Can someone look at my dreams and give input?

  • I hope someone can give me some insight into my dreams.

    I usually have very interesting dreams, with complicated plots, characters, places, colors, smells the whole deal. So I love to dream and try to remember each one.

    Dream 1) I was turned into a vampire, I enjoyed being a vampire, I was not scared. In my dream I didnt harm anyone. Then I came to my sister (older than me) and told he she can either run away or chose that I turn her into a vampire, she chose to be turned into one. We had fun, ran around.

    Dream 2) I dreamed about a client, who I dont know if even exists, he came to an apointment and talked to my mother, about their buisness. What I do remeber is that he conected something he owns to something we are trying to sell in a sense that it is close by (not so sure about the details here). I do remeber how he was drviing a red car, his surname began with an S.

    In the time when he was talking to my mom I went over to his car and removed a box of puzzles from the trunk because I was trying to make sure his car doesnt get stolen. I thought someone will see the puzzles and steal the car. After I took the puzzles, me and my sister started to put them together, we managed to to that together but then I was a bit clumsy and they fell and a part got seperated but then I put it back together.

    Something tells me the puzzles were sort of in a shape of a man, but I am not sure about this.

    Dream 3) I was at a flat and there were a few girls there and we were all waiting for someone and something. I got along with a 2 of the girls (dont know who they are) and we were talking about the guy I liked and weather he would come over and what the boys might do later on.. and I remember the guy I like did come over, wearing a black shirt and he came over to kiss me and in my head I was thinking how this might be his way of showing he does like me. But then I commented to this girl - yea yea but he still doesnt like me, he still doesnt have my number

    and I remember there being a tram car with the number 31 on it.

    Hmm maybe no meaning in any of them? just vivid imagination? wishful thinking?

    one of my most memorable dreams was when I dreamed I saw Jesus on a hill preaching! 🙂

    ah and once I dreamed about a woman I met that day, I dreamed how she was a race car driver and the next day she told me she used to be one in her youth and the thing is I never knew that, didnt hear it from anyone and she has not told any of us that. freaky 🙂

  • I feel this is all about how you regard yourself. You want to be a powerful, alluring, sexy, confident being (vampire) and you think your sister might benefit, too. But the other dreams show your lack of confidence and puzzlement with the opposite sex - you are not sure what they want from you or what you want from them. You may not feel you got the best messages or example of a woman from your mother or are confused about femininity in general and go to her for advice about men and women. In the third dream, though the guy showed you affection, you weren't convinced that he liked you at all. Of course, the image of a female racing car driver is another powerful female image. Your subconscious is asking you to find more ways to become this powerful confident person who understands men and how to handle them.

  • **** = sex*y.

  • Thank you Captain, you made good sense of my dreams.

    maybe I will write some more when I dream something interesting again 🙂

  • I will write another dream if anyone would like to put input, I would appreciate it very much, if not ok also.

    So here it goes;

    Most I remember is the end bit, I was at some sort of class or something like that and some people left some their stuff and I took a blue bag and put it all in it and while doing so I also took some books, the books were about love. I dont remember the titles but I do remember each one had the word love on it. Then I sat down, and started looking at a thick one and in front of me sat my friend who was(is) a little mad at me I guess and she sat with he back to me looking at he copy of the book I was reading.

    I remember there were parts about military or war in this book. The author then came, looked at my bag and books and magazines I took, looked with approval. Then I left

    That is as much as I remember.

    Thank you to anyone who maybe gives input

  • It's more or less about the same - you are trying to learn more about love and enpower yourself for the "war of s e x e s" ( military bit ) through other people's experiences (like this forum, for example) and books. You are concerned what other people might think about you doing it (like that friend who was a little mad at you), but in the end you give yourself an approval (the author).

  • Yes, I agree with VoplySoply that this dream is just like the others - all about the war of the sexes as you try to figure out your part in the whole scheme of love.

  • Thank you very much


  • Hi, me again 🙂

    I would love some insight on another dream I had.

    I dreamt I was inside, and was holding bread in my hand and a bird flew close to me and then flew onto my hang and stood on my fingers.

    It ate the bread from my hand and after that didt want to fly away. It stayed close to me.

    The bird was small and brown.

  • I think it's about nurturing, probably of a spiritual kind. Somebody likes being around you because of the nurturing you give to this person. How did you feel about the fact that the bird didn't want to fly away ?

  • I thought it wouldnt come to me but when it did i was happy!

    and it stayed inside in the room. it didnt wanto to fly away and it made me happy

    Thank you on response i didnt think one would come so quick 🙂

  • Birds in dreams often represent our goals, ideas, aspirations, and hopes. Do you have a longtime goal that you want to fulfill but in the past has been left unsatisfied? Now could be the time to see it through.

  • Yes I do have a goal which in the past was unsatisfied.

    Thank you Captain!

  • I would like to ask about another dream I had that I cannot get out of my head.

    Well atleast a part of the dream

    I was at a contest reading poetry with the guys and it was his turn and I was cheering him on when he was done I was telling him how good he did beacuse he seemed like he thought he didnt do such a good job of it.

    Later on this woman came us, asking that if we are so happy why wouldnt he tell which song describes all this and he said " Become love" and then she asked me the same, I was being quiet but the song " we found love" was in my head but just as I was about to say it I woke up.

    So please if I could ask for some insight I would appreciate it very much

  • This is a very positive dream, and a self explanatory one - in order to find love we have to become loving and emotionally generous ourselves, even if we are in a competitive situation. This dream is quite a compliment to you.

  • thank you Soply,

    I forgot to mention, before she asked that, there was some sort of argument with her. How would that play into that all ?

  • I suppose the argument represents your doubts about the nature of love. Something like that, depending on what the argument was about.

  • makes good sense.

    Thank you again

  • Another dream I would like to get interpretation.

    I was at a big table with parents and some other people I did not recognieze. Then this girl ( i know in real life) comes with her brother (who i once had a crush on) and funny thing is this guys name is very similar to the name of the guy I like right now.

    He sits next to me and I was so happy, he was just there sitting being him, I thnk we exchanged fre words but I was happy, we echanged glances all the time.

    Then these 2 yellow butterflies came by, flying around us, here and there just flying, then my dad wanted to catch one and he did, he gave it to me by the tiny legs and I let it go ( my mom was mad he cought it, saying dont treat butterflies that way)

    the butterflies kept flying in pair all around us.

    I was alos taking care of a girl in my dream and there were some other childer around me.

    This was a second dream I was taking care of children

    Please if someone could give some insight in this dream I find it very interesting, especially the butterflies.

  • bump 🙂

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