Gemini giving mixed signals.Anyone any help?

  • Hi, new on here, I would like anyone's insight into a gemini male..We hooked up a few months back after years of not seeing each other, we used to work together..I though we hit it off really well, first month or so was great, spending time together, nothing was too much for him to please me, in contact by text a few times during the weeks, nothing heavy..then all of a sudden he backed off, would reply as always when I text, but no initiation and if i called down to see him, he was all very much the same as before, wanted me to stay down all weekend and spend time with him, left me a key to let myself in and out over the weekend when he was working and such and would look hurt when i was eventually leaving,but then during the weeks no contact at all from him first...and now its been no contact for a week and a half, i just feel like hes distancing himself from me more and more, and I don't know why....I haven't contacted him again for fear of pushing him further away... Can anyone provide any insight into this behaviour?! It's very mixed signals and I don't know what too think...Thanks in advance, I appreciate any feedback..

  • Gemini's do tend to give what seems as mixed signals, or interest one day and then disinterest the next.

  • Thanks for replying News... Yeah I've been thinking that myself, have give him his space, have not been clingy, so think your right about just not being that interested..He said his phone was broke the last time I was down, but also caught him lying over that weekend about the phone, as he definitely was using another one..have taken your advice and text him...will see if he replys...Thanks again for your reply..

  • i already responded to you in your other threat

  • hi I'm new here. i'm falling for a gemini guy. i meet him in February he ask me out after seeing twice then he cancel on me. and now when i see him every once and wile he flirts with me. please some help me is he still interested in me or what

  • tangopricess ,ahahah i am laughing as i went through this kind issue with my gemini before it was a nightmare

    What is your sign

    well dear all i can say is look at what your his doing and imitate him

    Gemini like some men out there like to keep you around at hand if you know what i mean

    Try to find more about him and watch what his doing and listen to what he say i can tell you what his doing will not match what he say

    then decide what you want

    my ex cancelled so many time with me, i tried to be patience because i loved him to found out 2 years later he had a fiance

    so learn about your new friend first without jumping to any romantic too at heart, take it slow

  • Tango princess

    He's just playing you, keep you as a option for the better one that will come.

    Sorry i dont mean to be cruel, but he is, keeping you on a string..

    You have to decide if you are better and worth more?

    If he genus wants you he will come fighting for you.

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