Witch Playing Card Deck - a review

  • So I was in the local bookstore the other day, and looking over the "spiritual" resources bookshelf, I came across this really nifty "Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards". I bought it and have been playing with it a little, a lot of fun! I haven't actually told any fortunes with it yet, I just like to look at the cards and i guess I am still getting used to their "energies".

    This is a regular deck of playing cards. Not really a Tarot deck. So I hope its okay to publish a review here. The suits are like the Tarot though. Although I am not sure what the suits match up to in Tarot. I use to think Spades were swords, now I'm not sure. Hearts are cups though.

    Speaking of spades, here is one of the cards, the King of Spades. Just listen to what this card has for you when it popes up:

    "The bride insures for a single person the fulfillment of their highest aims when near; if distant, turbulent married life..."

    That is the King of Spades. Maybe this card's presence has caused the recent "turbulence" i my own marriage. Do you think if I threw the deck out the turbulence would go away?

    Let's ask the deck!

    I drew "The Queen of Diamonds!" - that card says "Children signify friendly disposition - gentleness. Hmm. This card doesn't sound quite accurate, my children are not exactly gentle. Let's try another one...

    The Eight of Diamonds... "The broken glass foretells ill luck for long years if near..." Oh my! Well, good thing this is Halloween and this is just a play deck. Although I have seen some broken glass in my marriage in the past... like glasses being thrown on the floor... hmm... maybe these cards are more accurate than I think! Apparently they can predict... the past!

    There is also a little guide sheet to the deck that shows you how to lay out a spread for a fortune.

    Good luck finding it. I only saw one deck and I have been around to all of the bookstores.

    It's a lot of fun, and with Halloween coming, we could all use a little more witchiness! Instead of another word that rhymes with witchiness. Boo!

    Here is another card ... The Seven of Hearts" Yay, a cup! This one says "The Stork denotes change of residence, for the better, sooner or later according to the distance which it lies to the person.

    I am keeping this card in my pocket from now on. ha ha.

    Happy Halloween to all on Tarot.com!

  • Here is the stork card... there are two of them. Do you need a change of residence? Print this out and keep in on your person and I'll bet Heaven and the "good angels" will help you out!

  • Well Astra, I don't think I need to change my residence, however, if I don't get some money coming in pretty soon (yes, I have the new job, just not able to begin yet) that decision will be made for me. Yikes! Do any of your decks indicate some money coming in soon for me? Sorry, getting to the end of the UI benefits, and things are becoming very scary.

    Hope you are doing well and having lots of creative inspiration for your art.

    Blessings and light,


  • Hey Taurus

    Ace of Wands - something good coming, i would have said some money however it seems to be an idea or an inspiration that triggers something new. ANd from that you can see some income coming in.

    Its really sad, I have more money ideas that I you can shake a stick at, however to get wheels turning you have to get a team together and combine energies. The challenge is finding anyone these days willing to think out of the "job" box and willing to try some new things for income. Oh well, I'll keep painting and hope that a miracle can occur to lead me once and for all out of the wilderness.

    Here is a verse for the both of us this morning...

    "But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee.

    For thou, LORD, wilt bless the righteous; with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield."

    -Psalm 5:11, 12

    This is a promise that the Lord (the Universe) will defend you and me. And bless us. Heaven takes no pleasure in seeing our lives barely getting by, we are supposed to be amply supplied and happy, in love, in relationship, in material supply, in every way!

    You hang in there... look for some NEW ideas as to way to make some dough. Five of Wands. Change. You have any change laying around? I have a simple idea that I once put together and you could start selling these on ebay or something. I haven't played with it in a while, however I got good results when I was. It is a clairvoyant "device". Maybe I could post it here and you could see what you think. I have so many little gadgets and stuff I need to throw out for folks like you in hope it can get some income going for you.

    What do you think?

    love, astra

  • Hey Astra,

    I too am filled with ideas, but I guess it is a combination of doubt and silly fears (low confidence after being out of work for so long) that I find myself really "stuck". I know it is more me and my way of thinking than anything else, but I still am finding it really hard to get beyond it. Anyway, I definitely agree about the energies of people working together. It is quite a phenomenon isn't it?

    I like your idea about the clairvoyant device and e-Bay. Interesting you mention that as I was watching some TV this morning while enjoying a lovely cup of coffee and on the program was a man who was doing some paintings that reflected his frustration with the banking greed that is and has been going on. He was inspired by a passerby who viewed his work to place it on e-Bay just to see if he could sell it...well he did and for over $26,000 for one painting! Wow! So, that got me thinking...what service or product could be marketed there that would be inspirational, motivating and helpful while making a stream of income? Generally online or in person tarot readers charge quite a lot of money for their service. Many people who are seeking insight are not able to pay much at all. Maybe this idea is already being offered, but what about bidding rather than paying a set rate or fee?

    What do you think?

    Blessings, love and light,


  • Hi Astra!

    Thank you on the card, might just print it out myself, no matter I dont have the finances for a change of residence. What would your new cards say about love coming my way?

    The cards seem fun I think, a good way for someone to start practicing as I see they come with explenations.



  • Taurus,

    I think that is a great idea, the auction for reading! That had not occurred to me. I have an issues with charging people for readings, I don't know why. TO me it falls into the category of "freely you have received, freely give". An auction and start it at a penny. That is what I used to do with my paintings, and I sold a LOT of paintings for a penny, or a nickel or a buck or two.. (Never sold anything for $26,000 though!) That was fine with me, I had fun doing them and was thrilled to see them find homes regardless of the price. I may try that with a reading for fun.

    I am working on a new painting that I hope will end up being inspirational. Art has been a roller coaster ride for me. I think as long as we want what we offer to be inspirational and helpful to people, then Heaven will bless it. I don't know why I couldn't seem to succeed at the art before, maybe it wasn't the right message, I don't know. I will keep trying.

    I have some other ideas for little paper craft creations that are fun to make and have an environmental message.

    Thanks for the encouragment!


  • Hey Fishy

    I don't have that deck with me at the moment, however I will do a quick read for you with this one I have, the psychic dreamers tarot - this deck I really like, i use it a lot.

    Eight of Swords - you are in a confined place right now as regards love. You are looking and wondering and watching and waiting and nothing seems to be happening.

    The Emperor - More happening than you realize

    Five of Cups - something is changing in love for you. A shift of energies from waiting to wading. In a river of love. Down there, below you, you are overlooking an ocean a lake. So were able to ascend from that eight sword confinement by going straight UP!

    Two of Cups - a lover looms - where?

    Three of Cups - you are celebrating today a new love - What? How is this possible!

    Knight of Swords - you don't mind someone who is a little chatty do you, this person is heading your way. You want someone else start dreaming about a new car instead of love

    Page of Pentacles and the HANGED MAN - Expect a message soon, this will change your view about someone you know, you had written off. This will be the start of something nice.

    The Magician - someone disappeared from your life and there was something going on with them.

    Seven of Wands - it left you with a lot of questions and choices had to be made in the aftermath

    Page of swords - letters emails tears and fears - waiting for something that didn't develop

    Knight of Cups - the truth is out there. Love. He comes bearing gifts.

    The Lovers!

    I knew if I kept drawing cards I would eventually get that Lovers card for you Fishy!

    Hang in there. Heaven has not forgotten you. All is going according to plan in love for your life. I see a lot of laughter and a lot of fun and forgiveness and a lot of compassion...

    and some kisses too!

  • Hi Astra,

    The cards , sounds good fun.. im with you too on the should i charge, i personally think not, doesn't feel right somehow.

    I dont have any plans or see reason enough for a move, although would like it one day.. in the right circumstances.

    What can you see for me there.. aiso like to start to get creative with my socialising plans.

    Blessing Scully

  • Dear Astra,

    Thank you on the reading, looks like I need more patience.

    But good things come to those who wait, right? 🙂

    I always forget to ask this, is it true that saying thank you after a reading is not good? I heard it once somewhere.

    Love and Light,


  • Dear Astra,

    Penny auctions may be the way to go with some things....hmmm, got me thinking. I too am artsy - crafty; as a matter of fact I've been making a little Halloween bear for my neighbor's grand daughter from some felt scraps I have lying around. Turned out pretty cute! I'm also painting a little "Trick or Treat" scene on the bag I plan to present her bear and candy in. Lots of fun and great therapy. Don't know if I could market any of this sort of thing or not, but really haven't tried. Love making wreaths, gift baskets, etc. for friends and family - only now with money so non-existent that's going to be a bit of a challenge. Anyway, I'm trying to keep the creative juices flowing and move those limiting, negative thoughts out of my brain as quickly as possible. 🙂

    By the way, I wanted to thank you for pulling some cards for me and the inspirational Bible verse. I really appreciate your positive thoughts and messages. You really do have a gift and it is wonderful that you choose to share it freely. And as for your art, well, I'm confident not only myself but others on this forum would love to see some samples of your new works. 🙂 Who knows Astra, one day in the near future, I may be walking past a gallery in the mall or downtown Spokane and come across one of your beautiful paintings and I can say, "hey, I know him!", or better yet, buy it!!! 🙂

    Blessings, love and light,


  • Hey Scully

    As regards your question about a move, I think it could be happening for you sooner than you thin k and I believe it will be connected with someone else, a relationship changes things and moves you along is what this looks like to me.

    Queen of Swords (swords are quick) and the Six of Cups.

    The swords lady is looking off the card to her right (the side of action) and she has a kind of faraway look in her gaze, like she is studying something from a distance.

    This deck shows a large mansion building in the background and a boy and a girl are playing kick ball in the yard. It feels like a new setting somehow. This is the place the Queen has been eyeing and it is connected with a relationship somehow.

    Blessings to you!


  • Taurus57

    Hey your Halloween bear idea and bag sounds awesome. I have an idea for a collaborative group of artists and crafters I have been wanting to put together, I think when we can build out own community of like minded folks and keep it all open source it will be greatly blessed by heaven.

    I have an idea I am working on today using one of those little plastic flowers that go back and forth, solar power. I am a graphic designer by trade (at least I used to do it when I was working, did it for 30 years) so it is easy for me to come up the packaging for anything.

    My advice to you is keep making those things and try different themes for them, and the bag idea is wonderful. Then as you are doing that we can kick around ideas on packaging everything.

    The website I am putting together is called and the idea is that we all can have our own areas on there for sales, AND you blog about what you are making and EVERYTHING IS OPEN SOURCE in other words, the whole point of the site is to get the ideas out in the wild as quickly as possible.

    We are approaching a crisis point in the earth if we don't get our rears in gear as entrepreneurial people again. This business about people complaining about the wealthy and the govt blah blah is not a good direction. A lot of negative energy there, we need to all stay focused on using our gifts and talents that the good Lord gave us and create our OWN JOBS - corporations aren't the answer they are too busy trying to make profits and a lot of those job markets are dead and not growing.

    I don't think the tarot forum is the place to get into that too much though, so here is a card lol

    THREE OF CUPS! - YAY - that s a good sign from heaven 🙂

  • Hey Astra,

    The web idea sounds great! Let me know when you have it launched and I can perhaps e-mail you via the "contact" page on the site and share ideas. I've been crafting for years - make all types of things - some themed (i.e., holidays, birthdays, etc.) and others not. Have sold some items, but generally just word of mouth through friends and family. Who knows, this could be something... 🙂

    Blessings, love and light,


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