Need some something?

  • Hello haven't been here in a long time...I need some guidance...I feel like I am not going anywhere in my life..I have my children but they will be on their own here shortly and I feel like I really don't know where to be I mean I have some things I could do but do I stay where I am at or do I move somewhere else to....I don't know...My job I love but not the environment and was wondering if this certain negative person is going to move on soon or ???? Love hmm do I even dare go there..I mean I saw my sigh the one I would love to be with in the spring but I don't know...haven't heard nothing at all sooo that was sort of disappointing..although I am sure that he likes me too he has his own obligations too...I need something to look forward to...sometimes I feel like it just isn't enough matter what I do..and I try soo hard and not really going anywhere...oh yeh and what is up with my car? It just breaks down..runs for awhile and then it goes again...their father has promised to keep helping them financially but I doubt it...yesterday I heard some people talking and moving around outside...thought it was the kids even though I knew it wasnt them...anyways didn't mean to go on and on...but seeking some clarity or direction...seems soo lost all of the time and I feel like I haven't found my true purpose in life yet or I am just not seeing it???

  • Hi there I can't give you advice but I can direct you to the"Anyone else restless?" thread under Anything Goes where you will discover you are not alone. Small help maybe, I hope someone jumps in for you.


  • thx...for the invite I'll check it out later...waiting to see if it will actually snow or not.

  • Sounds like a good escape novel may be your best bet. I enjoy Rosamunde Pilcher because of the way she describes life and the daily drudge. Coping with problems in life is part of living. We can either choose to spend our waking hours in anxiety or do something different to lighten the load. When was the last time to you took a day off just for you? Allow yourself a few treats, a bubble bath with candles and music, dinner at a place you enjoy WITHOUT anyone else around, and DO what you enjoy. Allow your mind to rest and peace will set you free.

    Blessings for a more enjoyable tomorrow....

  • Appreciate it firefly...well the unexpected happens when I am least expecting it...sooo today is much much usually works itself step at a time..I am taking a day off tomorrow for me...yay...n yes I do need a good novel to enjoy n just escape yes I am going to treat myself to a quiet dinner...I soo need it too...seems like I am just going n going n going..oh n definitely the bubble bath too...n some soothing music..I have some amazing friends...I sure appreciate them when I am in need of help...everything is a gift from the universe...hmm....

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