Desperately Seeking Advice - AstraAngel, or anybody else?

  • Happy Halloween everybody!

    Today I returned to work from being on vacation for the past week and was introduced to some drastic changes in the workplace that are deeply affecting me. I would love a reading if you could give me one as at this point, I don't know what to do. I'm sad, angry and just feeling betrayed right now and I don't want to take any actions until I can think things through thoroughly and can understand why things happened the way they did.

    Thanks so much in advance.

  • Hey faye

    I am painting at the moment, let's give some of the other great readers here a chance to reply as I am in the midst of working on a painting. Should you not have any replied by this evening I will check back and let you know what I see. I can tell you all will work out though!

    Here is a verse for you to hold close...

    "We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose." -Romans 8:28

    And since this is a Tarot forum here is a quick card -

    Knight of Cups - walk in love and this will work out.

  • Thanks, Astra! Have fun painting and thanks for the words of inspiration to get me by=)

  • faye1218

    You are in the process of transformation now. I do beleive that you felt this coming , just hoped it would not. I am receiving that for now take what is offered to you even if it is less than expected from the company you are now with. I feel a long distance move coming for you within six months I do not know your location at this time, however I feel you will move at least 500-600 miles away from where you are at now. I see a three story brick bld and a man by the name of Ken comes in here that you will talk to and than work for. It feels so much smaller than where you are at now to me. In the long run you will adjust and find peace and be able to feel secure .


  • Thanks Shuabby...that is interesting stuff and not anything that I expected! The place I actually work at is actually pretty stable, as far as I'm aware of. However, it is based on seniority and I was disappointed to learn this morning that somebody who has least seniority was moved to a more senior position than I was. I'm bracing myself to talk to my manager tomorrow to find out why this was done because I am a very good worker so I don't know why he decided to do this. I make a good wage where I am at and am trying not to be greedy because I am very thankful for what I have...its just the principle of the whole seniority thing not being followed. I don't see myself moving anytime soon since we just bought a home a year ago that we are very secure in.

  • If anybody else has time to do a reading, I would be interested to see what else you see! Thanks so much!

  • Hey Shuabby

    Thanks for helping faye

    Faye I'll take a crack at this too, and then you will have two views and you can pray about it and see what Heaven tells you to do.

    I put together a six cars spread to see what is going on and hopefully the Universe can help give you some wise counsel to consider...

    1. What happened at your job - Five of Pentacles - Well, it is change in finances so the obvious conclusion is that you company is feeling the pinch (like many are) financially and has had to either cut back hours, pay, benefits. This usually what they have to do to keep the books balanced. The last job I had they made a percentage cut in salary across the board and sort of promised to restore it eventually. A few years went by and as far as I know they never restored it. So financial change - for the worse.

    2. Why it happened - Well, it sounds like we already know that, however here is a card anyway... Seven of Pentacles - choices in finances. Could be some poor decisions were made financially, overextended credit, this is common. Companies are always speculating on new avenues to earn profits, and sometimes they expose themselves with too much risk. They go into debt. Then the economy goes south and they are left with the debt payments and their "Seven of Pentacles" wish didn't materialize. Could be the case here.

    3. What you should do - Five of Cups - first thought came to mind was, "HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE YOUR JOB?" - I mean really dig it. The reason I bring that up is that often these events are occurring because Heaven is trying to get your attention... "Psstt! Hey, Faye! We have something better for you!". So sometimes you can face a shock as the changes hit and you freak out, however the angels always have matters under control (although we don't always look at it that way!). The bottom line is, YOU ARE A CHILD OF THE KING, OF HEAVEN and you will be taken care of!

    So do some honest soul searching and see how much you really love your job.

    Here are come options...

    A. You love it - Two of Wands - make a quality choice to hang in there with the company. Stay connected with them and be a part of the team, see this situation from their point of view and be supportive.

    B. You are wishy washy about it - you aren't really thrilled about it, and you don't really hate it either.

    Nine of Wands - Again stick it out. This is a harder thing to do as your heart is probably not in it. YOu are the wounded warrior here, and you will have to bear up with your "wounds" and make the best of it while you consider other options on the side. The nines do not relinquish their position, it is strong and heaven could be readying you for a move "down the road".

    C. You TOLERATE IT and you are there basically for the money and that's it - Seven of Cups - Start making a choice about where you want to go and make that your (Ten of Cups) goal. Six of Wands - which is a sign that this path would work for you. Does this sound like your position? For some reason I am pulling more cards for C than A or B.

    Okay, moving on...

    4. Your short term employment outlook - Page of Swords - I see you sending our resumes and letters like crazy.

    5. Your long term employment outlook - Knight of Swords - your resumes and letters get some nibbles and you land something new that is a much better fit for you. Swords are quick too, so I would start moving on this very quick as long as you feel that "C" is your best bet.

    6. What you are learning from this experience - The Queen of Swords - WOW! Did you just see that Faye? The Page, the Knight, and the Queen of Swords in a row! That is the super clear sign of Heaven's hand on someone! Very cool! This also tells me that this is your wake up call to prepare to make a MOVE. In this apartment complex where I live, I was watching a family packing everything in a Penske truck tonight ... and I think that was a vision for YOU.

    I am getting a very strong sense that you are going to be leaving this job soon. Get those resumes and letters out there, and follow up with phone calls, and don't take NO for an answer. I feel this is the angels moving you into a much more comfortable situation, a job that you will LOVE instead of only tolerate. With great people instead of Barney Rubble next to you, smacking his gum all day long and coming up to you, asking dumb questions.

    "Hey Faye, how was your weekend?"

    (you under your breath, Oh great.. time to talk to Barney...)

    "Oh Hey Barney. FIne."

    "Can I tell you about my weekend Faye?"

    "What? Oh sure... I guess."

    "Hey thanks Faye. You know, I see you as a pretty good friend!"

    "Oh really? That's interesting."

    "Yeah, well guess what I did this weekend."

    "Oh, I can't guess Barney."

    "No, go ahead and guess."

    "Barney, I don't want to guess."

    "No I insist Faye! Guess. Just try!"

    "Uh... you went on a crashed UFO search in the woods behind your mobile home?"

    "No. Try again."

    "Barney... I am not in the mood for this. I am still dealing with the pay cut they just gave us."

    "Aw...go ahead, guess again!"

    "Oh for crying out... okay... you painted your bathroom."

    "Nope. Give up?"

    "What? Give up? YES, I give up!"

    "I went to the annual 'Olde World Rough Riders Convention and Bazarre'!"

    "Oh my g... Barney, I need to get back to work..."

    "You wanna here what I all we did over the entire weekend?"


    "Oh sure you do... let me tell you the whole story... this might take a while, I hope you aren't to busy..."

    Yeah Faye... I think its time to move on. ONE page resume, ONE page letter, make sure it is all on 100% COTTON paper, cream color... and target every company you would like to work for, that you respect and could see yourself at. Follow up with a phone call in one week and ask them what time would be convenient to come in for a follow up interview. I wouldn't bother with the classifieds,, blah, blah... drive around and look at the places. Look through the phone book. YOU CHOOSE where you want to go. Not them.

    This might also be the time to look seriously into pursuing that creative endeavor you have been toying with, I am getting painting or something creative like that. You have something much better coming that is for sure.

    Question 3 - Answer is C... and that Six of WANDS screamed at me, you are heading for greener pastures. Much greener. Much nicer. And...

    The NIne of Pentacles - better pay.

    That's what I am getting. And here is verse from heaven to help too!

    "God lets them busy themselves with the joy of their heart.*

    Ecclesiastes 5:19

    Write this down and put it on your fridge, and in your car, and on your desk at work, and everywhere. And whisper this verse often and claim it - there is miracle power in God's word, they are promises for EVERYONE I don't care what you believe about God. You could believe we were planted here by aliens and it would still work 🙂

    Hope that gives you food for thought Faye!

    Blessing and light - and better work!


  • (Photo courtesy Paul Anderson and morgue file on the world wide web - thanks Mr. Anderson!)

  • Thanks so much for your thorough reading, Astra! I really appreciate all the time you took to explain the cards! My feelings about my current job are somewhere between B and C....I am mostly there for the money...the work is easy, the pay is good, it is close to home but it is NOT my ideal job. I have an advanced degree that isn't being put to use and I just somehow ended up here because the convenience of it being so close to home and the pay was too good to pass up. However, there are a lot of politics where I work and my happiness is being compromised because of it. I'm going to really sit down and think about what is most important to me right now and make a decision on what I need to do.

    ...and you are right about my wanting to toy with a creative endeavor...I've been thinking about wanting to take some sewing and photography classes so now might be the good time for me to pursue those to touch on my inner creativity that I never knew I had!

    Thanks again to both of you for your readings. They truly gave me the insight that I was looking for!

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