made - "DING!" like magic the material aspect manifests and you two are making plans. Where to go, where to live, where to love. A trip, travel with him, combining talents... and the seas are in the background... stop by the travel agent soon and pick up some brochures on Greece. And see what specials they have for a lover's package, because...

    Future Environment - THE LOVERS! Bingo! This is where all the balloons come falling down from the ceiling, and the audience is applauding! yay! This is pay dirt for you, the tests and tempts of the past, the many trips across Heartbreak River, the throbbing heart that was robbed, you have seen it all and at last the REAL now appears and it is perfect. Perfectly funny too! This is when laughter and love come together in your life, and your lover knows exactly what it takes to keep you laughing your cheeks off. (That's your bottom off.) This looks so wonderful, I feel only happiness and great brownie recipes and a lot of time in that Fall woods with him... the animals will get used to you, here come the lovers who are always laughing! they will say. Prepare to be so in love, and this time, its no joke! Well, actually, it is a joke! You know what I mean!

    How others see you - King of Wands - they will see this guy and say, how in the world did she get so lucky? What fortune of angels has been bestowed upon her? Your peers will have tears of joy at your newfound happiness. At last, that WAND choice that crosses you currently has taken you to a place called LOVE and your life now makes perfect sense! At least between the laughter, and the jokes and the pranks, and franks. This King is a perfect match for little Miss Brownie-cooking Crab. And you will laugh and feel love all the way to heaven.

    Your hopes and (sometimes) your fears - Page of Wands - This tells me that deep down, after that Eight of Swords lady finds her guy, and drops the act, and takes the blindfold off, this is who she wants to see. A very innocent and lighthearted man of spirit, a guy who she can run to with the latest brownie recipe, or the latest joke, and he latest revelation about intimate relationship. And this page is ready, willing and able to love you til the midnight hour. And then, he will set the clock back three hour while you aren't watching, and roll over in the bed an say "Hey Jen, look at that! It's only 9PM! We still have another three hours to love each other until midnight!" it is the stuff made of magic, this man of Wands who is a child at heart. You have wondered through your life - is he really out there (evidenced by the abscence of the knight in the Page > King transition. Well, this page is more than a knight, he is also the day and he will all night - and all day - for your love.

    Final Outcome - The Six of Cups - Oh this is really sweet and beautiful. This card sums up perfectly what I see in this love that is developing, very much two sharing with childlike tenderness and compassion. This is the innocence of love, willing to laugh at a moments notice, never taking life too seriously, and very very much centered on helping one another becomes the brightest and sweetest spiritual couple ever. This card tells me you have something very nice and intimate in love arriving. That Two of Pentacles that is coming will take you there. You have a choice to make now, and that will in turn set other matters in motion that will land you in the lap of love, luscious, liquid, and most of all - laughing.

    And laughter in love is something you have sought all your life.

    Isn't it nice to know that Heaven knew this... and has been preparing the both of you for the happiest brownie recipe of love ever stirred together.

    I see so much that is wonderful for you ahead Jen! My blessings and prayers for you and "Guy on the sideline."

    My advice" Go ahead and put him in the game. Nine of Wands - he is just like you. A joker at heart. All of those bandages wrapped around him? Like, he is so wounded from love, and not sure he can open up to you? Sniff... sniff...

    Fake. He is waiting for you to tell him that you see through his act. Get him laughing and you will unleash the hidden energies between you. And you will never stop laughing. And you will never stop doing that "other thing" too!

    Baking brownies. At midnight.

    love and more love,


  • AstraAngel, I can't thank you enough for the time you have taken to provide me with all of this information. What an unexpected reading (it has been a bit of a rocky road here and I have had to dig deep to hold my optimism). Such a relief to know that there will be no more ferry rides to the wrong shores. I have seen that ferryman plenty in my own readings. Indeed, I kept thinking I was finally going to disembark and then I'm back on the dang boat to the next destination with him telling me, "nope, this isn't your stop", cruise along some more, I get excited to see the shore, then, "nope, this isn't your stop either". I have been to the point of believing that whatever comes next is just going to be him once again saying, "sorry, this isn't where you get off either". Enough to make me want to jump ship at times, but I am not a great swimmer so I've had to trust that the ferryman knows where he is going (while nagging him all the while of course, "are you really SURE...because that shore looks pretty pleasant afterall...I think it might do"...and yet we sail on....).

    I've never had my astrological information in such detail before so I really appreciate you researching that. A few surprises seeing what other signs are at play! You really hit the nail on the head overall, and I appreciate how you took the negatives and put a positive spin on things. I read all this and think, "wow, what a cool person this is, oh wait, is THAT me??" Lol. You are an angel.

    So, I can't be sure that this "guy" that I mentioned is really the guy reflected in the reading. When I say on the sidelines, I very much mean on the sidelines, and not by my choice, but his. Things started out fast, too fast really (not physical - actually I haven't even met him, just e-mail and texting, but just too much talking about too many things, too soon, and not the right kind of things), and I think he pulled the breaks. Or maybe we both did really. But he's still out there, we're still in touch, neither of us has completely vanished. Even if he is not the guy you see, at least you give me optimism that there could be someone special coming along - yes one that can laugh! That will be most welcome! Just the prospect of it is enough to give me a smile. So maybe that 6 of Cups is just me finding my naive optimism still in tact after a rough ride, and now the right things can come together all the way around. Not willing to get my hopes up quite yet lest that stupid ferryman pulls up to my front door and says, "Let's go Jen, all aboard!"

    Thanks again AstraAngel, your reading makes me feel really good about things - where I've been, and staying optimistic about where I'm going. And, oh my gosh, how you've made me laugh! (I would NEVER have seen what you did with the 8 of Swords - what a hoot!) Seriously, I hope you are a writer of some sort outside of all of this, you have such a colorful and engaging style of writing. You should do something with it!!! Lots of love to you AstraAngel and many blessings for your kindness to me and to others. 🙂

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