Astra--Can I get some clarification?

  • Hi Astra (or anyone else),

    You did a reading for me the other day (I said I kept pulling a queen of wands with what this guy I went on a date with on Friday when asking what he thinks of me). You pulled a knight of wands, then the three of cups. Now I realized, he's a sagittarius (so knight of wands, right?)...and the 3 of cups...I always thought that was a friendship card. I was wondering if you could do a clarification reading, or maybe a reading period surrounding this relationship and what it entails in the near future. I promise this will be the last time I ask this, because I know you are graciously doing this for free and I should probably stop obsessing and let things be. If you could help though, that would be great.

    All the best!


  • Hi BlueLyric...

    sure thing...

    I am not certain about the Knight of Wands in the Zodiac, I have one deck that shows the signs on all the cards, I will check. I know that Wands are fire, so I am guessing it would be Sagittarius, Aries or Leo. One web page I just pulled up said Leo. I think Sag is a good match though as he has is half horse! So I think you are right.

    Okay, this is a simple four card layout...

    1. Present stage of the relationship - the King of Cups - wow! This fellow is serious, no question about it. He is well entranced with you and as long as you keep adding wood to his fire, this can blaze up into something pretty hot. How are you feeling? Is it reciprocal? You are the one setting the stage here.

    2. Near future of the relationship - King of Swords - Wow! again... another King, This guy is more than determined, he is obsessing about you. He is ready to skip right over the Knight phase and become your King in Shining armor. How fast do you want matters to progress? I'll bet were you to tell him that you love him today, he would be shopping for your ring tonight at FastEngagementRingDelivery dot com. Again, and I must caution you - you are the one at the throttle here. You want to have some fun? Show up in something lacy and a little revealing and tell him you are not sure about the two of you... ha ha... just kidding... no female should ever play those little games. Or should you? 🙂

    3. Let's see... here is where the rubber meets the road... what is the Long term future of the relationship? ACE OF SWORDS - wow wow wow! This is hotter than hot bluelyric. Do you see? You give him the "all systems go" signal and he will become the Ace of Masculine energy in your life. We go from two Kings, to "the" Ace in the deck - which signifies powerful beginnings, and they are very intellectual beginnings as well as very strong commitment beginnings. This ace foretells a very solid relationships is what I see, where the two of you have a fantastic talent for communicating splendidly. Very nice! This is like the Crown Jewels (I started to say the Family Jewels however I better not say that) of the Tarot, very opulent and regal. I am getting only positive, very intense e r o t i c , and committed energies here. Wow wow wow is only the beginning. Pretty soon, Yes yes yes.

    4. Your advice - I don't know, keep a bucket of ice water with you when you are around him. Have you ever seen those satellite images of the Sun when it ejects one of those mass coronal flares? That is him. Practicing for you.

    Nine of Swords. Well, this lady is in a bed, and she is alone. There's a little teddy bear in the corner. And some sort of a little box under the bed. What does the teddy bear symbolize? What does that box contain? I don't know. I do know what a bed symbolizes though.

    What I can see is that YOU are in BED and HE is OUT THERE about to smash the walls of your apartment down with one of those cranes, with the big ball on the end of a rope. You show this guy the slightest hint of love interest, and he will be camping out in your front yard.

    Advice? End this now - or risk starting something that you will never be able to stop. It will be hot, intense, devoted, connected, communicative, and real. That is what I see.

    The teddy bear is a symbol of teddy bears. That is him.

    The box is a symbol of boxes. That is you.

    The teddy bear wants ...that box.

    I'll let you pray over that one.

    Here is a promise from the Lord for you...

    "Place me like a seal over your heart... for love is as strong... It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame." Song of Solomon 8:6


    (photo of sun courtesy of NASA)

  • 1. Thank you so much.

    2. You're hilarious.

    3. Okay, so yes, I like him and felt a deep connection, but I've been totally stubborn about being contacted, because I was the one that initiated everything. We had this amazing date on friday that was something like 8 hours and so I've kind of been like, if he really wants me and likes me enough aren't I special enough to be asked out? And it's been days. And I was confused because he like, patted me on the back when we hugged (little things make us crazy right?) So that's where I've been. So maybe that's the last card with me on a bed. (hilarious sun photo) waiting. I guess based on this reading, I'll toss him another bone or two to see how he acts. Until then, you are wonderful for taking the time out. I really really really appreciate it. I'll keep you updated!

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