Help, What Am I ?

  • Well, here is my problem: when I am around people I alway's know what they are feeling and thinking. Especially If I am in large group's, it's har for me because I am so careing and try to help everyone. I sware I get these empathy pain's especially when someone is sick! I have a keen cense about thing's and people. My husband would get upset at me when he would meet new friend's and I would tell him that the person was not good to stay away, and it would turn out that I was right! So, what would you call this?

  • Oooh def. not the world's best speller! lol

  • I would say u are psychic and have a very good intuition, scary, it is a great gift, use correctly,

    god has bless u. sometimes our loves one feel we are trying to control them, when in reality, we feel we are trying to protect them, sometimes we have to lean a little back, too much caring is just as bad as not caring at all. i go through this, alot, but i advice u to always rely on your intinscits, dont be afraid of them, and dont feel different from nobody else, alot more people than u can possible imagine have this gift, and as i express before sometimes it can be scary!

    i am not very good at expressing what i feel, when i write!

  • Well? When is your birthday?... I assume you are a Scorpio or some other water sign... Maybe even a Capricorn.

  • 2/1/1981 born at 2:02am in the morning- aquarius

  • Hi, I hope you find a path to use this. Have you thought of nursing, teaching.

  • PS--Aquarius are very good at intuition and summing up situations. It's easy for the Aquarian to get discouraged, however. If you find a negative one it's only because they are feeling discouraged. There are so many causes, battlefronts and problems that they get overwhelmed. Sometimes we get overwhelmed and haven't done anything--intuition. I don't know if that makes any sense to you. But it does for me.

  • You sound like you are an Empath, and /or a Cancer sign as well . Being an Empath can be a wonderful gift as long as you are able to control it and put it in its proper place. If you let it have dominion over you and you allow it to control you it can drive you nuts so be really careful. This may prove a challenging task but you don't want to drive yourself and others crazy. You have a gift that can really help others and you may have found your true calling in this life. I would do some research and maybe get some insight on being an Empath so it can help you become the best person as well as the best Empath you can possibly be. It is OK to look out for those you care about but in the end they must make there own choices and live with them. Just make sure that the choices they do make do not hurt you, remember to protect yourself. Try to guide others with care and be careful of trying to control to much, you may just push people away when you are really only trying to help. Also check your motives, you want them to be pure and unconditional. You can feel what others are embrace your abilities and allow it to really teach you about humanity and all it means to be human. You can really be a wonderful, caring and gifted person to be around. Take care and good luck.

  • I can say with almost 100% certainty that you are an Empath. I say this because I am one too. And I understand exactly how you feel in crowded places. You can learn to tune a lot of it out though. And something you should do at the end of every day is unload all of it so that you're not stuck carrying around the negativity of others. Here's one way: Sit down on the floor. Picture all of that energy as black threads running thru you. Use visualization to start pulling all of those threads together into one big energy ball in the center of your lower back. Then picture a hole in your lower back. Send that energy out through the hole and down into the ground. Picture it going deep into the earth where it can't hurt anyone.

    Aside from the carrying of negativity, being empathic can be extremely rewarding and useful. Just remember to unload it every day.

  • Thank you very much everyone, Your information has helped me out alot ! I am going to be doing some research and hopefully get insight on all thing's Empath! If anyone know's where I can get some good info. on being Empath I would greatly apreciate it ?

  • Hello,

    Please help me understand as well.

    The recent turn out of events in my life when I dealt with a tremendous amount of emotional pain seemed tom open something else. Though I know, it has been there a long time a go. I managed to dismiss it as just "woman's intuition". But like DevineE----I will also tell my boyfriend if the people that he is interacting with will do him good or not. he never listened to me anyway all these years and it's fine. 😉 . On the personal plane however, I could always sense if something is not right. Say, if he is hiding something from, or he is lying or he has done something which directly will have an impact into our relationship. Again, I will dismiss it as natural since probably we share the same energy field.

    But not recently---- he lied over something----it was an intricate lie ---- (he was getting involve with someone else). In the middle of the night, he decided to went to the grocery store. I dismissed it---but as soon as he was gone----I felt cold and started shaking. I jumped out of bed as quickly as I can---and looked at his computer---- AND SURE ENOUGH----THE TIME WAS SET FOR THEM TO TALK AT 11:20. I WAS DEEPLY HURT. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THAT IT DID HAPPEN----BUT MOST OF THEM ARE MANAGEABLE AND I MANAGE TO DISMISS THE EVENT AS QUICKLY AS I COULD. NOT THIS ONE THOUGH!

    This event LED ME to something else. I became overly interested to interact with a psychic and to know my spirit guide. I have been wanting to do this----but my fears prevented me from doing so. i found myself in one internet site I was able to talk to this psychic who became instrumental in introducing me to my spirit guide.

    Anyway, whatever it---I hope I am still making sense. I am sorry if it is getting very long. I want to be as thorough as possible.

    Anyway, just today (LUNCH TIME)

    I started shaking again over a thought that he is again talking to this woman. I called him----call went to his voicemail. he picked up the phone after a while though. SO I SHOOT THE QUESTION



    The order of events was like this

    I called him first. After I called, the other woman called him, then I called him again----to tell him that he was lying.

    Bottom line----it seems like I know that it is going to happen----and it did. I know too that he will lie about it----thank goodness I pressed on.



  • WOW!! This is good stuff!

    I too have had many experiences such as those I have read through out this thread. And I too pushed these feelings away. But, I have learned that it can be very helpful if used correctly and beleive me I don't have it perfected yet either. I used to see things before they happened sometimes through a dream or more like a day dream. I still do sometimes but like I said I tried to push it away because some of the things i saw were bad and painful.

    I have recently wanted to begin experiencing more and more but I'm not real sure how to go about it. Are there people that can guid me in this?

    To DevineEverescence: here is a website I found on Empaths and it has some good information that you might want to look at.

    C:Documents and SettingsCompaq_OwnerMy DocumentsEmpath - Aura Reading, Empath Skills, Face Reading, Cut Cords of Attachment.mht

    I hope this will explain more for you about what you are experiencing! Let me know or I'll see you on the other thread "Broken Hearted..."

  • Hello devine want to know if you can contact me direct - i wanted to talk to you i have a very similar situation a you with a cap and i need some guidance - not sure how you can contact me

  • Hi DevineEvanescence,

    Hope you don't dismiss my response as a month late and a few dollars short! I've been with for years and had never thought I'd get involved in posting! I just saw your post and You my dear are my first-ever to respond to. You definitely are psychic, and mostly an Empath. This can make your life a wonderful adventure-IF you let it.

    Please don’t be put off by the length of my response, the words just keep flowing into my head.

    First and Most Importantly, LEARN HOW TO "GROUND". This first keeps you in your body and less 'scattered', (most important to not feel everything and everyone at one time). There are many ways to do this from just being barefoot to simply running your hands (visibly or in your thoughts) 1) around your body (clearing your aura), 2) brush each arm from shoulder to fingertips, 3) brush your right hand across your belly-button (your 'cord' connection-which attaches to whoever you are thinking about or talking to) this makes "you"-"you" with all your energies where they belong-YOU! As time goes by you may find this or another method will work best for you. Second thing to do is picture your Silver Cord starting from the top of your head down into the ground (here some like to see the cord branching out like tree roots; in my case my mind took over and sent it to the red molten center of the earth where the heat burns away all negativity and transmutes it to Positive White Light.

    A lesson that I was privileged to learn is the "Triple Cross" where you use your Right index finger, middle finger, and ring finger together and do a cross or X in the air in the direction of a negative. If you get 'answers' as yes/no to your questions of Spirit/Universe/Overself/? it is best to Triple-cross across your chest (again, it can be in your visualization) and say 1)"I request that I am clear and grounded" 2)"I request not to be 'switched' " (opposite sides of our brain switch places so to speak and your answers are switched ie. you get a yes when the truth is no) 3)"I request that I am only given answers which are "THE TRUTH OF THE POSITIVE WHITE LIGHT and THAT WHICH IS FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD". Then ask the question and be open to what comes first. If you feel this maybe didn't work, or you want confirmation that it did, ASK 1)"Am I clear?", 2)"Am I grounded?", 3)"Am I switched?" {if the answers are no, no, yes then again say "I request that the Positive White Light please clear and ground and unswitch me"} Then ask the question again.

    Always remember there is a negative for every positive; so try to always think in terms of the Positive White Light. We "give" with our right hand and "receive" with our left. That is why the Circle is sacred, and groups of like-minded persons in a group are ALWAYS more powerful, especially if in a circle with each holding the next persons hand until the circle is complete.

    One way to 'practice' knowing you are on the right track is to ask simple questions like "Is my name ___?" "Do I live at ___?" "Is my birthday ___?" and other already known question's answers.

    NEVER GIVE UP TRYING TO LEARN MORE. As you learn and USE these and other techniques, it becomes simply a commonplace everyday activity for you. The more you use what you learn the easier it becomes your NORMAL. I found that when I first started to ground, I started each day with it (along with any prayers I felt were needed), then grounded before each meal or snack, and most definitely before answering the phone, and finally at bedtime. Oh, and if you have "issues" with anyone (ie. parent or?) DO IT AGAIN. This may seem weird or unnecessary to many, but when we begin our own growth, we each need to learn what is RIGHT for our self, changing as we grow-just like children.

    There are many places to get information; on line, metaphysical books/bookstores, friends, etc. I have found myself drawn to Psychic Sylvia Browne comfortably feeling TRUTH when I hear her speak. Use your own best judgment and don't automatically believe you are wrong. Sometimes just back up and watch what unfolds; you may actually be surprised how right you are! Don't let other's opinions put you off. In my family it was often heard about my grandmother "you know when she says things like that! They always come true". Or about my mother "you know when she gets that feeling? She's always right". And now I get the same things said and thought about me. I take it as a compliment as should you-without taking offense. Try to find a way to make a joke about things as jokes smooth over hard feelings.

    Smile and be happy you have been given such a valuable gem of a gift!


  • Thank You Judee, that was much needed information! The other day I had an incredible experience while at home. You see I have spirit's in my home who most certainly have unfinished busisness and for the life of me I cannot get this man to pass into the light! He is not my spirit guide but a old man in his 70's who is very unhappy,controlling,jealouse individual and he decided to drain all of my energy to the point of all I could do is go to sleep. I just don't know what this man is wanting from me or how else I can help him? I do know that his daughter lives down the street. I feel like sometimes that my house isn't haunted I'm haunted! lol What is your opinion on this?

  • Hello Kryptik,

    Yes, I would be happy to contact you ! Just let me know how?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi again DevineEvanescence,

    I asked Spirit and have been told this man’s unfinished business isn’t anything to do with you, but where you live. He lived on the land where your home is located. He died of old age though in his thoughts, he is still here just like always going about his daily routine only in his dimension. His daughter doesn’t understand past lives so don’t even waste your time thinking about her.
    This gentleman doesn’t even see you but thinks you are voices in his head which is why he is always angry-what he hears you say is not what he wants to hear. This is why he is so angry basically at himself for coming up with the things he hears (that his own mind is telling him he’s wrong or whatever your words become when they reach his dimension).
    I realize you are seeing the word without following the message. Please don’t feel threatened or “told what to do by someone you don’t even personally know”, it is just a VERY HARD THING TO GET INTO THE HABIT OF DOING. By not being grounded, you are at loose ends, and everything is hitting you harder than it has to.
    Grounding and taking a deep breath lets you get a better hold on everything. You may come to realize that you taking your time to get upset because he isn’t responding to you is completely unnecessary. In a sense, you are going out of your way to upset yourself for something that you may never be able to get rid of because YOU aren’t meant to.
    (without you being angry or him being angry)

    Please remember that a lot of what happens to us is actually caused by ourselves completely without realizing we are doing these things. Being ungrounded, our energies are rather like a very large paint spatter: each dot is an atom of our body-look where you are! How can you keep your own energies in one body if that’s where they are? You need to “bring it all home” so to speak. You will read and hear many say “Take back your power”. You give it away by not “getting it together”.

    I also get that you are not haunted in any way, but like me, you came in with an agenda of helping others. A healer once told me that there was a sign over my head that says “BRING YOUR PROBLEMS HERE!” We want good for everyone and wish to make all the dreams come true. But I now keep a sign which I also look at often:




    Please keep up with the self work. We each have a litany of things we chose to write into our contract before our arrival. With everyone’s help we might complete all our plans. But always keep in the back of your mind one of my husband’s favorite ditties:

    Life is what happens while we make our own plans!


  • Judee,

    That was some of the most insightful, concise and directed advice that I have ever seen. I am new here and am finding much veracity in all the comments. Am looking forward to your input to my situations and questions...

  • Goodness! Your description matches some of my own experiences exactly. Friends of mine often ask me to sense what is going on with them physically/medically or what will happen to them in the near future, such as when they're going in for surgery.

    I am studying to be a nurse, but am also planning to try to get into medical school if I can (either traditional or naturopathic), or taking the graduate work necessary to become a nurse practitioner. No matter what I do with respect to training, I want to wind up as a primary care pracitioner. I was disabled out of my former career by something entirely preventable with health care and want to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else if I can help it.

    I'd say you were an empath and a health sensitive in particular; this is a great gift if you can use it to help someone change their habits or lifestyle to prevent serious illness such as diabetes. However, the worst part of this gift is that one often seems to sense the illness only when it is already present. My suggestion, as someone who shares this gift, would be to work on reading into a person's medical future a bit to help you learn to use this gift as a preventive measure for others. And I also request that if you choose to do this, you take a vow to use this gift only and always for the good of others and never for harm or for personal enrichment.

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