Reading please? Much appreciated. :)

  • I would like just a general reading about my life as it stands right now. I'm 55& concerned about the present and 45% concerned about the future.

    I would like to know mostly about love... 🙂 I'm currently interested in a guy. He's the first guy I've been this interested in in a while. But I would also like to hear about general things also.

    Thank you! 😄

    My birthday is Feb. 23, 1997.

    If you need any additional information, please let me know.

  • Hi Reesey, I'll do a tarot reading for you in about an hour...Talk to you soon !

  • Well, here we go, here is the Celtic cross reading :

    Situation - Ace of Cups reversed - emotional upset, insecurity, anxiety.

    The card that crosses it (I see it as an obstacle) - 4 of cups- dissatisfaction, stagnation. Maybe you need to shake the situation up a little bit, or to re-evaluate it.

    Past influences - the Knight of Swords - there might have been some conflict in your life, either involving this young man, or someone else with domeneering personality /very assertive attitude, which left a big impression on you. Is it the guy you are interested in ?

    Passing influence - 5 of Swords - precisely that - the consequences of this conflict will pass with time.

    Future influences - 3 of Wands - long term success in some creative venture, involving a partnership. Also it means a new start. It's a good, positive card.

    Challenge - 7 of Wands reversed - not to back away from confrontation and not to lose your confidence.

    Something you about yourself should be aware of - Queen of Wands reversed - do you have tendency to be bossy, by any chance ? It doesn't seem to be the case, to be honest, so it might be someone else around you who you should be careful with.

    Something about the guy, or your surroundings that you should know about - Hermit - he needs lots of time alone and introspection, or maybe there is a certain isolation imposed on him.

    Advice - Queen of Pentacles - be practical and down to earth in your judgements. Rely on your good sense.

    The outcome - 6 of Swords - better times ahead, as a result of applying yourself mentally. Peace of mind, also possibly a long journey.

    Good luck to you ! Whatever you do, put your emotional well being first !

  • Thank you so much VoplySoply!

    The guy, I havent talked to him too much so I don't know a lot about him. I'm pretty shy when it comes to guys I like. I do know that he is an introvert.

    I'm not particulary bossy.


  • Well, Reesey, don't shy away ! Your position is stronger than you imagine.

  • I'll try but I just get so nervous.

  • If it's of any consolation to you - most people do get nervous, there is no way around it. It will get better with practice though. Try not to put him on piedestal, see him for what he is - just another fellow human being, with his flaws and qualities. Be in love, but keep your eyes open, and put yourself first, above all. Men are much more interested in women who represent a certain challenge and respect themselves - it's a human psychology, especially male psychology. They'll treat you the way you'll treat yourself, so please, be nice to yourself ! Good luck to you, and have fun !

  • Thank you so much VoplySoply!!

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