AstraAngel please shine some light my way...

  • Hello AstraAngel!

    Happy Thanksgiving I hope you find yourself doing well today I'm so sorry to bother you as it seems you are very busy doing so many readings but I just had to reach out, was wondering if you could do a reading for me? I am really at a crossroad in life and it is tearing me down I feel the weakest I have in a while and I just need some guidance. Got great insight from others on this forum and already it has helped change the way i view things and have helped me self reflect. I would now like a reading on specific areas in my life. I have read the readings you've done for others and see that you have a true gift not only at reading but at being so compassionate and caring it's very refreshing to see. I have listed some questions hope that's okay my DOB is 05-03-82 the areas that are most troubling to me are my work situation and of course my love life. Lately I have been so sad, lonely not my usual self and it is really breaking me I can't shake the feeling and need some guidance hope you can help.

    1. Did I make the right decision in leaving my job?

    2. I'm seeking legal advice regarding my job is this a good move?

    3. My Cancer guy is it really over? (His DOB 07-16-80)

    4. If it is over was I the cause of it?

    5. If it's not over will he reach out and when?

    6. Will I ever get married and have kids?

    7. Does my ex regret leaving? His DOB 11-04-82 we were together 8 years love of my life were ready to get married and he called it off we were young at the time. He came back recently gave it a try and then left saying I deserved better. Soon after abt 2 months later he has a girl pregnant I'm happy for him and know we are both better off just wonder if he regrets it..

    8. Will my search in a new career fulfill my desire to help others less fortunate?

    9. Will I get out of this funk/depression?

    10. Should I open the lil side business I've been thinking about?

    Sorry if too many Q's thanks a bunch for your time have a great day!!

  • 2 more questions in regards to Mr Cancer guy sorry: 1. Is he interested/ involved with someone else? 2. If so is this person from his past?


  • Hi TaurusGirly

    Okay, let's look at your chart first and get some insight into what makes you tick...

    1. Your chiron is in Taurus which indicates some sort of wound in your own personal identity, your self image, self concept. That Chiron is like a wound that makes life painful in whatever area (sign) its in, and yet at the same time it also represents the most wonderful area of self discover too! So in your case, this wonderful area of discovery is in you, who you are, learning about the wonderful way you are in your personality and talents. People with Chiron in their sun sign (I am one of those too), make their way through life with the greatest challenge simply accepting who they are. That is your area of work, and I can see that you are doing that now beautifully.

    This also can make for some challenges in relationships, because while you want so much to have a deep and connected relationship, at the same time you are still trying to figure yourself out, so your mate can sense that and tend to pull away to give you the space and focus you need to take care of your own personal inner journey. This could be what led up to your recent split with your Cancer guy.

    Taurus is an earth sign, very down to earth and creative, you love to create, express yourself in material ways, painting, crafts, making things, you love to be outside and feel sun on your face and the wind in your hair, you are very connected to the earthy world around you.

    2. Moon is in Virgo, which is a lovely mysterious kind of placement. Cool and serene, you find yourself gazing at this lunar lady in the night sky sometimes and feel soothing coolness there. Virgo is a very ethereal sign, heavenly and distant in a sweet way, so that moon in Virgo can create some emotional responses in you that you don't always understand, and neither does your partner at times. You require someone who understands that emotional mystery in you. Virgo moons are usually very well controlled though, so your emotions are usually under control and very well managed. Usually.

    3. Venus in Piisces, so your female receptivity is very intuitive and spiritual. You are one who longs to connect with others first in a spiritual way, taking time and being slow, you like to be loved in ways that show that same kind of tuned in quality coming from another. Pisces Venus is very flowing and tender, and you have the greatest capacity to receive love, and yet this also exposes you to being hurt as you are opening yourself up into that river of tenderness.

    4. Mars in Libra, so your male expression in your life is very well balanced and under control. This should make you a great team player in the workplace, and shows a lot of maturity in your relationships. You express yourself with thoughtfulness to others, from your job and to your relationships. You are slow to say things that you know could be taken the wrong way. A careful and well-planned method characterizes how you approach others, you do not like to simply follow the passion of the moment, you watch, learn, listen, and then respond. I see you as a careful thinker and also in the way you express yourself emotionally.

    5. Saturn is also in Libra so this tends to accentuate this control over your responses. I am getting that this may result at times in you taking too much time (by other people's standards!) to say what is really on your mind. Like you want to wait... until you have it all worked out in your mind and heart. This could have your partners already walking away in impatience, however this is simply your personality and nothing is wrong there. I see it as a lovely trait of yours, thoughtful and like to really take your time before you 'pull the trigger' with a response. This would make you a great chess player, and a not so great skeet shooter.

    6. Jupiter in Scorpio, so the Scorpio traits of determination and sticking with a project all the way, is very strong in you. Your style of relationship, as well as your work, makes you one not easily giving up. You will be one of the last in a career setting to agree with others that something has to be abandoned because its not working. You will raise your hand and say "I still think their's hope! Let's keep going!" - this is the same with you in relationship. You drag your heals for the longest time, refusing to give up, very obstinate in your choice to stick it out. This means that you are a very valuable person in the workplace because you show great faith in the processes of life to simply work out. Same in your relationships. You simple believe with all of your heart that as long as you never give up, love will work out like magic.

    This can present some challenges however, because others may not share your same degree of faith. They may have thrown the towel away a long time ago, and you are still going strong! You need a partner of great faith and that same tenacious faith in one another. WIth the right man, you will be at his side until the sun goes out. You do have something coming in a relationship that will be the perfect compliment to that faith, heaven's soul mate for you, sharing that same determination of will (not sure it is your Cancer guy, we'll look at that).

    7. Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius, so you are a dreamer who loves to travel, meet knew people, explore. These two outer planets in Sag tells me that you have a fondness for new things, you love to learn about life, people and places, you go out of your way (once the coast is clear!) to discover everything that life has to offer. You also have a methodical philosophical streak in you, while all of your life experiences are transpiring you are taking notes and slowly building your own way of looking at life.

    8. Placements - Your moon in Virgo is opposing your Venus in Pisces, so this can be creating some emotional turbulence at times in Pisces. Nothing extreme simply a little scratch you can't quite put your finger on, or a wistfulness in your heart of love that you can't quite understand fully. You call it "feeling sad", it is a melancholy heart you have that is very lovely and yet can take you down some dark forest paths at times. Cherish that part of you, for it is a beautiful poetic and artistic heart, this means you should be able to create some very, very lovely art as long as that is in your thoughts to do.

    Mars is also near the moon, so that increases this intensity - so I am going to say that you do battle (its not really a battle, it is simply who you are), with these sad places. Your tears are like little diamonds here, only you will understand what I am telling you. Your feeling nature is exquisite, you deserve work and love settings that are very supportive and nurturing. I can see why you probably really connected with your Cancer guy as he provided that nurturing setting for you while you experienced the depth of that Pisces Venus with a full moon shining overhead. This is a lovely part of you, like an Albert Ryder night, you are swept away as an angel, soaring above, looking down at life, and then wondering why you are feeling so alone. It is because heaven loves you so much, that you are pulled upwards at times, alone. heaven is jealous over you.

    That is an overview as I see it TaurusGirly. So, now we can look at your specific questions and build on what we have learned from your chart!

    1. Did I make the right decision in leaving my job? Queen of Swords - Yes.

    2. I'm seeking legal advice regarding my job is this a good move? Nine of Pentacles. This appears to be in your favor at this time.

    3. My Cancer guy is it really over? (His DOB 07-16-80) - The Fool. This is a card of new beginnings, not endings. My sense is that your relationship is not over, it may be needing a new basis on which to relate though.

    And The Sun - this is a very encouraging card so I can only answer that it is not over with your Cancer guy.

    4. If it is over was I the cause of it? Eight of Wands - it was something beyond your control. Eight of Wands is like very swift energies that come out of nowhere and lift up and sweep you along, so this does not seem to be pointing the finger at anyone. Something must have happened in the relationship that came out of the blue, suddenly, surprisingly?

    5. If it's not over will he reach out and when? Eight of Pentacles - this is a card of diligence at work, something creative and absorbing. I am not getting anything here about him reaching out, he seems rather contained in work and material matters in a good way.

    Four of Wands - this looks like something (again) sweeps in and throws you two together again. Circumstances could be arranging themselves to where you are brought together without either of you needing to "reach out". Like you both get called for jury duty or something. And there the two of you are, facing each other and saying to one another, "wow. It looks like its not over after all. :)"

    6. Will I ever get married and have kids? The Hanged Man - Yes, I always see the "Hanged Man" as the guy in a marriage. And the High Priestess which is you, together, you make a lovely couple.

    7. Does my ex regret leaving? Nine of Swords, yes very much so. This has been an extremely painful time for him.

    8. Will my search in a new career fulfill my desire to help others less fortunate? Nine of Pentacles (again this card shows in the reading) says yes, that as you continue with this attitude you will find yourself deeply fulfilled and blessed in your life work.

    9. Will I get out of this funk/depression? This is that Virgo moon shining on Venus Pisces. Two of Swords tells me that rather than try to escape out of that place, you need to sink into it. Embrace that 'funk' as part of your lovely personality and nature. Channel the funk/depression into art or some other lovely creative work and you will find that the depression is transformed magically and ceases to be something you try to run from. It becomes a lovely moonlit garden that is yours and yours alone.

    10. Should I open the lil side business I've been thinking about?

    Chariot - Yes! And I wouldn't wait at all, dive into it, and that experience will help you transform point 9 above. The chariot also says that this is about to start up for you very soon and it will catapult you into a fantastic new life - who knows, it could be a surprising way that you and your Cancer guy become reconnected without even trying!

    And then your two other questions...

    1. Is he interested/ involved with someone else? Judgement - No.

    2. If so is this person from his past? Nine of Pentacles again (third time in this reading) - the only girly he is interested in is you.

    I hope that gave you something to consider TaurusGirly. I picked up on some really lovely energies with you, life is and will continue to be so wonderful for you, many surprises ahead and every dream in your heart wonderfully fulfilled. It seems that your focus right now should be to actualize that Nine Pentacles energy which kept appearing in this reading, which shows YOU very focused on your material life, in love with the work of your hands, helping others so nicely in the process. This will transform that Venus/Moon energy you have with Pisces/Virgo and reveal to you that this place you wish you could be free of, the funk/depression, is actually a beautiful key to understanding who you really are.

    That place is the gift you have to give others.

    Love and light,


  • Astra is it safe to say I love you??? lol well I do! 🙂

    Honestly your reading was just what I needed it allowed me to breathe a lil sigh of relief I guess I am going to be okay after all. I can stop being so down and start embracing these emotions... Wow if only you knew how liberating this makes me feel!! That this lil funk is actually a beautiful thing is beyond what I would have ever thought to look at it as but that's exactly what it is!!

    Your reading was right on point in many areas I never knew how the planets affected me it was very interesting to read....

    Venus in Piisces--

    Could not agree more! Most if not all my friendships steam from a true connection weather it be spiritual or emotional. I can be very intuitive and can usually read people pretty well because I trust so easily and give my heart so freely my intuition has helped me tremendously in life. I agree that this has exposed me to being hurt many times as not everyone is so open with their heart but I'm okay with that I'm one of those that rather hurt than be the one to hurt you if that makes sense?? I know I can handle it I know in the end I will be okay (usually anyway!) This is one of the traits I value most about myself I feel I live a very rich life because of the connections I have built with those in my life.

    Mars & Saturn in Libra, you mentioned I tend to take too much time (by other people's standards) to say what is really on my mind. Like I want to wait until I have it all worked out in mind and heart.---

    Yes, Yes, Yes.. Very, very true! I over analyze everything and usually take forever to make decisions especially when it involves others even if it's just what we're having for dinner!! Usually it's just easier to have someone decide for me which I am learning is not always the best. I'm aware it may drive some people crazy and in the past I struggled with this in relationships where my partner was not sensitive to this side of me or total opposite as I seen it as being selfish. Every action to me has a reaction that sits heavy with me I'm aware though that not everyone is wired this way some people just "pull the trigger" as you mentioned without thinking things through. I've accepted this about myself it is just ME and know that for me to be in a successful relationship I need someone who like you sees it as positive, lovely trait and can balance and respects this side of me.

    Jupiter in Scorpio, You drag your heals for the longest time, refusing to give up, very obstinate in your choice to stick it out.

    --- The Taurus in me! 🙂 I fight til I can't fight no more only then can I give up on things or on someone. I dunno but to me regret is a horrible thing to live with as long as I know I did all I could until I could not do more then I am okay with whatever outcome... I have only experienced this same degree of faith in a relationship once and that was with my ex the one I was with for 8 years hence why we lasted so long lol we never gave up on one another. I am excited and delighted to know that you see someone lined up for me that compliments this faith "Heavens Soul Mate" sounds wonderful and I can't wait to meet him I highly doubt it's Mr. Cancer lol Astro it seems as though this also ties in with Mars and Saturn being in Libra would you agree? Like maybe because I invested so much time and so much of myself I hold on to these relationships even when I know I should just walk away.... hhuummm makes me wonder??

    Heaven is Jealous over you" Astro this made my heart smile 🙂 The past couple months have left me so perplexed as I am in this dark place with a very light heart if that makes sense?? Being this sad/depressed has actually awaken something in me to want to help others and do good by them. I found this confusing but when you said that I am lifted up and looking down I tied it to these feelings.. I now see this as the gift you speak of I'm going to embrace it and do my best to nurture this part of me.

    As far as the questions I asked... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! It put my heart at ease no joke but almost every night I'm at tears for this Cancer guy all the while thinking he has already moved on and forgot about me! Astro not sure if we will have that "accidental" encounter you speak of as our paths rarely cross but can I tell you that as I was reading your message Mr. Cancer texted me!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Yup right there on screen with the name "Do Not Answer" ( I changed his caller ID lol) were the words I MISS YOU!! My heart stopped all this time I honestly thought he was done with me. I did not respond not sure if I should?? I want to heal my heart of the pain he has caused. We have been at a stand still for almost 2 months I care so much for him but also know that he processes traits I can never be okay with in a partner he was never willing to communicate which I found very hurtful, after reading my cards I'm sure you can see why! I feel the only way things will change or get better is if we have an honest conversation about the things that have happened I need an explanation to his change in behavior which I feel i will never get and not something I want to force out of him. As much as I miss him I do not want to drag this pain on I rather continue hurting a lil longer then wasting more time and things not changing.

    I am very happy he reached out though makes me feel like my tears are not going to waste lol Astro I hate that I don't give up on people! They can hurt me, love me, hurt me some more and I will still have a soft spot for them. Do you think I should respond to him? or should I wait it out? If we reunite I want it to be for a purpose your cards say it's not over but instead a new beginning do you think it's too soon for a new beginning?

    As far as my work situation this has also weighed very heavily with me recently it put me at ease to know the cards read that i made the right decision I can move forward now especially with my new venture. I was debating starting it as early as next month but was afraid to take the financial risk I think i'm gonna do it, if things go as planned and I put all my positive energy I am sure it will work out just fine. Thanks for the lil push I needed I can now stop analyzing the situation! :]

    It sadden me to read that my ex regrets his decision in leaving our relationship again I feel regret is a horrible thing to live with. We both loved one another so much and had such a deep bond I always imagined him with someone who he connected with on a greater level then he did with me. I mean why leave if it was not for better?? I asked the question because i worried he was not happy I dunno but I just felt it in my heart 😞 I am going to send him and his new partner happy thoughts and positive vibes to help get him through his painful time.

    Again from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU for lifting my spirits you have a whole lot of great karma your way for all the good you do for others Astro I truly appreciate it. I am going to work really hard in actualizing the Nine Pentacles energy which kept appearing in my reading do you have any insight on how I can better assist in this?? Sorry if this is very long just wanted to share with you a little about myself and how your reading was on point. I will keep you in positive thoughts have a great rest of the day, I hope you are touched in some way the way you have touched me ❤

    Love and Light your way as well!


  • Oh my gosh that way tooo long I almost wrote a book....Sorry 😕

  • Astra..

    My sincerest apologies I just realized I kept calling you Astro! My computer auto corrects and I didn't catch it so very sorry! last night i slept like a baby no tears yay! I know that the cards are not foolproof but still puts me at ease to know I'm gonna be okay any way it's a lovely day out in my side of the world hope you are enjoying your weekend!


  • AstraAngel is me again I feel that I am hanging by a threat , I worked temporary for a couple weeks and I am again looking for a full time job, please would you shine light on me?

  • Hey brightmoonshine...

    Sri to hear about the employment situation... okay let's see...

    Knight of Wands - I got "willing to go anywhere and do anything" - are you willing to make a move to find that full time job? That seems to be the message here...

    Seven of Swords - "A strategic plan has been devised and enacted and will likely be successful."

    So the word I am getting is that it would be good for you to sit down and think about the work you really want.. and then we can work together to come up with a plan to achieve that, It could involve a move though.

    I get the impression that you are more focused on 'what is out there that I can find' rather than 'what is in my heart to do and then I will go look only for that out there.'

    Let me know what you think... we can explore this together...

    love and light


  • Thanks Astra .Right know I just need a full time job just to make ends meet . Moving is out of the question, too many responsabilities but I am williing to try any type of work. do that make sense? i have a realtors license but the market is awful so I have to give it time. .

  • AstraAngel I do not know what is in my heart,

  • Hi Astra!

    Astra I sent Mr. Cancer guy a text back with a simple "thank you" he has yet to reach out again I kind of knew that would be the outcome. 😕 hope you are doing great!

  • Brightmoonshine

    As I have time we can open out your career possibilities.

    You have a realtors license? That's a start.

    I want you to put a list together and sorta free associate what you would love to do. Try to forget about the money, just write whatever comes to mind. Poker dealer. Jet ski instructor. Lingerie designer. Whatever. Then get back here with your list and we'll use the tarot to start probing where the better paths are for you.

    I got the Two of Wands which is a very optimistic card for you as regards making a choice of career. Hang in there we'll sort it out or at least help you focus on a good path.



  • Hey Taurus Girly

    That's awesome that you have a response! Yay! I think that is a typical Cancer thing, they aren't too talkative sometimes. They peek out of whatever little cave they backed into and toss you a crumb... and then scamper back in. Be patient, he will pop his little crabby head back out sooner or later. They always do.

    Nine of Cups. Very nice TG! This is the wish card... close your eyes... see what you would love to have happen... and make a wish... heaven loves it when we wish. And the more wonderful... the sweeter... the lovelier, the better.



  • Thanks Astra do you mind answering the questions I asked in my prior response... Is it too soon to start over? I was ready to move on but since he sent that text I am sucked back in. Will he have that honest conversation that I seek or does he just expect to come back like nothing happened? I know you are helping others I hope you can get around to this if not no worries you have done enough. Thanks Astra!


  • AstraAngel again thank you! I am an artist and I like nice surroundings , love to travel and explore and I am fascinated by what we really are who we are, I am constantly searching. Love also to read and help others. My family is the most important thing in my life and I just want to be able to help them .I like to work on my own also, and of course, I love animals and respect their rights. I Like pretty things and having friends from all over the world to exchange ideas.

    Real estate is a lot of fun be nice to some day own my own office. I can predict trends .So what do you think? I am very persistent and I do not give up.

  • AstraAngel I also , I love quiet places . Country. or by the sea. I do not care about cities and city noise and traffic.

  • Astra one more thing I enjoy working with numbers and detail analytical type of work I am looking into Banking, which is something that I wanted to do a long time ago. The Real Estate is what I would like to do when I retire .

  • Mrightmoonshine

    What is your DOB again?

    The first thing you said was I am an artist so I am thinking we need to start there. You rattled off a lot of stuff after that but that was your first statement.

    What kind of art do/did you do?

  • TarusGirly

    I am working through your response on page one, I will get back to you on that.

    oh and that's ok you were calling me astro I have been called a lot worse. Astro would have been nice to have heard instead of those other words.

    love astra

  • Ha ha okay Astra thanks!

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