Friendship reading...i dont know why i hate these cards!

  • so my friend made a nice male friend recently...though she wonders what he truly thinks of her. by the looks of these cards i don't think he cares for her too much. makes me a bit sad too. she is also leaving back to her hometown to go back to school in January...he said he was very sad.

    What does he think about me leaving? Knight of Pentacles

    i don't know...that its practical thing to do.

    What does he truly of me as a person? 4 of Cups

    reclusive type, withholding emotions, a bit selfish.

    As a woman? Death

    well this card is associated with death and sex. lol...maybe as a woman he finds her like a lost person, maybe brooding?

    About our friendship? Queen of Swords

    probably thinks no future friendship. any advice?

  • The Death card in Tarot is about abrupt change that end a certain situation. Within the Death card are the seeds of rebirth of the phoenix. Scorpios are known to sting themselves to "death." Be wary of excesses and taking out your frustrations on the types of behavior you know you like to lean upon to get you through the bad patches in life.

    The Queen of Swords is intensely honest, often too honest with blunt speech. The card also refers to separation and a period of being alone. The 4 of cups shows he is indifferent, almost bored, by his surroundings. The Knight of Pentacles is very slow moving, practically at a standstill.

    Do not give up hope. He's just a slow mover, not a shaker.

    Blessings to you. You have insight. You are "seeing" the truth.

  • my friend after getting all these cards just decided to cut off cmmunication with him. she feels lied to. he always said toher how important she is to him and we get these cards. wow! i told her to be patient. she is a scorpio....she holds grudges.

  • since both of us are scorpio women i can understand why she wants to move on, especially getting the four of cups. but maybe she wont see him again after moving back to go to school.

  • In the past, I've have known several Scorpio men and they all seem to be obsessed with being "right" even when circumstances give evidence that they are in error. They have a bad habit of burning their bridges behind them; so that further communication ends up a waste of time and energy when most women would prefer a simple email that says SOMETHING (other than total silence) instead of a complete surgical removal from their lives. In this way, Scorpios seldom give others the benefit of the doubt and "sting" themselves, usually without due cause.

    Giving someone a second chance and being firm about announcing such can provide greater communication and open them up to becoming more spontaneous instead of fixed, unmovable and utterly stubborn as a mule.

    Personally, I find Scorpios fascinating. I adore their intensity and passion for life and yes, I've been tormented by their possessive, overly jealous nature. For me, its the fact that so many Scorpios do not wish to learn from their mistakes and move forward has been a real problem. It's all or nothing, no explanation and the crazy notion that all associations should be able to read their minds. The problem is I CAN read their minds, but usually it happens too late to rectify matters. Scorpio men are the only creatures I've ever seen who can change from a soaring eagle into a creepy lizard or moody whale. They expect instantaneous mind connections to equal the emotional connection and with most people, that does not always happen.

    Please feel free to ask for additional input. I enjoy the intensity.

  • I'll have to look and analyze cards further. The queen of swords is actually a favorable card if it's how he perceives you. Looks as tho he's impressed of your schooling. Is he in school what does he do.

  • I usually don't ask a question and pull a card. It's really better to let the cards tell the story instead of asking, I believe. I do an 11 card spread. I can analyze as you pulled. I'll try and get back tomorrow.

  • Dalioite: I always ask questions when I pull a card, or else I get confused lol.

    I am not good at reading my own cards, I am better at reading others. Thanks for taking a look.

  • it can torture being a Scorpio;-).

  • it can be * tutore being a scorpio i meant lol.

  • I pulled three cards myself for you. There's a lot of curiosity re this friend. All thoughts are focused on him. There's a need to retreat. Could also be family pressures on you to finish school and not get tied up. Is he different than you financially. Maybe what I'm picking up is that family may think one of you is not good enough for the other? Am I off? Is there pressure to do what family wants?

  • I don't know what positions your cards were in so will try to analyze but may be off. I'm still getting that money is involved here so the Knight of Pentacles I think is pointing to your father or family figure. I'm getting that you are stubborn and sort of self absorbed. Death card actually relates to the sign of Scorpio as the Star card relates to Aquarius. The Moon relates to pisces etc. I see major challenges in this relationship not necessarily the way he sees you just situation. Queen of swords pairs well with knight of pentacles. Alignment with family. It would be to your benefit to listen to advice of family.

  • 😄

  • I dont know the family is not involved...hhmmm...I have to think about that one.

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