How to confront a Gemini???

  • I just found out that my Gem is secretly talkig to someone else but keeps coming around do I confront him or should I just not say anything at all?

  • Leave him. If this is the same Gemini who is your husband and father of your child, I truly believe that your Gemini needs to grow up, figure out what's most important and what he wants from his life. He has demonstrated to you time and time again that he doesn't deserve to be in your life, so stop allowing it. Your child doesn't need this inconsistency and neither do you. I'm so sorry you're going through this, but honestly, this Gemini of yours is not taking your life together seriously and I can assure you that you will find someone who truly values you and is worth your time.

  • Hi Geminiman trouble, thats what those guys do lol, take a deep breath

    you need to ask yourself why would you confront him, if you want to confront him is because you want him to choose between you and hi behaviour

    you need to be ready to know your feeling and be ready to be with this kind man or be left for someone else

    this kind man down stop here, or now, he be sorry today and will win you over with no problem with his kind loving perfect words because you confront him

    what choice he got ? gemini doesn't like confrontation they are not good at it and don't like it

    so he will try to be as nice and apologist that he can be and will tell you exactly what you want to hear

    so you ask what should i do? well it's a game, i's always a gam with them.

    don't say anything and tell him you got a date with someone else, he been running after you and will leave the other girl or something

    bu if you don like game and love this guy, you need to know they don't seem to love you or anyone as much that you do. they always chasing someone else o doing something or someone.

    you know way is good for you and what you need to do about this

    because it's your feeling, it's your hurt

    if you want to confront him, go for it do for once what makes you happy

    he obviously don't care about your feeling when hi contacting someone else, his doing it or himself.

    so whatever who can tell you what to do think about what you want to do and also think about what kind person you are involved with.

  • i feel honestly sorry for the woman that get involved with those people because those women sam to love hem but gemini men seem to betray their trust over and over again . but to be true is it GEMINI that need to be blamed the woman tat excuse their behaviour over and over again.? his behaviour is clear but the woman dont want to see his played her and don't care about her feeing.

    i found out my ex i was with for 2 years was engage to another woman for 4 years. i left him straight but the other woman started to accusing me of all kind things when didn't know he was engage. his the one that knew about both of us, he lied to both of us but the woman was attacking m when i was heart broken too.

    they got married 3 weeks after she find out he contacted 200 women online and was seeing me for 2 years.

    we can blame the man but it' the woman that bring her own misery, they kind man will hurt you and your kids and your life.

    you need to know honestly that you are worth more then the insecurity and humiliation they give to you.

    you share your life with them and they trade it of cheap s.ex. with someone else shooing you that they are not worth the work you put in it.

  • Star2them have you moved on yet?

  • I think you have to confront him. There's really no other way, but I would recommend being civil and tactful about it. Also do not show much feeling, and try to avoid a heated argument.

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