Help with a dream I had this morning.

  • Good morning to anyone that can help me with this dream.

    I had a dream that me and a friend we were some where I do believe we were in New York. Her and I were on the city bus to go home we missed our stop. So we started walking back to the stop we should have got off at. And there was a building, Nice old like building it was red brick and it was like a university or something like that. So I was walking on the ledge of the walkway. and there was so many people all of them was so dress up. In very pretty colors. Then my friend said she would meet me at home and I said ok. Because we were getting ready to get dress to go too a concert. But for some reason I made a little turn to see what was going on in this place. And then there was some steps and I was afraid to go down the stairs. Like I was afraid of the height of the stairs so I was not going to go down them and I start crying. Now everybody there was mainly women like a convention for women very important women like ( the mason's club) that kind of women was there but there was people there that knew me. And then I walked to the end and now it was sunny and it looked like we were at fashion ave in New York. Then there was two dragon queens on motorcycles. The first one she drove off and the second one she was dressed in red and white and her motorcycle was too. She pulled off and then she was in the sky like she was flying and she had this man in between her legs. And she was flying high on her motorcycle and it was like the people were scare but were not. And then she seen me looking and then I knew she was coming for me. And she had me really scare because I knew she was coming and I was afraid because I did not want to lose my baby that was in my stomach. So I start crying again and then she came and she was like chasing me but she did not get me and then this really rich lady walks up to me and she was like I am so glad you are ok me and the girls came to get you. YOu are ok. And one thing I remember everybody and everything was in black and gold but this lady she was so rich and her friends but I really did not think I knew them, but in the dream I did know them but I did not call them so how did they know but Iwas glad they were there for me. Just crazy drag queens and black and gold flying what a dream.

    Thanks Illonas

  • Hi, I just posted on another dream thread. I don't know anyone here who deals with dream analysis regularly. I tend to use Dream Moods website's dream dictionary . They also have a forum like but I haven't posted there. You might get a quicker response since that's all they deal with or else rephrase the query for a psychic or tarot card reading. Either way, Good luck.

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