Trip to paris, sad

  • hi there. jut got back from a trip and my guy is not contacting me..any advice? is this a done deal

  • Were you with this guy on the trip? Gonna need some more details...

  • he took me. we had a few fights on the trip. a few glitcehs, getting to know eachoter again ( i knew him since I was 12 and we ran into eachother after 30 it is odd, he would email, text or call 20 times a day! almost..but now, he is mad? i change my mind alot, have trust issues, he is ecentric

    you see us talking again? i am not going to be the one that contacts him ths time, he has to and if he deosnt, I am willing to let go. which I kinda already emailed two days ago

  • He must be very upset if he took you to Paris and is now avoiding contact with you. I think it's silly that you'd rather be stubborn and let go than take the initiative to apologize on your end and make amends.

    My advice, since you asked, is suck it up and apologize for anything you did. You'd be surprised how far an apology can go... If you're pride is more important to you, than I guess you're at a loss.

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