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  • Hi ~ My neck issue doesn't seem to go away. I went to the doctor & was on antibiotics for 10 days. My neck is still tender on the back left side up to my head. Does anyone have any insight on this area of my neck. I will of course go back to the doctor but I'm scared. Thank you Loves. Love & Blessings ~D

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  • Dmick59, I feel the problem is caused by the tension in you body, how you unconsciously hold yourself too tightly, especially around the shoulders and jawline. Can you get someone to massage your neck and shoulders or use one of those various massaging machines on yourself? Also the yoga technique of going through your body from head to foot and tightening, then relaxing every muscle should help. That head and shoulders area definitely needs a lot of loosening up. Get many headaches? It feels like that whole upper part is always tight. I feel like you are always tensed for a blow or attack (it begins on the emotional level). You also need to tell yourself often to let go and trust yourself to handle whatever life throws at you. If you are at all overweight, that would be about wearing protective armour. Lose this fear of attack and you will lose the need to always be stiffly 'at attention' or 'on guard' and tensed to defend yourself. This is more a psychological thing than a physical one.

  • Was this from a previous injury. I'm getting that it flares up but has given you problems before. Anyway, getting injury--almost like insect bite--am I right or way off..

  • The way you describe it there are no vital organs to get infected with something like meningitis. I would also think it is probably tension and tightness. Is your neck tight when you move it back and forth? Use the captains suggestions for massage but you can also use ice or warm whichever is most comfortable. Fill a tube sock with dry brown rice and heat in the microwave. It will lay on your neck confortably and stay warm for hours. If using ice use a bag of frozen peas or corn in a baggy. they will mold to your neck. If you can take it asprin is a wonderful drug to cut down on inflamation. I think you can do all of this safely while you plan a doctors visit. If you have a fever, vomiting dizziness see a doctor sooner rather than later

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  • Use a heating pad for an hour at a time throughout your day. Hot tub bathes will help relax those muscles. Sounds like tension needs to be released.

    Sometimes, we all overdo it and need to take a break.


  • PS--I purposely do not read replies; so that I get a more accurate reading. However, in your case, it seems everyone is picking up the same vibes.

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  • HI Dmick sorry to hear it is hurting again. I have my Touch for Health book open in front of me and I am checking the muscle on the left side of the neck. It says these muscles are also related to the sinuses which are important in drainage from the head and scalp. Don't know if you have been having problems with your sinuses? It also says that the tension can arise from the head being improperly balanced on the spinal column and it suggests Vitamin B as a balancer. It says the massage points are at the front - 3 and a half inches from the sternum on and between the second and third ribs, and at the back near the top of the neck about 3quarters of an inch to each side of the spine. It advises to observe your posture. This muscle is an earth element and the question is whether you have enough earth to grow your roots in your current phase of change, do you like to have your feet on the ground, what nutrient, emotion or idea are you digesting, what is difficult for you to swallow or gives you a stomach ache (physical, emotional etc) or inhibits breathing. The neck muscle is on the stomach meridian so you can also use the acupressure point which is located at the front of the ankle in line with the ankle bone and the second toe. Or if that is too hard to find, on the outer side of the wrist (not the thumb side) at the crease (where it turns in to a hand).

    OK loads of waffle there, maybe some of it is of use to you. In any case get well soon.


  • That sounds like a great book. Paddi.

  • Get some aloe vera gel and rub on it. Also, you can buy the juice to drink. That's what I recommend.

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  • Good luck Dmick!

    The book is called "Touch for Health - The Complete Edition" A Practical Guide to Natural Health with Acupressure Touch

    by John Thie and Matthew Thie. You can do courses to learn it, basically it is applied kineseology mixed with holistic and spiritual stuff. I have signed up for a course, it is in three levels, the teacher is sick at the moment but it will be in January for a awhole weekend for part I and then I will see how it goes firther. Fascinating stuff.


  • Your welcome!!

  • I think the aloe also makes your tummy feel better. Paddi your book sounds great.

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  • Hi Dmick that is great to hear, hope you feel better soon. I started cesar/mensendiek therapy today to correct my posture and the doc gave me 2 tiny exercises, unlocking my knees when standing and relaxing my shoulders continuously, to practise but it is amazing how much tension they release. The body is an amazing structure.

    Good luck with your recovery!


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