AstraAngel, reading request, please

  • Hey AstraAngel, my story is a little complicated and I will summarize as best as I can. Two years ago i met a guy. I was drawn to him immediately, almost like a magnet. I can almost remember I the exact feeling I felt when I saw him. His spirit, his face, was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen anywhere. Turns out my sister was dating his bestfriend and she told him I thought he was cute. So before the night was over, he came over and we had a chat. We clicked immediately. But there was one big problem...I was in a relationship for five years at that time and me and my boyfriend lived together. I told him all of this although I knew it would have an adverse effect on our "friendship". I had no intention on being with him. But two years later we were still seeing eachother with no end in sight. Here is where things get tricky. During the two years me and my friend (which was off and on and very confusing to say the least) boyfriend proposed to me and I said yes. I told the other guy that me and my boyfriend broke up (which we did for a short while) but I didnt tell the other guy that me and my now fiance have gotten back together. All the while I continued to see the other guy. Long story short, my fiance found emails and pictures exchanged between me and the other guy and has called off our wedding (understandably). I emailed the other guy and told him my man got into my email account and that me and him can no longer communicate with eachother. He was hurt, I can feel it...I can just tell. So I'm writing today to ask what you see regarding this situation because I can still feel the other guy so strongly in my spirit. Did I crush him or am I reading this all the wrong way? I knew he had trust issues and i just hate that I'm going to be another reason why he knows he could never trust anyone. I just want to know i didn't hurt him that bad 😞

    Thank you so much for your time. I just really need to know because I think about him now more than I ever have

    My bday is 82782. His is 92173

    Thank you again. 🙂

  • Dear virgirl

    Oh what a tangled web we weave... 🙂 and you spun a tiny little bit of a web and got caught! That's okay, it happens...

    Okay, let's find the silver lining, and see whether this can be sorted out.

    When you say " and him can no longer communicate with each other, I'm assuming that is referring to the "guy" and not to your ex-fiance, correct?

    I have to say virgirl, something jumped out at me in your rather detailed recounting of events. Not once did you use the word "love". I only point that out as something that jumped out at me. Do you love deeply both of these men? Or only one? Which one? Do you know? Would you have liked matters to have worked out where you could have had a deep relationship with both men? I am curious as this factors into my own research on relationships.

    Okay. lets see about getting to the heart of this. I will take a look at your charts first and see where the connects are:

    Wow, you are both virgos well that explains a lot right there. I know one thing, you two ever hook up permanently, you're going to have the cleanest home in the neighborhood. Lord help anyone who visits and sets a coffee cup down without using that cute little kitty coaster set you picked up at Crate and Barrel.

    I always look first at the general balance of the wheels, and I have to say I see one "issue" between you two that could be a challenge. You both have a fairly weighty void on the half of the wheel marked by Capricorn all the way to Gemini. Your guy has Mars in Taurus and Jupiter in Aquarius which are the only balancing bodies for the both of you in that range. What this means is that in a relationship his energies in those two bodies and those signs will really be called into play.

    You would then have to work extra hard to provide him energy in your Mars in Scorpio and in your Venus in Leo, which could actually make for some real fireworks after hours. He was feeling those energies in you rushing toward him whenever you got together, and you were feeling the energies of his Mars and Jupiter balancing out you and it was like love magnetism at first sight! Very electric and powerful!

    His moon is in Cancer, so he is VERY emotionally attached in home and security needs, he is looking for that pretty strong, I am surprised he didn't propose to you first! Your North Node is in Cancer which is EXACTLY where your life is trying to take you - Cancer, home, nurturing and love in a very sweet and tender home environment.

    His Venus conjuncts kinda close to your Mars in Scorpio, so there is instant love potion of a stinging kind there - very e r o t i c and only adds fire to the mix. Holy smokes how come you two didn't elope or something? And why did you accept marriage to your BF when you have deeper feeelings for the "guy"?

    Hmm... something ain't adding up here!

    Your Moon is in Sagittarius and both of you share your Neptunes in Sag! So again, there is an emotional cross-connect there, both of your dreamy Nepts are playing around your Moon, which is somewhat opposite his Moon, so there is playfulness there. This means that while he is all about home and wanting you to bake some more oatmeal raisin cookies, you get started and then you blurt out, "I have a better idea! Let's go mountain bike riding!" ha ha, it thorughs him off and helps keep some balance in the whole home thing... you can bake the cookies later that night... right before bedtime maybe... hmm...

    Okay, I am not looking at your charts any more, there is enough love energy here to start a fire with a stack of soaking wet wood.

    And, tell me again... why you two didn't run off together? You should have propose to him. What's his phone number? I'll do it for you.

    "Hey, Matt? "

    "yeah... who is this?"

    "Astra here Matt... calling from heaven with an important message for you!"

    "wuh?... it's 3 AM here... who did you say you are again?"

    "Matt, love knows not the hours on a clock!"

    "... what?.. astra who?...."

    "Matt, Brenda LOVES you and WANTS TO MARRY YOU!"

    "What? ... she dumped me! Told me she is marrying some other guy! ... astra what?"

    "She wanted me to call you and PROPOSE to you Matt! Do you accept?"

    "... what? What are you talking about, I am not even awake... accept what? Marriage?"

    "YES Matt! Do you accept? You have 30 seconds to decide... tick, tock, tick, tock Matt!"

    "... what?... Brenda is serious? Are you for real?"

    "YES Matt... 20 seconds bro..."

    "uh.. well...."

    "10 seconds Matt!"

    "... oh geez... I would love that but..."

    "FIVE... FOUR... THREE... TWO... "


    "whew matt! Just under the wire! Okay... I will relay the message... sleep tight, she'll be in touch!"

    ".. okay... you are sure?"

    "Yes! And you better start doing some shopping matt! I would suggest Crate and Barrel... pick out some nice Kitty coaster sets! "

    "... what? Kitty coasters?"

    "Yes! And also, subscribe to Home Cookie Enthusiast magazine. Something tells me you will be doing some baking together with her!"

    "... wow... that does sound kinda yummy... "

    "So long Matt! Brenda will be checking in with you!"


    Hey, Virgirl you say the word and I will do this for you! Heck, send me plane tickets and enough dough for roses and ring and I will show up at his door on your behalf.

    Oh... I forgot... you are engaged to your BF... or are you? You were kinda nebulous on that. Probably your Neptune in Sag... who do you love Virgirl? I think you cared a lot more for Matt than you realized.

    And now you are really scared that you hurt him pretty deeply over this whole thing. Do not fear, "love never fails" -1 Corinthians 13:8 the bible says... you keep your heart in the right place toward both of these men and pray to the Lord to sort this out and He will... with some help from your angels...

    Now let's do a reading...

    1. How he is feeling about all of this - The FOUR of WANDS - Amazing! Virgirl this is bizarre. This is like a card of joyful celebration and on my deck it shows a couple embracing! What in the world is going on here! This makes no sense! I was expecting like the 9 of swords or something.. this is the opposite of that!

    OH... I SEE... he is thrilled that the wedding got called off! Now he has a shot! This was exciting news for him! He wasn't hurt deeply like you think... i believe he was aware that you had something going with Bobby your ex-fiance and was praying, hoping, praying that somehow he could still win your heart.

    2. How you are feeling about this situation toward him - Queen of Pentacles - I work off the picture on the decks mostly - this one shows a very thoughtful lady deep in pondering the matter... Cupid is in the background... the setting is very lush and green, and you are displaying a very loving, kind, empathetic concern for your surroundings. You seem a little sad her though, like you are feeling weary about the whole matter, and wish you could make things right all the way around. You are looking down at a little hare at your feet and you wish the bunny rabbit could show you what jumps you have to make to seek reconciliation and truth in this.

    3. Your advice - what to do! - The Magician - This card shows you reaching up to heaven, really earnestly crying out for wisdom from above to heal matters. There is some asking of forgiveness going to come into the picture, and I don't where you stand with the BF now? The word I am getting is pray and seek the Lord of love, and read over 1 Corinthians 13, about love. Love is patient and kind, you now...? Love will also reach out to another and seek to bring healing... you may need to reach out to both of these men somehow.

    One issue that keeps returning is - what would YOU like to see happen here? You are in damage control mode at the moment. What would you like to see happen?

    One other card popped out while shuffling... The ACE OF CUPS ... so a new start in love for you for sure Virgirl. I am going to tell you right now I feel pretty strongly that something is going to strike up with Guy, and BF is fading into the sunset. I mean, had you deeply loved BF you would not have been fooling around with Guy on the side, would you? My goodness that is not exactly protocol for a committed union with the BF. What you should have done early on was approach your bf and tell him straight out there was another guy you were seeing and taken your lumps back then. He is the one who is probably going to need the asking of forgiveness from you, however I don't know where you are at with him.

    Oh what a tangled web we... well, lesson learned here Virgirl... be open and honest in your relationships! Your "guy" though is pretty happy! You want to get started with him? GO FOR IT! You need to clear out of the BF's life though... ACE OF CUPS is a new love relationship with the guy, I'll bet he is your soul mate, with you feeling the connection there even after all of this.

    Soul mates can weather anything. It is what they do. You can't split apart two halves of one coin. And on my card of the Queen of Pentacles, you are holding a large coin in your hands. That is the heart of your soul mate, and that is your guy friend, I'll bet you... ONE MILLION DOLLARS! I love that scene in Austin Powers...

    PRAY Virgirl~! Get down on your knees unless you are there right now, and plead with heaven to work all of this out and they will! Here is a "starter prayer" for you:

    Dear Father in Heaven - HELP ME!


    That will get through. He will hear that, tell him astra sent you.

    I am praying for you too... blessings and love... everything will work out... keep the faith...

    and i would start practicing your cookie baking skills...

    echo and the bunnymen is playing in the background right now... "you give yourself to him..."


    ( photo courtesy of morguefile... don't try to spend this anywhere Virgirl! )

  • Hahhahaha!! I love that mock phone call! That was amazing! I love ypur energy, its awesome! I am speechless right now though. Wow wow wow!!! Where do I start? I guess I should clarify some things. First, me and bf are now engaged. I didn't tell the other guy we were engaged, I only told him I got back with my ex when I didn't think things were gonna work out between me and him.. I also told him that I may have even fell in love with him but wasnt sure he felt the same and I didn't want to get hurt so I got back with my ex. So where are things now? Well, fiance is still pretty hurt and has not returned the ring. He's afraid. He has said that he isn't so sure I'm that in love with him. And I didn't want to utter this but while i am in love with him I am in love with the other guy more than I even realized. I would never have a deep relationship with both. I dont have the mental or physical energy to do that.

    Your comment about the other guy (lets call him Matt) proposing to me, not sure why he didn't do that...I guess because he always knew someone else was in the picture, as he would always ask me from time to time if I had anyone else. He did ask whether I would have children with him. I always thought he was just joking though. But i always told him he would have to marry me first. I think he is very cautious when it comes to relationships because he's been hurt before. Do you think he was in love with me also or do you think this was just a one way thing?

    With regard to the happy card you got for Matt, are you sure that doesn't mean he's happy that things ended because he didn't have the courage to do it? Also, with regard to me starting a new love, could that mean that mean and fiance are going to have a tighter bond?

    You asked if I knew what I wanted. The answer is I would have liked to date Matt exclusively and grow with him but he lives two hours from me, which isn't too bad but I guess I'm just nervous he would not have opened up to me. But I can't deny.the fact that I am in love with him...deeply. The day after I met him I told my sister it was so bizarre because I met him at a time when I was happy in my relationship. When I say happy I mean there were no problems to report. And I told my sister that meeting him felt surreal...and I said, imagine he's my soulmate.... And now you're saying, maybe he head is spinning right now!

    I know that in order to pursue things with him me and fiance will have to break up but I don't have the courage to do that. I didn't have the courage two years ago! I will also pray for courage! My problem is, I don't like taking risks if the outcome is not in my vision...

    Thank you again!!!!

  • Hi Astra, I hope you're having a!! I am starting to feel increasingly worse about my situation with Matt. On the one hand I would love to be with him but on the other hand love alone cannot sustain a healthy relationship. I know that me and him are compatible but do we have what it takes to work out in a serious way? I read our monthly horoscope for November and. it says that this month we are bound to meet someone new or make things official with the one we currently have. So i don't want to put myself out there and he has his sights set on someone else. Could you do a reading and tell me whether or not he has what it takes to be in a serious relationship with me? Because i am sort of skeptical about his employment. Is it stable?

  • virgirl,

    He loves you. And you love him.

    What difference does employment make? Are you serious? Love transcends all that, or I am on an alien planet who are clueless about love.

    You need to end things totally with this ex-fiance of yours and you need to reach out to Matt and be totally naked and vulnerable (not literally naked, that can come later). YOU are being asked to open your heart up to someone with no guarantees. You are playing around with relationships virgirl, not a good thing to do. You need to stop trying to play both ends against the middle to avoid being hurt.

    I don't know what it is about relationships today... its like everyone is so scared of being hurt they never do anything bold and end up going through their whole lives wondering "how come I never found love?"

    Time to fish or cut bait virgirl. Matt loves you, and you love him. Is there a Starbucks in his town? Drive there tomorrow unexpected and ask him "hey Matt.. can I by you coffee?" Then take him by the hand and go have coffee, and look him straight in the eyes... and tell him you love him. Then give him the biggest longest kiss you can come up with.

    Come on virgirl... you are playing with fire here. CHOOSE who you will love. Or get out of the love business and take up stamp collecting.

    I can not do a tarot "reading" for you about Matt's feelings for you... he does love you and wanted so much to see something work out between the two of you. I am not going to keep reading and reading for you to tell you the same thing over and over.

    He loves you. You love him. Stand by him.

    The thrill left the thing with the ex-fiance a long time ago...

    love hurts virgirl... and the oven just got turned up on you to about 500 degrees...

    I hope you have what it takes... Dear Heaven, I pray for virgirl to follow her heart, Amen.

    Sorry virgirl... i can't candy coat it. I believe Matt will be there for you however YOU have to make a quality choice first.


    (photo of oven courtesy of morgue file)

  • Hi Astra, thank you so much for insight!!!! I reread your original response to me and you are absolutely right, there are no more readings to be done. I'm going to pray for strength and clarity. My heart tells me to go with Matt. So I'm.going to think on this a bit, see how I will make my.move. Once I come up with something that is the smartest way then I will move forward. I will definitely stay in contact with you and let you know what the outcome is.

    Have a blessed day 🙂


  • more comment...I can less about his employment as I am financially stable, but his work is a little on the shady side (street pharmacist) and that can be pretty unstable so I wanted to know if you anything regarding that.

  • Street pharmacist? You say a "little" on the shady side, so should he get caught, would he only have a "little" price to pay for his activities? Eight of Swords. Hmm...

    I don't know why I hear about these little "complications" afterwards. Well, the Bible says Love never fails, so as long as you are truly in union with him and your love for each other is strong and pure and deep, then you will weather any storm.

    Ace of Pentacles - a NEW start in material work is what I see coming for him. What else can he do to make money? You have Dollar Tree stores anywhere near you? I have a little project idea I am working on today that would give someone like him a way to earn dough without it being a "little" shady. I will be in touch. STAY IN PRAYER, and follow your heart.

    I drew the Angel card for "Prosperity" today, so I am praying that shows in his life, and all of us today for that matter.

    Blessings and love to you Virgirl


  • Hi Astra! I hope your day is going well 🙂 to answer your question, yes, his work can get him in a whole lot of trouble if he ever got caught. He was also starting to do legitimate work before I ended things, so maybe thats where thata the change you're seeing. In any event, I am at a crossroads. I know what my heart wants but I'm too afraid to go for it at this very moment. I will continue to pray on this and hope things better.

    Peace and blessings!!!!!!


  • Yeah, it might not hurt for you to center in on yourself and lay low for a while. These guys will still be there tomorrow. I am a hopeless romantic so I am like always in the movies or something... yes! Chase love to the ends of the earth! The reality is we should also balance that with some common sense and not let our emotions dictate our actions "too much"... there is a balance there, because deep down we are all emotional creatures.

    Anyway you are doing the right thing, pray, find your own spiritual center in heaven, and let your angels work out your relationship concerns.

    The three of cups fell out of the deck for you though! So you certainly have a wonderful celebration of love in store, somehow, someway... emotional exuberance... looks nice for you Virgirl. Blessings and peace on you....


  • OMG Astra, did you read my mind???!??!?!?! I just was thinking that today! I am totally a hopeless romantic and I easily abandon common sense. Right now I feel like I kind of need alone for a little while so I can reassess what it is I want to do. NOt sure how I'd go about doing that but I'll figure it out. Again, thank you soooooooo much for everything! !!!



  • Hi Astra,

    I hope all is well::) the last time we spoke it was positive with regard to my romantic outlook. You were telling me to propose to "Matt" and that he was I'm love with me. Well, i just got some really sad and interesting news from my sister. Appearently "Matt" isn't who I thought he was. My sister told me he asked her to hook her up with her daughter who is only 21 years old. Just turned 21 on November 9th. And when i say hook up, i mean like, he asked if he could date her! Can you please do a reading and tell me how i should handle this. I've already sent him an email and a text message to which he has not responded to and also my sister is mad i did it. But i don't care, he was wrong!

  • Hi Virgirl

    Wow, that is pretty wild, you said "he asked her to hook her up with her daughter who is only 21 years old "... which taking this at face value sounds like Matt is trying to hook your sister up with her 21 year old daughter.

    I am certain that is not the case. Right?

    It does sound like from the rest of the message that it is his interest in dating your niece that now has you concerned - and for good reason!

    So I am looking at the cards, and asked the question, "what is going on between Matt and Virgirl?" and drew the Three of Cups. I must say this is an exceptional card to appear as an answer to this question. This is cause for celebration, happiness and all the thrills that have begun with the two of cups.

    It is odd though, in light of what you are telling me about his interest in the 21 year old niece of yours.

    So. Let us continue virgirl. I want to ask the Tarot, "Why is Matt interested in dating your niece? Why is this happening instead of a move toward you?"

    And I drew the Nine of Cups which is another very lovely love card. Hmm. I will be honest, I think you have some competition. This man, Matt, has envisioned something with the 21 year old lady which is quite profound. He has certainly worked himself up in his desire toward her, no question about that.

    Let's move on. What are your niece's feelings for Matt? Is there really anything there? Knight of Wands. Well, this is not any indication of real interest, she has her own life moving forward at a charging pace, seeking something, someone else perhaps.

    Three of Cups. Yes, she has no real interest in Matt, she has her sights set on another. So this is a good indication for you!

    And I saw the Ace of Swords right there in response to that statement. So Matt and you still are looking at a good outcome to this.

    I really don't see any need for concern. Nothing looks like it's going to happen between him and your niece.

    Three of coins, there is no emotional anything there except his own emotions directed her way. He might as well be throwing darts at a river, nothing is going to stick.

    What about Virgirl, Heaven? What should her focus be right now as regards Matt?

    Three of Swords. Okay, you are on the right track. Let him know how devastated you were hearing about this! Yes. Let him know how he has trampled your heart underfoot in no uncertain terms. This was a very painful experience for you and you have every right to expect justice.

    How will he respond to your pain?

    Three of Wands. He will come to his senses and reaffirm his love for you is what I see. This is the card of affirmation after the choice of the two.

    So, he will come back to you?

    The Falling Tower. Oh, I see. After his clumsy and immature pass at your niece, he will come to realize all the more that the true gem, the pearl of great price in this family...

    is you.

    He will fall for you.

    Your advice? The Ace of Pentacles - Stand your ground. You still have a connection with him? You still feel something deep and pure toward him (forgetting for the moment his amorous interest in your niece)? You still feel that there is "something" shared between you two? Then keep your faith strong. Pray for him, wish him lovely energies of compassion and tender feelings, love, a desire to hold him... those energies will work wonders and bring you two together.

    Be empathetic toward him. Guys can do a lot of wild things as they seek true love. They are afraid of "the real thing" and go after others knowing the cost that is being asked of "the one" who I trust in this case is you.

    He knows that by nurturing a relationship with you, he is heading for a deep and very spiritual bond, where the two of you truly become one, completely dissolved one into the other, each losing themselves and finding themselves at the same time. A guy can run like crazy and chase heaven knows what before Cupid finally ropes him down.

    None of this matters though, is the really amusing part! Once the will of God has become known, and it is obvious to the angels - who is meant for whom - they simply begin to "arrange" life circumstances to inevitably bring you together, and there isn't anything he or you can do about it!

    This is the way it is with soul mates! And I believe that is what you two are. So these little antics of his are quite humorous, even though I know to you it was traumatic! That is why you must now let him know - in no uncertain terms, how crude and unseemly this was to you! Don't let this man off easy! Forgive, yes... eventually! For a while, you are wounded and hurting, and you are not sure you will ever recover!

    Remember the story of the Princess and the Pea? How she could feel that pea even though it was deep down, buried under her mattress? Matt has given you the greatest gift a soul mate can ever possible receive. Something to remember him by, for a long time. A pea.

    Just imagine, a few months from now, as you are taking a lovely stroll around a lake together and you are arm in arm... your love is now strong and secure... and your take a moment to ask him...

    "Say Matt... I also have another niece that you might like, my brother's sixteen year old daughter... Would you like their phone number too?"

    As long as their are nieces in the world, you will always have something... to remind him about. Something... to talk about. Funny how these things happen.

    So you see, everything is moving along as it should.

    And, you say your sister is mad? Because of what he has done? Or what you did in texting him about this? That part I am a little unclear on. She could become a strategic partner in this matter!

    Hang in there... all is going according to plan

    love and light


  • Astra,

    Thank you so much for that reading. But the pain I feel right now is so intense that I am almost positive I will never ever see him again. You did ask me a few questions and to answer them, I would first start by saying it was my sister, the one you did the reading for, the one that I felt always liked Matt, that introduced her daughter to him. She was actually mad at ME because I wanted to say something to Matt because I was upset. She didn't want me to say anything because she felt like that would tarnish her reputation. She called me crazy for being hurt! But Astra, I am going to send him one final email and leave it at that. I don't think he is my soulmate...a soulmate wouldn't hurt you like this. I know I could have hurt him by not being completely honest with him with regard to being with my fiance at the same time but honestly, before that whole fiasco, he hadn't contacted me for an entire month! So in summation, I am going to send him one final email and release him.

    Thank you again!


  • Astra,

    I let him have it and he his response was this : wow, nice that you accused me of thimhs without hearing my aide. Maybe youre wrong. My phone was off , had to pay my bill . U went crazy on me! I'm gonna be the bigger man and not say hurtful things to you . I don't need to speak to u or anyone in your family , this is dumb ! Lose my contact information, thanks.

    So i responded that the issue was him asking my sister of he could date my niece and that's the only reason why i was upset with him.

    Bottomline, he never denied it so i told him to have a nice life.

    Astra, i feel worse now. A) because i didn't ask his side but i didn't feel i had to and b) because he never denied what he did. I am so incredibly hurt.

  • Okay Virgirl

    I will be honest I am having a little trouble getting a good grasp on this situation. My head starts spinning when I hear "my sister, niece, bf, fiance, who said what to who because of something someone else said before they said that and now so and so is texting so and so, and the sister and the bf are not talking and now I am hurt because I didn't get a text and now I just did and and and... it does get a little confusing to this simple Georgia boy.

    It sounds that matters have escalated a bit to where everyone is off in their corners. Which is good. At least nothing is happening and in this case that is a good thing.

    I want to touch on one point you made and then I can try a reading with you for your best next steps. You said "...a soulmate wouldn't hurt you like this." I submit to you that often a soul mate will (unconsciously perhaps) do exactly that! Why? To help you mature, grow up, ascend, or whatever you call it where you are finally secure and confident in YOU, where your life is nice no matter who or what the situation is. That is the goal anyway, and your soul mate (who I believe is an expression of your Guardian Angel) helps you in that path.

    So, try to understand that pain in life, problems in relationships as you are now experiencing can be a very high expression of love, kind of a tough love I guess you could say. So regardless as to how 'hurt' you feel right now, there is in fact a positive purpose and energy for you in this! I wish someone had explained that to ME when I was the one in your shoes, and I have been in your shoes. These are not easy lessons to learn.

    Okay I will draw some cards to see what is going on and try to offer some comfort to you...

    1. Where things stand now between you and Matt - Three of Swords. Yes, no surprise here. Everyone is hurt and wounded and now isolated and the walls are up.

    2. What is your best course of action at this point? Eight of Coins. Have any hobbies? Like to craft, paint, write, sew, draw, doodle, help out, sing, dance, invent, clean up, arrange... this is a card of being BUSY with something useful and productive, creative. This is the time for you to focus on your MATERIAL aspects of your life and let this relationship matter rest. You are not going to get anywhere in relationships trying to 'make' someone talk or admit anything. You want your relationships to be very bright and positive experiences where you each have something positive to give the other, working and loving together in harmony. That is what awaits us, however to get there you must be at peace with your own life and your own gifts.

    So dust off that easel you have in the closet, get out your journal, your crystals, your tarot cards, go work some more on the car engine. whatever it is you love to do BY YOURSELF that is your advice from heaven right now.

    3. What is the long term outlook for Matt and you in all of this regardless of the present tenseness and hurt feelings? Queen of Coins. This shows YOU in a place of material accomplishment and is not showing anything about a relationship. So at this point it appears that the situation will work to your advantage by shifting your focus back to YOU and helping YOU in your life become materially fulfilled. THEN love can come in and it will be wonderful because you have something to share instead of something you need.

    Love and blessings, I am praying for you to be strong and wise in this,


  • Astra,

    I'm sorry I confused you. I was probably typing fast and didn't really reread what I wrote. So yes, there is a whole lot of things happening at once, he said, she said he said. To clarify, i told Matt how he hurt me. He said he wouldn't confirm nor deny the accusations because he felt it was wrong of me to do that to him. To accuse him without hearing his side first. In any event, I agree with your comment regarding soulmates, that he was definitely here to teach me a lesson. Right now, I feel like that lesson is- play with fire you will get burned. I feel like I had no business dating him. Again, I don't know what his intentions were with regard to him wanting to date my niece. Like, was he trying to get me back?

    The little plug about my sister was that I think she was the mastermind behind this entire ordeal, although at the end of the day, Matt is his own man and he is free to be attracted to whomever he likes.

    Funny you mention arts and crafts because I make jewelry on the side so I will dive really deep into that. I actually made my first offical sale the other day so I'm proud of myself for that 🙂

    But one last thing, can you do a reading on my sister? I feel she had sinister involvement in this whole situation.

    Thanks again Astra!!!

  • Hey virgirl

    i drew the Knight of Swords on your sister so this sounds like she was on some sort of mission to be what - a matchmaker? She is a thinker for sure, she analyzes life till there is nothing left.

    Page of coins is very benign and sweet, I see nothing 'sinister' in her, this is all something the angels have put together. Now angels can be a little sinister in a fun way! 🙂

    Yeah the rest is swords for you... heartache... throw yourself into your jewelry making. lose yourself in that and you will be fine.

    I am keeping you in my wishes for peace and happiness.

  • Thank you so much Astra!! Enjoy your turkey day 🙂

  • Hello Astra, just wanted to send you warm wishes on this holiday season. I wanted to give you an update my situation but I did see your response to one of the other ladies on the site and I see you are taking a breather which you absolutely deserve ;-). Wish I could book you a vacation for two to the carribbean so you may relax under the warm sun!!

    Anywho, please respond once you are well rested and I will give you an update...started to feel a little anxious so a quick chat with you would be great 😉

    Get some rest, relaxation and a hug whenever you can 😉



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