Queen of Wands in a relationship question.

  • Hi!

    So I keep asking my tarot deck about how this one man feels about me romantically. (I'm not sure if this guy views me as a friend or more). On some websites, it says that this means a new passionate relationship, but on others, I have read that he views me neutrally as a friend. I'm not sure and I'm looking for some illumination. Or maybe what to ask the cards again to help things get more clear. I've only been pulling one card. Advice? Thoughts? Knowledge?

    Thank you so much!!

  • Hey bluelyric!

    I'll jump in, I love to answer questions like this. I hope I am not overstaying my welcome here on the forum, I can't resist!

    I drew one card to try to see which way the wind is blowing for you. I drew the Knight of Wands! That certainly sounds like a new passionate relationship to me! The Knight and the Queen make a lovely couple. In this deck he is on his knees 8>)

    And the Three of Cups. Wow! This is sounding very nice. That is very encouraging sign of something really nice developing. I would pray about it and trust heaven to work it all out for you sweetly.

    Love and peace and blessings on your (what looks to me like) a new relationship!


    "Above all, love each other deeply..." -1 Peter 4:8

  • You are so lovely. Thank you so much!!!

  • Astra. I've been thinking about what you got card-wise and I have a couple of questions (not sure if you'll even see this). I realized the Knight of Wands...He's a Sagittarius. Could that be what that stands for? And maybe the three of cups just represents friendship? Or does the three of cups represent more? Would it be too much to ask you to pull another card to clarify? If it is, totally ignore me. I feel badly asking after you volunteered without me asking in the first place.

  • buelyric

    I think I covered this in another thread with you, I wanted to answer here anyway...

    Nine of Pentacles and the King of Wands - this adds up to more than friendship to me, we see the progression of the Knight > Queen > King Wands - and the Nine Pentacles is always a nice card of manifested abundance, so whatever is going on in this Wand court is manifesting in your life in a bog way. Get ready.


  • You rock and we totally did. I just wasn't sure if you went back in the threads. Also, we are hanging out tonight. Which I owe to you actually. XO

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