Purchasing a Tarot Card Deck

  • As a complete and utter novice can anyone advise the best pack to buy - I have heard Rider Waite is probably the best to purchase but wanted to get some feedback from you guys. I need something completely descriptive on the level of 'layman's terms'.

    Would you recommend a pack that comes complete with a video? I can't emphasise enough how simple and straightforward I require the pack to be.

    I'd love to be able to return some readings for all you wonderful guys that have invested your time and patience into providing me with readings.

    Many thanks in anticipation for all your advice.

    YB X

  • The Rider Waite deck of cards IS the best, but the book is not recommended for determining how to read the cards for a novice. The book is too general. Try the Mystic Tarot. The book gives insight using Greek Mythology to describe how Tarot interacts with the cards. It can be quite revealing.

    I also suggest you check out numerology websites as the numbers do play a role along with the meaning of each card. Also, cards are read right side up AND in the reversed position, which multiplies 78 x 2 = 156 different meanings. Major Arcana are similar to Trump cards. They have greater significance.

    Try a one card reading per day--ONCE--per day and each week, add a new type of reading. If you have questions, please ask. That is what the Forum is for--help in a time of need.

    Blessings and Good Luck!

  • Aww thank you so much Firefly. In fact I've already ordered some cards in the UK - had to do it quickly as can't purchase them here in UAE and as a friend of mine will be flying out here early next week I felt pushed for time and wanted to make sure the goods were delivered to his home in time to meet the flight.

    The packs I've ordered which look absolutely beautiful are Gilded Tarot and Legacy of the Divine. Ironically drawn to these and both sets are illustrated by the brilliant Ciro Marchetti. I have read up on these packs and both appear to have received excellent reviews. Please don't tell me otherwise Firefly 😉

    Anyhoos watch this space as I shall definitely be asking for plenty of advice.

    Can't wait for my friend to arrive next Monday and begin my new and exciting venture.......

    Thanks again Firefly and have a lovely day x

  • Hello Yummybrummy

    I just ordered me some of the The Gilded Tarot by Barbara Moore too yesterday the Legacy of the Divine are so pretty. But the Mystic Dreamer Cards are very nice.


  • Thank you Illona, perhaps I can ask for your help where the Gilded Tarot pack is concerned if you wouldn't mind?

    Have a lovely day 🙂

  • Good Morning Yummubrummy

    Why not. We could help each other. Not a problem. I just can't wait to get them

    I am suppose to get them next week some time. When are you suppose to get



  • Hi Illona, my friend from UK is travelling out here on Monday so should have them then 🙂

    Thank you so much for willing to help as I'm 100% convinced I'll need it 😉

  • Hello Yummybrummy

    I will be getting my cards on Wednesday of this week got the email giving me the tracking number have you got your cards today.


  • Morning Illona, my cards arrived yesterday and just as I thought I'm clueless 😉

    Am ok reading the cards but it's amalgamating them all together to make some sense. Also, can we do a reading for ourselves or are we too close to the issue to receive a true reading?

    Hope you're having a lovely day and not long now before your cards arrive 🙂

  • Hello and Good Morning yummybrummy

    So you got your cards I will get my cards tomorrow. I is not that hard putting them together. Did your cards come with instructions. But you should be able to do a reading for your self and if you are stuck you can put it on here and i will try and help as much as I can. You will get the hang of it. Putting it into a story how you put the cards together. It just takes practice and time.

    The first thing is too get to know the cards without having to look at the book. There will be cards that you have to look at the book for info but must of the time go by your feeling and what the cards are saying to you when you look at them.

    I hope that helps some like I said I will have my cards tomorrow so then I will be able to answer your question better.

    Have a wonderful day


  • Illona, I messaged you yesterday that I have had these cards for years...they are my favorite and you know I would be happy to help.

    yummybrummy... As stated above, Ive had these a long time. Forget the books. Read with your intuition. These are very good cards. Do not consider whether you think you are right or wrong, weave a story.

    Too many people want the Tarot to the them what will happen today at noon...it doesn't work that way. What is iumportant coming in your life may not happen for 5 more years. So, with that in mind, keep a journal of what you read. It is al relevant.

    I hope you enjoy your cards as much as I do. This is my favorite deck.

  • Hi yummybrummy!

    My Legacy deck is on it's way and the Guilded and Nucha decks are yet to be ordered. I hope If there is a book that you can buy that goes into more detail, I suggest that you purchase it. It will be very useful to a novice.

    I am a very epxperienced Metaphysician and no longer get the books. I let a deck speak to me. As a sensitive, it works best in my situation. If you need any help, please let me know. I'll be glad to help.


  • Hello ReverendMotherAvalon, ScorpioReader and Yummybrummy

    Will Yummybrummy you have two very good readers that would like to help you so don't forget

    I will try and help the best I can. I am not as good as them but I was going to come on here and tell you some of the things they said too you too. One thing that I have learned is never never second guess yourself. Let the cards talk to you. Let your intitution talk to you that little voice it will never lead you wrong. Don't worry about the reversed cards just learn the meaning to your cards and in time you will learn what the reversed meaning are some people don't use that but i think that it is important. But I get my cards today some time this afternoon.


  • Hello ScorpioReader

    I did email you back. I seen that. I have been having trouble every time I go on facebook it has been really slow for me so I have been trying to stay off I will get on through the xbox.

    But yes I did see that and how are you doing. How is the weather back there. Crazy as always. just got a call from some man telling me there was a check that was cash and it is link to my social security number and there is a investigator looking for me that is a little crazy because I don't have a bank account so I don't know where that is coming from but can't wait till they call me back with more info. will keep you posted. Illona

  • Thank you all so very much ladies. I understand what you're saying but is embarrassing to admit that I don't seem to have any intuition 😞 therefore I shall need the book as an initial crutch.

    Also I know the Celtic spread is the most comprehensive one to use but what other spreads should I use just as basics to help guide and give me more of an insight.

    I realise I'm asking a really naive question here but as I say I am the No. 1 imbecile when it comes to a reading.

    I sooo would love to help and assist peeps that submit posts desperately seeking help and guidance. I'd feel so rewarded.

    Ladies, fear not, I shall be seeking your assistance and probably on a daily basis. You are all so kind offering your help. Thank you so much indeed.

    I shall spend this weekend attempting to become familiar with the cards so wish me luck.

    Illona, I truly hope you manage to resolve your issue and yes, please keep us posted.

    Have a great day and a lovely weekend.

  • I also have the Gilded tarot they are lovely .dont worry YB you will connect with your cards over time i have been doing cards for seven years now and its only now that i feel i am really connecting with them by using my intuition .

  • Hello Yummybrummy

    How are you I finally got my cards today and they are so pretty now I can't wait till I can get the Mystic Dreamers they are very beautiful too. You will be ok. There are some other spreads like the three card spread. The past present and future. And there is a five card spread. But Yummybrummy first get too know the cards first then take your time, and then try the three card spread. I am not all that with the cards myself but just do them one by one everyday and get the feel of them and you will see how you get too know them. And something else I have done over the last couple of weeks with the cards I had already was, I took each one and looked at the card and wrote what they mean too me, like what kind of feeling I got from that card it does not have to be right, but that could be what that card means to you. Then just write what the first couple of words come to mind and then you can look at your book. And see what the meaning of the cards mean and you will be surprised at how close you are to the meaning in the books. And dont second guess yourself.

    I think the guy that called me I think it is a scam because I called the court this morning and they could not find anything so I am not going to worry. But I am here to help as much as I can.

    If anybody else can add to this for her please do. And if I said anything wrong please correct me.


  • Thank you again Illona and Loap, your words are very supportive, appreciated and your advice is well received. Illona I'm glad you're sorted, and these scammers................... well, words fail me as to what I would like to do with them!!!

    A friend of mine has asked me to do a reading for her regarding her health - is there any particular spread you recommend for this question or perhaps I should just pull one card for her??

    Really am groping in the dark here and I apologise beforehand if you all lose patience with me.

    Illona am glad you received your deck, they are truly beautiful and am so pleased you're happy with them.

    Have a lovely weekend all you super ladies and thanks to you all again

    YB xxx

  • here is a spread I found for health:




    What do I need to know about the cause of this problem?

    Advice for the short term (how to solve the problem right now)

    Result for the short term (result for this particular occurrence of the problem)

    Advice for the long term (how can I prevent the problem in the future)

    Result for the long term (result for the problem in the future)

    And here is another spread I hope this helps:

    The Three Card Spread:

    Lay all three cards in order. The first card tells you what your ailment or illness is. The second card is for what you can do about it and the third card is your outcome card on how you will heal.

    Hope this helps. Illona

  • Hello yummybrummy

    How are you doing. I finally got my cards and they are just beautiful

    I was wondering did the spreads help and how are you doing with the

    cards. If I don't talk to you before next Thursday I just want too wish you

    a very happy Thanksgiving.


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