Help needed by someone who is in tune with people's emotions

  • hi i am janet tam. feb 7 1990

    and person in question rocco karmir zar march 29 in the year 85 i believe

    i would really like to know how this guys feels about me, thinks about me, and his intentions and i hope he has the intention of making it into a relationship

    ive been on psychic networks these last few days but i'm a bit skeptical i want an honest answer from someone who does not charge money.

    many thanks

  • He is not coming through as sincere. If you have been asking multiple times about this guy then it is time to give it a rest. What does your gut tell you about him? Ask your GUT - not your heart as your emotions with regard to the outcome or what you want will get in the way.

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  • He is not sincere.

  • If the year you mentioned is true, then you both have too much in common and one of you needs to learn how to become more submissive. It will take compromise and a lot of work because you both have a tremendous desire to be the "control freak" and be the first to come up with ideas that are followed by action.

    Aries men are also big babies and are known for temper tantrums. Once you get to know him well, you--as an Aquarian female--may reach your limit before you reach the altar.

    Hope this helps. Blessings & Peace be with you

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