Reading intensely needed, please. Grateful for your help.

  • I am losing the life in my soul. I fell in love, I fought the urge to run, I followed my heart and let fate guide me. He said I'm his world, I felt loved. I feel as though we share a soul..never felt with others. Many ugly disagreements lately, both at fault.. he runs away from this. Harsh, hurtful words today, he hurt me. He ran from ME today..said he isn't coming back.

  • Sad to say but we all make mistakes. The same thing happened to me six years ago and I really believed my soul had been crushed. You have my sympathies. My ex turned out to be an alcoholic two timer and I was never really angry with the women--just him.

    Part of the reason we suffer so greatly when a man disappoints us is because the signs were there that warned you and you chose not to see them with the eyes of truth. Acceptance comes with forgiving yourself. Working on forgiving him is one thing; just never forget what he did and said. Men do not change unless they truly want to do so. At this point, the best thing to do is share your grief with a trusted friend. In sharing, there is healing.

    Blessings for a more peaceful future.....

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