Taurus woman/ libra man

  • I have had a 5 yr relationship with a libran that leaves the relationship without a hint to date other women. He does return but never tells me why he has this need to leave. Our relationship appears to be good to me on all levels. WE have a strong physical attraction and compatible value system. I accept him back because he is the only one I feel a kinship to. I date other men when he has disappeared but don't have the same comfort level. We immediately upon meeting felt that kinship. Life is short and I want him in my life because he is so much fun. I can't seem to get over that it may not be my fault that pushes himaway It may just be him. Can anyone give me input to holding on to this relationship. I truely love this man and I think I am right for him. Please help I am hurting

  • It seems to me that he obviously likes you but is not in love with you. I'm sorry to hurt you by saying that but please let me explain why:

    He dates other women & you date other men...and occasionally you spend time with each other and relate well with each other. You say you have a strong physical attraction & moral standards etc which is good. He seems comfortable with your relationship as it is.....he isn't going to change the routine after 5 years and become exclusively yours. Yes, life is short....so why are you frittering your life away on someone who obviously doesn't feel the same way about you? No, its not your fault. You're hurting....you need to tell your Libran guy how you feel, that you're not happy now with the relationship pattern that's currently in operation, that you love him. If he wanders off again...think carefully before you take him back. Don't be a doormat. You deserve 100% attention and loyalty in a relationship...most important of all...followed by the fun,physical attraction, and moral values. Its a two way street too. Good luck and I hope I don't sound too harsh.....

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