AstraAngel please shine some light my way...

  • AstraAngel 08/22/51 I am a new expressionist paint with a lot of color ,bright colors...I had an interview today with a non profit organization, we will see what happens

  • OK that sounds cool - I have been looking over Rothko some more lately his work is so beautiful.. color fields...

    Looking at your chart.

    Sun and Mars and Pluto in Leo - warmhearted and loving and kind. Mars accentuates these qualities and sometimes those expressions can be a little overboard.

    Venus and Mercury in Scorpio - This touches on communication and love, so your love needs and style if very intense, and strong, You do not give up on relationships easily. Mercury likes to talk about the relationship. "Let's talk about us!"

    Saturn and Neptune in Libra - VERY strong sense of justice and balanced life. Responsible and trustworthy to a fault although you have been know to be caught daydreaming on the job once in a while.

    North Node - Pisces - This is where you should center in for your life path and work. Something very intuitive and spiritual and flowing is what I am getting, This is emotional and empathetic and free flowing. Art would fit in here really well.

    Jupiter in Aries - Firepower needed to accomplish any goal is what you have here.

    Moon in Taurus - When your emotions are charging ahead you don't like to stop although Saturn in Libra usually holds you in check. You have been heard to say "I would love to give them a piece of my mind!" only to turn around and forgive and move on (Saturn).

    Uranus in Cancer - Your home life and security needs are always flaring to the forefront. Adjacent to Leo so you are never far from home.

    I don't see any negative alignments - Your North node is pretty much opposite your birth sun in Leo so you have to work a little more to head in the Pisces intuitive path/

    I believe art is your thing and you would do really well at it! Like, a nice income and so forth. Bright, gay, happy, celebratory colors and strong geometries I get.

    I hope that gives you something!

    love and light


  • AstraAngel, thanks, i know you are right . It is just that right now i have to have a steady income , do you see any light at the end of the tunnel , will I get a job , temporary contract? I promise I will start getting involved with art again...

  • Yes you will find work. Four of Wands that is a strong sign of impending success. Keep looking and keep moving with your art as well, that will be your lifeline long term.


  • Thank you for helping me and so many. You are blessed

  • Astra how are you? Have you forgotten about me? Lol I'm more anxious than ever got another text last night but it wasn't to me he sent it to me by mistake it was meant for hs brother I didn't reply. Astra will I finally get over him?

  • Hi TaurusGirly

    My apologies I missed getting back to you on your nice response from a page back. Thanks for your patience.

    Okay.. let's see where you stand now, and I will work through a reply on the questions you raised...

    I have to say the fact that you received a text at all from him even though it was buy mistake is a nice sign from your angels that nice things are still "cooking" for you with him. Those little accidents can be signs that things are changing nicely for you in ways that will surprise and delight you.

    Let mw work through these questions...

    1. You stated: "I highly doubt it's Mr. Cancer lol Astro it seems as though this also ties in with Mars and Saturn being in Libra would you agree? " I can hear your concerns about him... it has not been easy trying to bridge the gap from your heart to his. Cancers are a delicate group, they must be won with much patience and respect. Once you have won the heart of a Cancer though they will open to you completely their hearts are very deep and beautiful. So he has a very soft heart however you are right, he struggle against that mars/saturn pair in Libra always trying to check his heart in at the door.

    Could a relationship with him still be in the works? Is that where you are headed?

    Three of Cups - WOW! That is a VERY positive card in answer to that question! Let's park that on the back burner for now and continue.

    2. You said... "Like maybe because I invested so much time and so much of myself I hold on to these relationships even when I know I should just walk away.... hhuummm makes me wonder??

    Five of Cups, that is exactly it. You do create these connections with those you have cared about however that does not mean you have to leave them in the dust and try to forget them. How can we forget those with whom we have shared lovely and sweet moments with? You really can't. You can only hold them in the highest regard, and whenever you think about them, you send a wish their way of love and blessings... in that way, your heart remains transparent and READY TO RECEIVE all of the new love that heaven has planned for you. So, I say in your case, don't beat yourself up because you can't seem to 'walk away'... you keep a tender heart for your past loves and always hold to the brightest possible outcomes... you just never know what might be coming, and you want to keep all your options open! So you are on the right track there!

    3. In the past couple months have left me so perplexed as I am in this dark place with a very light heart if that makes sense??

    YES I know what you mean... you are alone and yet you are at peace with heaven and life. That shows a lot of wisdom and maturity. THAT can only mean that your time is sure to come very soon. Five of Wands > Four of Wands.

    The "dark place" is that five wand energy where you often wonder how you should respond... you debate within yourself and that can feel like a troubled place. The wonderful news is that you have the pleasant places of the four wands around you too and that is where you will soon land - in the arms of someone who loves you with all of their heart, and they are thrilled to be with you!

    4. You mentioned a message that you received from him...I did not respond not sure if I should?? I want to heal my heart of the pain he has caused.

    Knight of Wands and the Three of Swords - yes, this is him and i can see there is still much pain from that past with him. Not the sort of thing you just forgive and forget. So yes I think you are very wise to hold back from responding until your heart feels at peace and strong, and you are comfortable in his presence. Until then better to keep to yourself.

    5. You wrote. "We have been at a stand still for almost 2 months I care so much for him but also know that he processes traits I can never be okay with in a partner he was never willing to communicate which I found very hurtful, after reading my cards I'm sure you can see why!

    Do you think I should respond to him? or should I wait it out?

    Death and Three of Swords (again after a complete re-shuffle) - ouch. You should stay to yourself, take care of your heart, you will find love in the right time, You have too much to give to be around those who do not understand how to open up and communicate. He has issues to work through for sure. A Cancer with a troubled past can be a very tough nut to crack. They live in a little world of their own, and so not open up easily. I would definitely give him his space.

    6. If we reunite I want it to be for a purpose your cards say it's not over but instead a new beginning do you think it's too soon for a new beginning?

    Well, so far the 'new beginning' is not indicated yet. Can it happen eventually? Knight of Wands - yes however this all seems to hinge on this knight becoming open and learning to trust again.

    The MOON - he has emotional issues that trouble him, he has to work through that on his own...

    Ace of Cups - yes for a new beginning perhaps... down the road...

    Two of Wands/Seven of Cups - he must reach out to you, and the seven cups is a time frame I think... I wouldn't hold your breath, cups are slow... I am going to pause here and try a Celtic Cross and see if I can get a better idea on a potential time frame on that.... hang on...

    I did not see an Ace in positions 5-10 so that is a sign that time is not for you to know in this matter. You simply keep a bright hope, a sweet smile and keep looking up.

    I did see some lovely card though for you here...

    Your situation card is the two of cups which is all about a companion and love... that energy is very strong for you right now. Your heart is so open right now to love... really guard yourself, you are so open... look into the eyes of a man who seeks your hand, and you look deep and see what is deep within his heart, and you will know when his heatrt is true toward you.

    A Father of Wands, a man will be entering your life soon, he could be a trusted friend, someone you can ask for advice, his card signifies intelligence so he will have your knowledge that you need.

    Future environment - the Star - Hope... Outcome in the spread was the eight of stones (pentacles) and that represents knowledge in this deck. So this could tie into that project/career thing you have or will be starting that looks good. The emphasis i the spread seemed to be more about your material choices, availing yourself of knowledge and keeping hope shining bright in your heart for love.

    Okay, that was a little side trip!

    Back to your responses...

    7. You talked about your ex... "It saddens me to read that my ex regrets his decision in leaving our relationship again I feel regret is a horrible thing to live with. We both loved one another so much and had such a deep bond I always imagined him with someone who he connected with on a greater level then he did with me..."

    I drew the Death card, whatever he left for, may not have worked out the way he thought. King of Pentacles is him, a material man it seems...

    Six of Cups - he definitely misses you, this is the card of love memories and the past in a find way... this is really lovely. SO I am not sure what all is going on with him however he still hold a candle for you it seems.

    8. I am going to work really hard in actualizing the Nine Pentacles energy which kept appearing in my reading do you have any insight on how I can better assist in this??

    THe Knight of Wands - My first thought was a partner? Someone to share this with in some way so that when you get a little discouraged (the MOON) you have someone to fall back on. Do you have someone like that?

    Two of Cups. You may very soon. Love... and someone to share the work you love with.

    Hey I hope that gives you something to think about. I wasn't expecting that two of cups at the end, that really touched my heart for you. You are a beautiful person and I know heaven will have the perfect man for you soon, and I believe he will also help you actualize that nine of pentacles in your life.

    Blessings and love


  • Thank you Astra!

    Soooo basically forget about Mr. Cancer guy for now does that mean he no longer thinks of me?Had he moved on Astra? Ughhh I hate that after this wonderful reading of potential new love I'm stuck on Mr. Cancer man. The two of cups at the end is this someone new or from my past? Thank you for taking the time you're awesome Astra!

  • I think both

    I asked "someone new" - and drew the nine of cups!

    And I asked

    Someone from the past? - and drew the Sun!

    Yes on both counts - do you have anyone else from your past besides the Cancer guy that you have feelings for?

    I get the sense you are going to have your hands full with love possibilities real soon!

  • Thanks for the promp response like you mentioned in your prior response I hold on to past loves so my exes are always floating around so the possibility of someone from my past is very high maybe an Aries.. I care deeply for him as a friend but can not see a relationship again I know he is open to it but I'm not into him like that. I hope all of ths works out and look forward to having my hands full lol thanks Astra!

  • Hello AstraAngel well, I am still trying to get a job and I sound like an old record, do you see anything happening soon? Thanks

  • Brightmoonshine

    Here is a good luck JOB talisman.

    1. Print three of these out and trim them out

    2. Take all of them and hold them out so the light of a waxing moon strikes the face of them, and say this prayer:

    Dear Heaven above

    for a job that i love

    i give thanks and I'll see

    you will now bring me three

    of money and favor

    and i trust and won't waver

    (if its cloudy just hold then out where the moon would normally be and say the prayer)

    3. Put one in your wallet/purse, one in the phone book in your preferred job category, and burn one. You will have three job offers to choose from within three weeks.

    Keep putting your applications out there too!

    Let's go with this talisman and see what happens. The tarot is fine as far as it goes, your situation is calling for magick!

    love and employment,


  • Astra Angel I will give it a try and let you know about the results.thank you.

  • Astra Angel is there a waxing moon right now till when?

  • This Saturday, December 10, 2011

  • AstraAngel

    How the heck are you Mr. Popular?? I hope you are great here I am bugging you again!

    Astra Mr. Cancer guy has been texting and calling I finally gave in and heard him out he said he was going to do whatever he had to do to win me back. He said it with a half laugh so I am unsure of his intentions I am so confused. He said he missed me and can not stop thinking about me and today he asked if he could stop by because he needed to tell me in person how much he missed me. I lied and told him I was not home ;( I wish I could face him and talk to him but I have been working so hard on all the things you mentioned I don't want to get hurt again. And now my ex is wanting to see me and hang out more so what you said was true I have an ex and now Mr Cancer ugh Astra help me understand. Is Mr. Cancer being sincere does he really want something serious with me? Or does he just miss having someone? and my ex the Aries I know he loves me he is a great guy but I hurt him in the past I don't want to hurt him again am I making a mistake by pushing him away?? Ugh I hate love so much it is so confusing. Thanks in advance Astra I know you are so busy hugs to you for all that you do. Oh and my lil business venture is on track to start next month yay so excited...

    Have a great day!


  • Gentle lil bump..

  • AstraAngel I just did it!

  • Hi Taurus girly

    Mr. Popular is doing fine... and I'm okay too.

    his intentions - Fool and Six of wands - this looks wonderful according to these cards. He must be really wild about you and willing to do anything now, that is sweet.

    Yes, according to this he is very sincere and has stars in his eyes now...

    "and my ex the Aries I know he loves me he is a great guy but I hurt him in the past I don't want to hurt him again am I making a mistake by pushing him away??"

    The World denotes maturity and rebirth as new. Strong accord with your own heart. The world should be you at peace with whatever choice you make as regards him. I would say guard your heart and only see him when you really feel there is good to come of that, and as long as you are happy about seeing him then that is nice. Otherwise take slow steps that way and stay close to your inner witness.

    Knight of Pentacles - this is him, he's a slow mover anyway so I get he will understand, and should care enough about you to let you be the one to determine when a reconnect on some level is appropriate with him.

    I hope that helps TG, I have been painting today so that has been fun.. sending you best thoughts and visions of your life very beautiful and fulfilling in every way...

    love and light


  • Astra...

    I love when you respond and appreciate it very much your words comfort me thank you for sharing your gift with me Astra

    That is very neat that you paint we all need an outlet to get away a passion...I wish I could paint or draw they say us Taurus are creative and artistic I guess I missed the artistic part I can only draw stick figures lol so tell me what is it that you draw? I bet they are beautiful you should share them sometime.

    I hope your day is full of relaxation I'm sure it takes a lot from you to help all of us on here. Just know it's a great thing you do Astra but I do hope you take time for yourself relax and take care of you that's always important. Thanks again!


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