• sings Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to youuu, Happy Biiiirthdaayyyy dear ScorpioVirgoooooo Happy Birthday tooo youuuuuuuuuuuuu.

    Hi darling,

    I hope you have a smashing day and a wonderful, heart fulfilling year ahead of you.

    You are beautiful inside out ...always remember that.



    (I added a chocolate cake ....don't forget to work out after today...lol)

  • dancing and doing the bump

    bump, bump, bump....lol

  • Happy birthday S.V! hope u had a great day . all the best, adventure xx

  • stars again?? sheesh.. ok i will rewrite as scorpiovirgo!! hope you are well. lots of love 🙂

  • Happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday ScorpioVirgo,Hope it is a Blessed One 😉

    Love & Light,

    Colleen 😉

  • Happy birthday! 🙂 I know already said it on FB but sending some love your way...even tho im a day late

  • kelcrab!! lol . kel! how r u ??

  • Hey SV, Just a passing visit to say that I hope you had an awesome birthday yesterday and you got some lovely gifts. You deserve to be spoiled. Hope everything is ok with you and yours. xxxxxxx

    Sorry I haven't been around for a while.

    Was Scorps birthday yesterday too. 😞

    Really miss all of you, but was far too painful to be around after he left, and coming onto forum just reminded me of him too much.

    But like Arnie - I give you fair warning - I WILL BE BACK!!!

    Much love


  • Oooohhh so nice to see you all here. I think the birthday girl has had some cake and a glass to many (just kidding).

    SV, I sincerly hope you had a great day with the fam and loved ones.

    still dancing the bump

    PS. Shuabby has left you a message too 😉

  • Oh my goodness. I had no idea this thread had been started. I'm such a dunce! and I feel terrible about not replying.

    THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I'm so sorry again that I didn't see it!!

    I hope you are all doing well!!!

    Stranger and Lolpet!!! I haven't heard from ya'll in FOREVER!! how are you guys doing???

    Flow, thank you so much for starting this! you are such a gem! 🙂

  • You're welcome pumpkin,

    I am heading out now but I will check later or tomorrow.


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