Queen of Wands in a relationship question.

  • Hi!

    So I keep asking my tarot deck about how this one man feels about me romantically. (I'm not sure if this guy views me as a friend or more). On some websites, it says that this means a new passionate relationship, but on others, I have read that he views me neutrally as a friend. I'm not sure and I'm looking for some illumination. Or maybe what to ask the cards again to help things get more clear. I've only been pulling one card. Advice? Thoughts? Knowledge?

    Thank you so much!!

  • This is why you shouldn't read for yourself - you are too close to the situation and cannot be objective enough to read the cards.

  • But there are plenty of good tarot readers here on this forum if you want to ask for a reading. They do it for free.

  • I know! You're totally right. What do I do? Should I just start a new post?

  • Nevermind! I posted this in another forum yesterday too and someone read for me without asking. Have a blessed day!

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