HELP, so much at stake

  • I am 42, I have had an extreamly tumultuous life and have incurred much loss. That being said I have much joy, I am well educated and have three amazing children and three equally amazing grand daughters. Three years a go I lost my fiance' who was undoubtedly my soul mate. Since then I have gone on to form a charity and met a man whom I have become seriously involved with. This man is in the incubation phase of his new business which has the potential to be very monetarily rewarding. The problem is, it has been an up hill clim the entire way. In July 2009 he finished and settled a rather large transaction which has been detained for reasons I can not disclose. On and on this goes, one snaffu after another. I know that wat he is doing is legit and he isn't just yanking my chain because I have assisted in much of the foundation of this company, and have been involved from nearly the beginning. In order for us to move ahead with plans for the company and for the charity all this chos must cease and this needs to move along. Everyone involved in addition to he and I have done all the necessary due dilligence and we have all been waiting a long time for this to spark. Some of us have been waiting two years without any monetary compensation. If something does not hapen soon we will lose everything including my charity and the amazing things it has been doing. I need some clarification. Are we in for a much longer wait, or is the wait nearly over? I dare not say we are losing steam or patience, but there is so much at stake, way more than capitalization or personal comfort. This man and I both have very altrustic, philanthropic hearts and we intend to do much good if we can. HELP

  • Misslioness1969, my feeling is that your friend is indeed a very kind and helpful soul but he is not all that good at business dealings. I feel he has been taken advantage of here by certain associates whom he trusted and that the police should now be called in. There is a lot of deception and daring around this situation.

  • Captain thank you for your help, but that sort of doesn't fit the situation. He is brilliant at what he does and the associates now involved have only been with us for about 2 months. The only long term partners are myself, the managing partner and his best friend of 15years who is awesome.

  • I am talking about the nuts and bolts of business, not the creative or managerial part that he is good at. Someone is deceiving you - check out these new associates (and the people associated with them). You cannot put this off - deeper investigation must be made NOW. There is a sense that suspicion or mistrust is not very kind or nice, but the task of getting to the bottom of things must be undertaken or you could lose it all.

  • I agree with that assesment more. I know there is something shady but I do not know from which direction. There is so much at stake and much to gain for many if this is successful, but I fear foul play of sorts.

  • I hope you have not invested your personal finances for this guy's business. Even investing your spare time in another person's projects can be very draining to your spirit because you are constantly worrying and the anxiety is eating at your gut. You know best how your body is reacting and I'm reading negativity at the highest level.

    Please take precautions in your finances and do not attempt to further this relationship until your finances are secure. Only then will you be able to find some peace.

  • I have invested no money, but my involvement with this man is a romantic in nature. He has been rigirously working at building his business for nearly two years. We do not live in the same state, we met because of an act of reciprocity I have a business and we both were in need of the others services so we exchanged the necessary deeds via the act of barter and quickly became friends. The friendship grew over time and we slow grew to having a relationship. His a commodities engineer, and he is great at what he does. The issue is it is a new business and these clients are rich and extreamly fickle. The deal might close, go all the way to the last step and the buyer might get mad at the seller or vice versa. I have assisted in deals that have taken months to finish, thought they were done, (put a lid on it) and the the next step it would fall through. It is a very volitile business, We are waiting on a lot of finished deals to complete and he and I have sacrificed much in the way of personal sacrifice to be together. I have most of my things moved to NY where he is so that I can continue with my charity work, but the finances are holding us up from moving forward. We know why, but I want to know if it is going to clear up soon, and if so when? There is a lot at stake with his finances, my charity work and the lives of some children we must help.

  • I do feel like there is something I do not know, but I have invested nothing nor have ever been asked or prompted to do so. My only concern of this man is that he is hiding something of personal nature, not business related. We know why the money is held up, I just want to know if it will come through in enought time to save the farm so to speak.

  • When I look at your business dealings, I feel like I am looking at a tangled spider web with a big black spider sitting greedily in the middle. Do you have any dealings with a big dark overweight man? I feel he is deliberately delaying things, hoping you will give up on it all.

  • Was this something that was his start-up and you got more or less involved in. Feel it would take someone else stepping in as it's out of kilter. At this given point, no. Almost feels like he isn't spending enough time also loopholes.

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