Shaubby, Feedback #2

  • Hey Lady,

    So, just wanted to give you feedback on the last situation you told me about. didnt exactly end up that way, hahaha. He's basically seeing someone else, and unfortunately I get to watch them have their fun everyday as we are housemates. I guess we had a friendly thing going on, but he said he didnt want "to ruin the dynamic in the house". LOL I dont take excuses though.

  • MariaRia,

    Thanks for the feedback. That is to bad that it did not work out the way you thought it would. Housemates? I believe that you may want to consider moving and breaking the ties that have been there on a mental basic with him.

    I know you are a strong person and can move on to find happiness of your own. When you do you will be very glad this did not work out the way you wanted it to.


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