Long Over Due & Un Answered :Cappy 1/16/1981 PLEASE HELP

  • I have a old best friend who is a male. We first met on a social networking site 2000,then chat on yahoo messenger and then the phone all before we met 2003. It took a while to build and he treated me better as a friend than any lover. Around 2008 it became harder to maintain once I got board, disappionted and walked away without telling him why. When I wanted him he didn't feel that way about me and when he wanted me same thing. We could never strike a balance

    He has been constantly on my mind and he still reaches out to me through yahoo messenger once around spring time and I chat with him but after a few days and that's it from him.

    He was an ass at times but I do miss him and wish I could have handel things differently. One thing I don't understand is why or what his motives are for wanting to contact me year after year around spring time and what I need to do next time he contact me. I feel I need to tell him whyand what on mind, will he hear me out, blow me off, should I just settle for the once-year chat, ask him what's the piont and push away for good or be open to building something new???

    I know he's a Taur-Mini mix (May 21 I think 1984 or 1983 younger than I) . Byron H. Tall, skinny, light caramel complextion, glasses, dark hair, long eyelashes

  • It doesn't matter if he blows you off afterwards - you need to confront him and ask him what his intentions are, for your own peace of mind. At the moment you don't have much to lose. Speak your mind and heart to him.

  • Thank You! There's one problem, I don't have him in my contacts nor friends list for a while now. I cant play the guessing game for noe unless he by some chance he contacts for a second this year.

  • Nevermind I was worng I found him

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