Reading clarity and questions AstraAngel

  • I probably still have many questions but the reading although on target with the information it is not attached to the right person I will list as you did during the reading with the information I have

    10 of wands It is true I feel weighted down over the situation. I have been seeking and answer and have been getting very strong messages to seek my own happiness as he is growing away. I have tried to let go and let god but am trying to determin if I should just let go of the hope od Us as a couple.

    7 of cups I did not end the relationship he did. I do look at it with wistfulness and regret. I don't know if he does.I do feel connected I don't know if that makes any difference

    6 pentacles I do hold out hope for Us but it is him that is blocking

    The hermit Is again me and I would prefer to be a couple but I am trying hard to be alone. I enjoy my alone time but ..

    6 cups It was a good relationship but he moved for a couple of winters to get retirement home ready and found someone to stroke his ego and adore him. He has now remained with her.

    Q of Pentacles He has no money. I have and she has. He has made enough to pay his bills but not pay the mortgage for the cottage we have in the north. I have delayed asking him for it but it may well be the only thing that has kept us connected at all. I asked him last week when I can expect to receive his half of the payment as he is a few months behind.

    I have tried to reach out to him on many occasions. He wants to blame me for the breakup and although we seemed to resolve some of the issues when he returned for the summer (to the cottage) he moved all of his stuff to the retirement home in the south. He owns that so I will not be welcome to stay there.

    I do believe God is the only one who can solve this, he has some pretty strong walls. but... would like insight into what do I do and what are his feelings/thoughts

    Are there enough cards in the deck to find those answers 😉

    Thank you for the details offered to this time. The vision of us both wounded and bleeding feels correct.

  • Hi abetterplace

    Thanks for clarifying your situation. It does sound a little problematic. Well, there is nothing we can ever do to change another person's will and life choices.

    You said he "found someone to stroke his ego and adore him..." - It is possible that this was something he needed. I mean, from my point of view in a relationship, we should be cherishing and adoring one another, don't you think? So there must have been something missing there and he found it (or thinks he found it) with someone else.

    You are right about God being the only one who can solve this. Which is always the case. Our deepest relationship needs can only be met on a spiritual level, between us and the Lord, and the Angels anyway. We have physical, material needs as well, however the focus should always be spirit first - then the rest falls into place so nicely.

    So some questions for you ABP... do you feel a spiritual connection with this man still? Do thoughts of him elicit deep feelings of love and compassion? Do you sense that he still has similar feelings for you? Relationships on the material physical level are a two way street, so when it is only one person feeling tender and the other is not reciprocating it is a sign that you best move on and let Heaven manifest a new situation that is more suited for you.

    Three of Pentacles - This shows you re-focusing on your work, material needs, efforts, career, and taking steps to secure your retirement needs are met on your own terms. I am in agreement with the others you have consulted I see this as a sign that your best path is to stay centered in Heaven - and in your own personal material life.

    Now, that is not to say that something can change with him, it's possible. It's also possible that an alien saucer can land in my front yard today. Possible? Yes. Likely? No. By that I mean, when someone has left and there is no longer a sweet energy of at least "trying" to communicate back and forth and work things out, then you might as well write it off and move on. Is he wanting to talk to you and discuss your relationship? No? Then you could be sending energies his way that would be better served by focusing on the material needs of your own life.

    The appearance of that Three Pentacles tells me that yes, you are correct in your assessment that it is a situation that you need to free yourself from.

    That is on the relationship and emotional level with him.

    Now, the financial issues you have with him are a separate issue, and that is something that you need to address APART from the emotional connection you once has with him.

    Now, the Knight of Cups appears here and I am being asked to see - does this relate to your guy or is this someone new entering? I see it is someone new.

    So your task right now is to sever the financial aspect of your previous relationship with him, and treat that as a separate issue. While you also bid him farewell emotionally for now. Should the financial dealings with him continue to be a problem that you have to seek other avenues for redress there.

    I sense strongly that you should forgive him, and ask his forgiveness also should there be any bitterness there. You are being prepared I feel for a new love and this requires that your heart be clean and bright and open to "new". Let "old" go with love.

    And keep praying to the Lord as you are doing. Read 1 Corinthians 13. Sing from your heart.

    Strength - You are being made stronger by the angels through this experience. You will come through all of this a much stronger person and very much at peace and so very happy.



    "Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it..." -Psalm 127:1

  • I thank you for the reading regarding my situation. I agree that a relationship needs to have adoration and support. The plan for him to be away was obviously the wrong one for the relationship. Maybe it was the correct one for each of us to find a new path,explore and grow.

    I have taken a couple of days to look at the reality of the situation. It is true that when I think of him it is with love but I have no idea what he thinks. He has not contacted me in a couple of months. It appears that waiting for him is a huge waste of time. I have been sending healing loving thoughts for a long time. I have a life to get on with and he knows how to contact me if he wants to. There have been no unkind words said to him for a long time. I have rented my place in the retirement area so will not cross paths with him for at least 6 months and maybe much longer. Makes me sad to say that. I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for an alien invasion.

    I believe that most of my financial stuff is in place I just need to figure out what to do with me.

    I can't figure out my best course of action with the mortgage on the cottage. I suspect he can't afford to pay it and the extra cost to me may delay my retirement. I don't know if that delay is good or bad. The house is for sale but I doubt it will sell in the winter. It is not accessable because of the snow.

    I feel at rather loose ends and am praying for guidance. Thank you again and if there are any more messages for me please let me know. You are so very busy I am sending you love and warm peaceful thoughts

  • ABetterPlace

    I am reflecting on your reply and my first thought was that you are in a very good place right now spiritually and emotionally. It is hard i can tell, you have been in this place for quite a while now... trying to maintain your relationship in spite of the fact that for all intents and purposes there IS no relationship. That is always a difficult place.

    I am sitting here looking at three cards for you:

    The Three of Cups - The Five of Pentacles - and the Seven of Swords

    The Three of Cups seems to be saying "blessing in disguise" in that whatever this entire situation with him, the failure of the relationship, the economic issues... will add up to something better for you. Much better. We can't see "better" when we are in the midst of "lousy"... lousy seems to sum up our lives and it filled our thoughts. We all awake with memories, thoughts, awareness floods our minds when we approach each new day and it seems like all of that - is defining our reality.

    Well, the wonderful truth is that all of that is NOT defining our lives. All of it, the pain, the memories, the "what he did, she did, they did, didn't do, what now..." all of that is nonsensical an merely background noise that you are moving OUT of! The past... whatever happened "back there" is history. Over. THat is very important to remember. That the Universe has an AMAZING future for you that you probably can't even comprehend.

    Can the little caterpillar in the chrysalis, in all of that darkness, comprehend her future? No. All she knows is the gloom and whatever she remembers from "back there"... her caterpillar life that was. You have been in the chrysalis phase of your life now for a while. In reality, your ex has played a wonderful role to help move you forward in life to your true destiny and purpose as a divine child of Heaven.

    Hard to see it that way though, especially when in your case you have reminders each day from the past, the mortgage on the cottage. Ugh. Don't you wish you could simply wave a magic wand an make it all go away? One day it will.

    Five of Pentacles tells me you will lease it or rent it.... this card shows you turing your back on it, and there is another person also in the card. who is sitting at the entrance to this house. They seem to be working together.

    May I offer a suggestion? There are a LOT of people today in very trying circumstances who would love to have a place to move into, somewhere remote (and this place sounds a little remote!) A lot of us following a spiritual path that has resulted in broken relationships, marriages, you name it. Many of us are in that boat. A lot of creative people, artists, poets who have made some tough choices to honor their talents in spite of the pressure from people around them, and this insane capitalist culture we are thrown into. These people, like you and me, are trying to follow a path UP to faith and a bright tomorrow for humanity, instead of a path down to ravaging the earth, and more material dependancies - and fear, and more lousy materialistic relationships.

    I could suggest that you do some research on periodicals that cater to the artistic community... and poets... journal of poetry, journal of sculptures... go to Barnes and Noble and look over all of the spiritual magazines, and creative journals and such. And run a CLASSIFIED ad for your cottage, an OFFER it to whomever would love the chance to hole up and simply create which is what most of us were put on this earth to do in the first place. Create and take care of our planet. So run an ad and offer to rent it out for Whatever they can afford... you can screen the applications.... follow your heart. The, you give someone the chance to create in isolation and Heaven will reward them and you. There will be new income generated, I know it! Then as they can afford they can pay you for for the mortgage and perhaps eventually be able to move out... at least it could buy you time as you are right... the winter it probably ain't gonna sell.

    And the Seven of Swords shows you picking up the pieces and collecting what you can. You look optimistic though. At least you are making a move and it seems to be working for you.

    Anyway, thats my thoughts for this Thursday morning. The Three of Cups though tells me you have something VERY BEAUTIFUL coming to you, in love, in a relationship that will be wonderful for you. Celebration and singing. You are on your way....

    Blessings and light


    "Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy." -Matthew 5:7

  • What a beautiful reading regarding the lending of a long term relationship. I am feeling more comfortable with the idea that our life paths are no longer parallel. Not happy but accepting.

    I don't believe I am ready to embark on a new relationship until I have learned the lessons from the old. I trust that things will happen at just the right time.

    I hate the mortgage mess. I hate having to remind him there are bills to be paid. I can't seem to see any value in just letting him forget about that obligation. Maybe I'm to be his reminder that when you make a promise you keep it. My current intent is to send him an accounting of what I have paid and his payments so that he is aware of what he owes me when the place sells. I will probably do it quarterly. I know he has little money but that is because of the choices he made.

    The cards were correct with the rental but not of the cottage. I own a place across from his new home. That is a whole other story. I have rented it out for the next 4 months. It is a retirement community so that is the best I can hope for. I don't plan to use it until April if at all.

    I can't do anything with the cottage at this time as I have totally closed it but I like the idea of offering it to some creative person who needs and inspiration place. I will begin to research it so that I can offer it for next year if it doesn't sell.

    I believe I am finally growing a little faster than in the past. I posted a story about my new transmission under anything goes. I had a wonderful trip with my daughter and grandchildren and am back to my home. Decluttering

  • He has sent a mortgage payment so I guess my reminder was necessary.

    I have a reply listed above regarding my current state. In addition to the fortunate intervention of Spirit with my transmission 🙂 I have had another rather amazing happening. I was shopping with my grand daughter in the city. We stopped for a treat and she took her purse off. After we left I received a phone call from her phone and on questioning her she discovered her purse was gone which contained all of the money she had to spend on new clothes. The message on my phone was the security office had a purse with the phone. We retruned to the hotel and the man in security gave her a lesson on keeping your purse on you at all times. Everything was intact in the purse and he said a woman had turned it in after finding it in the corner of the booth.

    I am wondering what message does the cards have for me and the new journey i have started.

    Thank you in advance for all of the time and effort you put into your readings It is deeply appreciated as well as educational. Helps to open the doors and windows to our growth

  • Hi abetterplace

    Okay, just sitting here reflecting on your post...

    I drew the

    Four of Pentacles and the Two of Swords

    The four of pentacles does seem to reflect something stabilizing for you materially, like a storm has passed and the foundations are intact. You sound calmer and at peace materially which is the energy of the four.

    This two seems to reflect your emotional and spiritual quietness, you have pulled inward and you are much more reflective now... like looking at life events that have happened for their lessons and wisdom. You are "resting more in life, rather than wresting more with life".

    And... very nice... the Six of Wands which is a beautiful card of choices and wisdom now paying off for you. This card portends some nice developments for you in happiness, love and peace - general all around success and positivity.

    The emperor - I want to say this is your ex, still out there, in your peripheral vision now, not straight in your sights...

    King of Swords, that's him too.. so you are still thinking of him... it's not as intense though...

    Five of Wands and the Eight of Wands - something still hovering around him that is a choice or decision that he has to make, and the Eight of Wands seems to say some developments with him. Quickly...

    Five of Pentacles seems to indicate there is still material concerns...

    Two of Cups this is him I believe... in his present relationship

    Five of Swords - Hmm... all may not be as "nice" as it could be... some mental strain down there, wherever he is...

    Wheel of Fortune... things are turning for him, and it might be the "other" way, do you know what I mean?

    Do you see all those fives sandwiched around that Two of Cups?

    5 actions - 8(quick) - 5 (material) - 2 (relationship) - 5 (mental) - and the Wheel (turning of fortune)

    All of those fives, couple to that relationship card, and the wands 8 and the Wheel all together tell me his little dream love world down there might be taking a turn in a "new" direction...

    And the Emperor again... so this this last is all about him. Something is happening down there for sure - fast.

    Eight of Coins - you and your material life is going to be improving... your angel (spirit) indicated by the High Priestess is looking out for you...



  • Hi AstraAngel

    I took some time to reflect on the last reading. I am much more comfortable with my material life. It is a blessing that I was able to plan and save for my future. So many are not able to do that.

    I have been far more introspective and quieter. Thinking and reading and although I don't seem to come to any conscious decisions I seem to be completing tasks that I had been avoiding. When he came to get his things a couple of months ago he didn't bother to do any packing. He took the things that I had packed already and left with "donate the winter stuff and bring me the rest when you come to my area of the world" If I am spiritually strong enough I may go in the spring. Renting my place near him has made it impossible to go this winter. I did that on purpose. I have cleaned out 2 closets and donated bags of stuff. I have a small box of his family pictures that I will not destroy and will take if I go.

    The part of the reading that indicated his life may not be going all that well gave me a reason to hope for us. After thinking about it I discovered I have learned that you can never go back to a relationship. There were things that were broken or there would be no need to go back. I am in the process of trying to fix me to receive and give love. Is he in the process of fixing him? If he can't or won't fix himself there will be no return to us anyway. I haven't given up hoping but am not building a life on it

    The road I am on has been too painful and long to just fall back into old patterns. At long last I am more accepting of those facts. The answers to what now will come.

    Have a wonderful holiday, take good care of you and thank you for your continued insight


  • ABP

    You are doing the right thing. I only share what the cards seem to suggest. All is in your hands in terms of "what you do" with the information life gives you.

    The bottom line in relationship is connection apart from the material aspect (physical, communications that sort of thing). It sounds to me like you really don't have a deep soul mate type connection with him, so in that case, yes, you need to move on as you are doing.

    Thanks for the holiday wishes that is sweet and I desire the same for you as well, you are a lovely person and have been through a lot. It is for a reason,

    Wheel of fortune - life is making a positive turn for you, keep the faith.



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