Help with mixed signals from Gemini guy?!

  • Hi, new on here, I would like anyone's insight into a gemini male..We hooked up a few months back after years of not seeing each other, we used to work together..I though we hit it off really well, first month or so was great, spending time together, nothing was too much for him to please me, in contact by text a few times during the weeks, nothing heavy..then all of a sudden he backed off, would reply as always when I text, but no initiation and if i called down to see him, he was all very much the same as before, wanted me to stay down all weekend and spend time with him, left me a key to let myself in and out over the weekend when he was working and such and would look hurt when i was eventually leaving,but then during the weeks no contact at all from him first...and now its been no contact for a week and a half, i just feel like hes distancing himself from me more and more, and I don't know why....I haven't contacted him again for fear of pushing him further away... Can anyone provide any insight into this behaviour?! It's very mixed signals and I don't know what too think...Thanks in advance, I appreciate any feedback..

  • Sometimes not just male or female .. normally would kinda back off after too much time spending wif each other. He maybe busy or need some space for himself .

    If he discovers that he really like you he will definitely reach you .. problem is on his side ..nothing much can help only can wait.

  • Thanks Vircheery for replying...have text him to see if he replys, i'll know from there...

  • U r most welcome SmokieOne ..

  • I think you need to give him time. He could be busy just as SmokieOne said, but then again you need to let him know how his mixed signals make you fell. One thing I know about Gemini’s is that they are on and off. One minute they love you and wanna be with you and the next they wonder off. The trick is to let him know how you feel and if things don’t change then do exactly as he does. If he keeps silent then you also keep silent, if he is by your side then be by his side.

  • Thanks for replying Cancer Diva...your input is appreciated...spoke with him briefly last nite and told him how I had been feeling that he was distancing himself from me recently..he said he just thought he had been himself..I told him that it would be nice to hear a little bit more from him and maybe take the initiative to meet up and go out some places instead of just staying at his and just a little bit more communication from him as opposed to me initiating. I was constructive and kept it light and airy...he said that he thought I wanted it that way because i had said previously when we had got talking originally, that I would prefer to not be in a heavy kind of relationship and something more casual.(I had been living with someone for 4 years a while ago)..I said that I didn't want anything too heavy, but would like a relationship with definitely a lil more I have told him constructively I think how I've felt, just have to wait and see if he changes anything I guess, but as you said I will do as he does..Thanks again..

  • Hi Smokleone my first respond to you is; GEMINI are expert to give mixed message, so it's normal. i don't want to put those guys in the same basket but be careful i was involved with someone a gemini man that behaved this way and found out later he hd someone else in his life. My experience with those guys is it's not really worth it to stress yourself over their mixed signal behaviour because if someone love you or want something with you , One should remember that relationship need works, real works not games, anyone that got involved with gemini knows that games is on all the time, and wondering why they do what they do is always in the mind, you get no peace.usually they play those stupid mind games because they are involved with someone else and to be fair they don't worry about their behaviour toward you , its usually you or the person involved with them that worry about their behaviour and trying to get them and that bring the truth that only one person is committed to the relationship.

  • I honestly advice anyone that get involved with this kind person to turn their care and time on them, do whatever it takes to make themselves happy. relationship request works if all the works in left for you to figure out and to for you to do it alone then you be alone in the relationship and you can't blame anyone else later to be in that position.

  • Hi Star 2 u, thanks for responding..yeah i know was feeling isolated, so ended up having a good conversation with him yesterday..He does not want a relationship, and he said that he thought that i was the same from our earlier discussions prior to hooking up..I did say I wanted someone but not a full on relationship, as I had been previously living with someone for four years last year..But to me that means you know ,maybe seeing each other one or two times a week, with some communication during the week, i didn't think that was a lot to ask for to be honest..He said i can call down to his anytime, I'm always welcome...but to me that is not the communication just call down whenever?? From the start he was all out to impress, saying we'll go here and do this and that together, always little compliments, then as soon as it looked like it was any sort of relationship he backed off and it all stopped, I definitely felt it...and any time I was down on a friday night, he was wanting me there the next night and then again on sunday night, that's why I was confused, and if he thought i was getting up to leave he looked a bit hurt....but then on the sunday nights i would feel him distancing himself from me again..Very mixed signals.. Well he's made himself clear, he doesn't want a i just have to leave it at that..I've tried...I would like to remain friends, but I think i have to stay away from him for a while, before that could happen...

  • Hi Smokieone, things are always not that straight forward with those guys, i doubt he knows yet what he want, i m pretty sure hen will you more mixed message or tell you something that contradict what he said to you this week soon.

    you just need to you know what you want because they usually don't know. i hope i m wrong but usually they don't know what they want this is what make it so difficult to have a relationship with them but i maybe wrong.

    lets see.

    you back away and see if he com in around but i think he will.

  • Hi Star 2 u, I really don't think he will be back, because I initiated the conversation by saying I was just down to pick up my things as thinking back on our previous conversation I obviously wanted a little more stability whereas he needs to feel free...we talked then after this and i asked him what he thought...he said that he wasn't looking for a relationship and enjoys his own space, which I said i did too and also he works a lot and he said the thought of coming home and getting into a routine of having then to go out and meet someone to just keep them happy just didn't appeal to him...and then the routine of that would set in...and so on...I said i understood and i like my own space too..he said then why do you want a relationship then? I said that although I didnt want anything heavy, I would like to see someone maybe once or twice a week with a little communication and that also I'm a one man woman and need the other person to be with only me too (that's always the way I've been)..he said then your talking about exclusivity, I said yes and he said how can you have exclusivity if your not in a relationship?? So to me he does not want to be tied down to one person and does not want a relationship, so I just have to let him go...but he said that I'm always welcome to call down whenever I want, so I guess that means as friends...It's just crap because we get on so well...

  • Smokieone i understand but reading what you just wrote can you see that :1 you do want a relationship but maybe you can't say it fully with him because you know he doesn't want one

    2. you are doing a lot mind reading for him. you need to ask clearly your question so there is not[ i think he does t want it or i think that or this]

    it's not clear if he want to be friend, he didn't say that

    and it's not clear that you both want different or the same thing

    but in life something are better left alone and if it's real it come back on their own

    focus and work yourself and to be happy

    what is clear is you do want a relationship

    give him space and give yourself space too

    you seem tired by certain thing in the relationship

    take time for yourself

    maybe you know you simply realise you deserve more then seeing someone once a while, 1 ,2 week

    you want partnership, with communication and commitment

    someone that know your worth more

  • Star, I know your right, I do want more...and I have been doing a lot of mind reading for him...but i shall leave it as it is, because again you are right, I want to be with someone who knows I am worth so much more..I want someone who is interested in how I am doing and wants to experience life with me and as such has scope for progression, with this i am just going in circles and although he is a good guy, it's really not enough for me...I do wish him the best, things cannot be forced I know I shall let him be and carry on with my life and what makes me happy, I have come to the conclusion that that is what is best...thank you for your insight, it helps to get another perspective...

  • smokleone i was in your shoes few month ago and it was painful but yes, knowing what your worth is so important in your life and happiness. it's disappointing a hard to leave someone you like but when they don't know your worth and don't want more with you it's best to leave it alone an find someone that know how wonderful you are and to find that person that just want to have that life just with you. it will be hard but don't settle for less then you worth girl you worth it. before you meet the one you need to find peace with yourself first and happiness in yourself first, then it comes and you won't believe how happy you be. i m proud that you are making this move for you, many women can't do it

  • I lived with a Gemini/Taurus cusp room mate (his DOB: May 21st) for two years prior to my [3] year relationship I have now & my first love was a Gemini who I grew up with.

    First, lets just say this: Gemini Man will provide you with total security but with a very steep price to pay emotionally. They can be VERY mean verbally. Gemini feels nothing at his horrible comments towards you but you will SUFFER big time. He'll make sure you have the perfect place to live [with him] & you have the best food in the frig. He'll pay for your pet's bills & he'll say all the right things. [in the first few months] But in all true reality, he's just a "Jimmy Buffet Parrot" who repeats things others have aid because he lacks the skill to come up with his own ideals. He's a phoney who repeats things, forgets things, he lies like a man who has a head injury. He wants nothing but the "greener pasture" after you. Once he's landed you, you're no longer an interest. Does not matter how pretty you are because I'm very pretty and kind but if he feels like he can't control you [out of the bed room] then he's gone. Gemini men LOVE to be controlled [IN the bedroom] but if you try to run their lives outside of that, you're the enemy. The benefits of being with a sneaky Gemini male are not worth it. He's a brilliant soul & funny for a short time (6 months at best) But, no matter how hard you try to outwit this fellow or be his friend, he'll catch you & use you until you cry (which he won't care about at all) & then be on his way. When he's bored or feels he's lost the battle, you will indeed push you completely aside even if you're married to him or even if you're living as his best pal/ room mate.

    I will never date another Male Gemini ever for the rest of my life. Two was TWO many!! But, the female's of this sign are super nice & very good friends so I highly recommend them as anyone's best pals. 🙂

  • Star, I am moving on, time to pay attention to me as you said...I am worth so much more, and this ship has sailed I'm afraid...the emotional battle was too much and for something in so early stages just is not worth it...

    Sea Siren, he is also a Cusper 21st May, he thinks he is a Taurus, couldn't be further from the truth, I am a Taurus and would never leave someone hanging like that...if he had been honest with me instead of having to force it from him, I would have had more respect for him...but I just have to let him go now...Yes I noticed the quick remarks and put downs slowly creeping in, usually when he was distancing himself from me come Sunday evenings, not nasty but cut me to the quick anyway..but as you said all the nice things that he said in first couple months all died a death...but better finding out now rather than later when deeper feelings on my part get on I and learn as always...Thanks for your replys guys..much appreciated...

  • Hi SmokieOne, I'm glad to hear you're moving on from him. Smart Girl. My Gemini had also told me in the beginning that he felt he was a Taurus. I found that laughable since my best friend of 25 years is a Taurus so I knew how you Taurus's act & interact with others. And he was nothing like that. Although he ate several meals per day so I did for a while think that he might have some Taurus traits, (interest in good food) but it turned out to be nothing but nervous Gemini energy. He ate super fast, drove his car super fast, had road rage issues, walked super fast, flipped his opinion on topics back & forth all day long. I'm a Pisces & I couldn't even deal with his crazy, moody ways. As his friend, it was impossible to go out & enjoy a casual, laid back evening. He'd wolf his food & get moody & then want to leave. He threw tantrums like a little child when things didn't go his way & spit out venomous remarks at anyone is ear shot but claimed he was an adult? I guess it depended on which if his twins were out that day. As the friendship progressed, he decided to become the Gemini after all & tried to convince me he never said he was a Taurus ever. [liar, liar]. Good luck to you! 🙂

  • Thanks SeaSiren, I definitely got the twins thing, the more time I spent with him, the more I got to see...but I'm a firm believer in what goes around comes around, and I always treat people the way that I want to be treated and hopefully I will find someone again that appreciates that care and attention...I don't wish him ill, I hope that he can be happy, I feel a lot more at peace now, I don't like things being left unsaid, so i do feel like I gained some closure which I needed so that I can move forward...Onwards and!!

  • oh hello Seasiren, well i keep getting attack by this users in this site called worthy because i started this threat " i hate gemini man" i don't really hate them but my god they are such user and coward, never mind you married to them, kids or been faithful friend, they keep hurting the people that care best for them and they run after new people all the time

    the internet are full of them

    never mind what good you did, when they hurt you, they hurt you with no pity, it's troubling

    i completely agree with your comment because i lived it his with my ex gemini, his a real living meaning of coward.

    it's like they can't love

    one things through never mind their age, they are all little children and you are only a toy

    the man are not mature and can be so cold, so cold to the people that shared so much with them

    me too i will never date another one again

    it's just to much roller coaster and no much gain only pain

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