Can somebody help me with this dream please

  • Good morning to anyone that can help me with this dream.

    I had a dream that me and a friend we were some where I do believe we were in New York. Her and I were on the city bus to go home we missed our stop. So we started walking back to the stop we should have got off at. And there was a building, Nice old like building it was red brick and it was like a university or something like that. So I was walking on the ledge of the walkway. and there was so many people all of them was so dress up. In very pretty colors. Then my friend said she would meet me at home and I said ok. Because we were getting ready to get dress to go too a concert. But for some reason I made a little turn to see what was going on in this place. And then there was some steps and I was afraid to go down the stairs. Like I was afraid of the height of the stairs so I was not going to go down them and I start crying. Now everybody there was mainly women like a convention for women very important women like ( the mason's club) that kind of women was there but there was people there that knew me. And then I walked to the end and now it was sunny and it looked like we were at fashion ave in New York. Then there was two dragon queens on motorcycles. The first one she drove off and the second one she was dressed in red and white and her motorcycle was too. She pulled off and then she was in the sky like she was flying and she had this man in between her legs. And she was flying high on her motorcycle and it was like the people were scare but were not. And then she seen me looking and then I knew she was coming for me. And she had me really scare because I knew she was coming and I was afraid because I did not want to lose my baby that was in my stomach. So I start crying again and then she came and she was like chasing me but she did not get me and then this really rich lady walks up to me and she was like I am so glad you are ok me and the girls came to get you. YOu are ok. And one thing I remember everybody and everything was in black and gold but this lady she was so rich and her friends but I really did not think I knew them, but in the dream I did know them but I did not call them so how did they know but Iwas glad they were there for me. Just crazy drag queens and black and gold flying what a dream.

    Thanks Illonas

  • Missing the bus = missed opportunities. Do you feel your friends or even your own self holding you back? Do you have a desire to go to university or do more studying, something that may make you more money for pretty clothing, or perhaps you want to be a designer? But you fear it might be too much for you or that you are not smart enough for uni, that other female students might reject or laugh at you or overpower you. You feel 'pregnant' with so much creativity and want to find a way to best use it, maybe through studying up more on a particular talent or trying something new - but you fear being embarrassed or put down for not being good or smart enough. Yet your higher self (rich woman) is urging you to reach for the stars and go for it!

  • Good Evening Captain

    Thank You so much. You know I start back to school on Dec 5, 2011 for my Masters in Forensic Psychology. I am really happy about that. Yes there is something that I would like to do but I do feel like I can't do it. I would like to write. I have been really having this thing to write. And I feel like I can't write a book but then there is a part of me that believes that I can do it. So I think that is what I feel like I am not smart enough to write. And yes I do feel like I am holding myself back from doing the things that I really want to do. So thanks so much I just have to get that old self back and get to writing and I will be just fine. And believe in myself more and do the things that I want to do. And stop worrying what other people will think. I know I can do what I want.

    Thanks so much Illona

  • To increase your confidence, you might think about doing a creative writing course or some basic writing course to get you started. I do feel you are bursting with creativity but you feel held back by your fears of what other people will think if you fail.

  • Hi blackladydiver,

    I completely agree with Captain's interpretation of your dream, but I think there is also another aspect to it - something, connected to a social role of women. It's like you fear stepping outside the traditional role, and you fear what it might do to your feminine side (that's what being chased by the drag queens on the motorcycle is about, I think) Maybe your professional and creative ambitions are assiciated with some degree of anxiety about how to reconcile them with being a wife, or a mother, or simply a more "womanly" woman. Well, you'll be ok, just as that rich lady in your dream said, as there'll be lots of people to support you. That's a very positive dream, validating your creative pursuits and reassuring you that everything will be ok, and there is no reason to worry.

  • Thanks VoplySoply and Captain

    Thank you so much. I do fear what people would think. Because I really have something in me that wants to write and I just think once I start i will just fine. You know Captain I have been messing around on the school website. With some of the writing exercises they have on there. So I think I will look into a writing class here at the community college. I sometimes do think if I do somthing out the norm that it may not look right because of my sons. But I will try not to think about that so much and do the things that I really would like to do. Again thanks so much


  • Good for you! I'm sure your sons just want you to be happy.

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