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  • Hi,

    I am new to tarot and would like someone to interpret a reading for me. This reading is about my ex and are chances of getting back together. There are too many court cards in this reading and i am not sure if it represents him or someone new in my life.

    I did a Celtic cross and pulled out the following cards:

    Present - Judgement

    Cross- Queen of Pentacles

    Distant Past - Nine of Swords

    Recent Past - Eight of Wands

    Best Possible Outcome - King of Pentacles

    Immediate Future - Two of Cups

    My inner Feeling/Influence - Ten of Wands

    Environment - Knight of Pentacles

    Hope/Fears- Hanged Man

    Outcome - Eight of Pentacles.


  • Judgement says there has been a divorce or parting of the ways. There is a rebirth for you of a new life. The card that crosses you is the Queen of Pentacles and this indicates either a person or the qualities within that you are struggling to overcome. In the past, you have suffered great anxiety and depression with the 9 of swords. In the recent past, you have attempted a reconciliation (is the card upright or reverse?) In the immediate future, it shows the two of you becoming closer and working through issues together. The 10 of wands represents how you feel. The Knight of Pentacles in the 8th position indicates how others view the relationship and they seem to think he is stuck in a rut. Hanged Man shows a new life unfolding and the 8 of pentacles shows you getting or learning new activities to replace those that used to consume your time.

    Please remember, the cards represent what is LIKELY to happen if things go along the way they have been. Nothing is written in stone. You always have the choice to change any situation by your conduct and attitude. Stay positive. Reading for oneself requires objectivity and anything close to the heart is much more difficult.

    Thank you for allowing me to read for you. Blessings on a more peaceful future!

  • Thank you so much Firefly for taking the time to read these cards for me and you are right i have been struggling when it comes to reading for myself.

    Your reading is pretty much accurate. Getting back with my ex would be like a dream come true 🙂 I have tried very hard to move on from him however every now and then i end up going back to him. I feel some sort of Karmic connection with him. (not sure if it makes sense)

    We were in regular touch around a month or so back but all of as sudden he seemed to have disappeared. Honestly I was expecting a very negative reading and the Two of Cups in the near future is confusing me a bit cos there is nothing coming from him at the moment.

    I read somewhere that 8 Pentacles can also mean commitment in a relationship. Do u think it ,might apply here or its plain wishful thinking on my part? What do u think the King of Pentacles mean in the Crown Position (Court Cards really confuse me).

    I am really sorry If I am being a bother but would love to hear more form you.

    Thanks again for all your help.



  • Thank you for your feedback. The Hanged Man is in a position of dominance over the 8 of pentacles, which signifies the dedication of an apprentice, learning from a master. It takes much practice and great patience to reach a position of power. However, since the Hanged Man appears prior to the card that represents the outcome, its significance is felt on a higher plane and felt heavily of having your life turned upside down.

    It will turn out to be that the Hanged Man affects your perspective. Remember, babies are born head first but once out of the womb, their entire lives are affected and in positive ways. There is no negativity associated with this card except in how you view your situation. The time will come when your efforts will bear fruit, but maybe not in the way you imagine. Once your perspective changes, it will feel like a veil being lifted and having new knowledge you never considered before that moment.

    Also, please remember that Tarot is limited to time frames within a six month period. At times, Tarot will give you messages concerning a near future event rather than a long term goal. Using Tarot to answer questions should only be used once a day, shuffling the cards like 52 card pick-up. To protect them and keep them in tune with your vibrations, the cards should be wrapped in a silk scarf that has lain in your drawer for a long time. Tarot MUST absorb your personal vibrations for the sake of accuracy. Also, when readings seem unclear, do a clarification reading using the last card as the significator (to represent the need in you to know more) and then place another 10 card reading. Remember to make notes as you read and a diagram of the card layout. In clarification readings, your diagram should show the first card, then the clarification card, in the same layout.

    Please feel free to ask questions. This forum is used exactly for this purpose. Once again, thank you for allowing me to read for you.

    Blessings on your future readings!

  • Hi Firely, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Hanged Man and Eight of Pentacles. I liked the way you linked both the cards together rather than reading them as individual cards. Maybe this is a skill i will develop with experience.

    While reading for myself i had read Hanged Man as his (ex) suspended feelings towards me. I know a card can have multiple meaning and the possibilities further multiply depending on the surrounding cards. So hers a skill that i need to master 🙂 Hey, isn't this what Eight of Pentacles mean - a dedicated apprentice trying to master a skill 😛

    Since you mentioned that i should avoid using a cards multiple times in a day. What according to you would be a good time to repeat this reading - a week, a month??

    I did a general three card reading last nite trying to get a sense of how he feels about me at the moment and pulled out the following three cards.

    Judgement (This cards keeps reappearing) - He is Judging me. I somehow see Judgement as Man, Woman and child and something dead coming back to life - like our relationship (Couldnt stop myself from writing it here:P)

    Ace of Wands (This is another card that has appeared in almost all my previous readings with him barring the one i Posted above) - New Beginnings/ Physical attraction - Maybe he is feeling attracted to me in a new way

    Ace of Cups - New emotional beginning - He wants to reconnect emotionally. Wants to renew the emotional bond that we shared. By now i am feeling really hopeful and have thrown all the LOGIC out of the window 😛 Small voice inside me is pointing out that these are just his feeling and there is no guarantee he is going to act on them!!

    What do think of the above reading? I have read previously for family and friends and have been pretty accurate. Somehow reading for myself is turning out to be a bigger challenge than I ever imagined.

    Awaiting your response. Thank you for your guidance and being patient with me.



  • You are not being judged. The Major Arcana #20 (duality, relationships, couples x 10) Judgment actually refers more to a rebirth of forgiveness and a greater awareness of how circumstances could be much different. Think of a favorite pair of shoes and how each time you wear them, they show an imprint of your foot, a slight wearing down of the heel and when they are falling apart, you hate to get rid of them because you know how difficult it can be to find the right fit, both in comfort and style. Your relationship with your ex is like this old shoe. There is comfort there and hesitancy to move forward but knowing you must, as life continues even when we wish for things not to change. Change is part of living and sometimes, changes can be difficult to accept. With Judgment, you are being given a "get out of jail free" card and a new understanding. It is a card of reaping what you have sown and not always precisely positive or negative.

    The two Aces showing up together are two people whose minds have the same ideas, the same goals but follow different thinking patterns. The Ace of Wands is all for ideas and new ventures, whereas the Ace of Cups shows deep feelings. Surprises are in store for you in some new way. The seeds of reconciliation have planted. Be sure to water and not suffocate them and give them the right kind of environment with plenty of sun to grow to full maturity.

    The reading you are asking about is generally known as Past, Present and Future reading or previous event + present event = outcome. Once a day general readings are good to read for yourself for deciding whether or not to attend an event. They can show the need to stay home to avoid an accident or just plain ugly people. Why ruin a good evening spent with people who will give you a hard time?

    Remember, too, that feelings do not usually change overnight. It takes time and a lot of attention to detail to nurture the relationship as you would a much-loved plant.

    Please feel free to ask away!

  • I understand now what Judgement was trying to tell me and your understanding of the situation was quite accurate. I fear letting him go cos i find comfort in him and i doubt if i will ever find someone else who will be as good as he was. In my heart I know I have done everything I could and the longer I fight the change more difficult it will be to move on in life. I don't think I will stop loving him or my feelings for him will change however, I have decided to let this matter rest for now and let faith and time guide me.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my queries. I was reading for a friend last evening and she wanted a YES/No reading. Most of the Techniques that I have learnt have been through books/online forums like these.

    One Technique I read online for YES/NO readings was to divide all the 78 cards into three categories based on how you feel about each card - Yes, No and Maybe. For example, Aces can be taken as Yes, Cards like Death, Ten of swords can be No and the Maybe category could include cards like High Priestess. So now during a reading if i pull out High Priestess the answer to question would be a Maybe.

    This Technique seemed pretty simple though I am not sure of its effectiveness. Are there any better ways of doing a YES/NO reading?

    Once Again, appreciate your time and effort.



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