Whole life changes-any advice

  • I am going through what seems like a very strange and spiritual time at the moment , my life life has changed over the past yr and a half.. I feel like im waiting in limbo for the new one to start.I feel like im trying to find my true self and deal with my emotions, mistakes of the past and try and be a better person . Also a lot of things concerning , home , moving , new job.. these are all just thoughts im taking things a step at a time it will be a big upheaval and im not even sure Im heading in the right direction with things.Im a typical Piscean and decisions are hard for me ... my birth date is 17th March 1965.. and was born at 8.15 am . Can anyway give me any insight , I want to make big changes but not sure wether i might regret it or be able to cope.

    Thankyou in advance for any replies

  • Hi, Your post gives me some insight into a Pisces I know. Decisions are hard it seems for this person but I don't know if it's decisiveness or doubleminded. Meaning this person has a dual personality.

    I'm not talking about you, just a Pisces that I had a run-in with.

    Right now, with me and some friends of mine, it seems that this is a transitional period. Almost seems like we are being given of choice of starting a new beginning. The only way this new beginning will happen is if we can let go of the negative in the past. If we can let go (if they can) it will be wonderful. I hope that you see this time as an opportunity and forget about the negative behaviors (in ourselves.)

    I haven't read any blogs re: the stars but there's been a lot happening lately. I see it as an opportunity.

  • There does seem to be a strange atmosphere, i sense very big changes on a global scale too i think we must all prepare our selves for these changes this may sound obscure but i feel its very much to do with a spiritual upheaval those that are will become more so, those who are not already connected with spirit will be. There is a return of the ancients.

    On a personal level we are all looking for something to commit to or have commitment from we are looking for the place ,purpose and person we feel a belonging to.

    i believe it is a time to take more notice of the messages you are recieving in dreams they are symbolic so dont be put off thinking it doesnt make sense i feel a strong presence of a woman with you she will help you she is was a quite person but someone who would get her point across i have the feeling of a grandmother.

  • Thanks for that shadowplay , actually i have just started a drem diary , its just im not very good at remebering the whole dream yet, but the bits that i am seem to be pointing at things that im worried or thinking about. Both my grandmother and mother ar dead and they were very much alike , quiet but wise and formidable

  • You have a lot of factors. In Numerology your a 5, which is the sum of your birthday day, reduced to a single digit. it reads: Your 5 Destiny is inextricably involved with personal freedom, constant change and variety of experience. Life will not level off and become a simple, studied thing for you.... Many and various opportunities will drop in your lap at unexpected times.....You can only take advantage of them if you learn to leave yourself free of heavy responsibilities and accept the fact that change is the rhythm of your life. You must be able to adept to the new and unexpected, to be able to move and travel...to shed gracefully the things and people who have out lived their usefulness for you. Fight it and you will find exasperating frustration and monotony that will bore you to death! Cultivate many and different kinds of people.....

    Plus we are in the year of the OX. Which means that all the things that weren't working for us from the past, will be cast out. that includes relationships. Old views will be changing this year too. A lot of tried and true things will be coming back again. Hard work, perserverence and pride in your work, will pay off. Relationships that we start this year, will be slower but, endure longer and have more meaning for us but, ydon't try to rush it. Let it unfold naturally. It might not be with the type of person that you've ever been with before or a job you've done before, keep an open mind. So honey, welcome to CHANGE!! A lot of us are right there with you, think of all the unemployed and homeless, and rapid global warming, our earth as we know it, is changing dramaticlly

    There is nothing more constant then CHANGE!!

  • Hiya and thankyou for that , I can relate to that , but I feel sometimes that my strive for freedom just wont let me settle . I have been maried twice, and both times I have ended it , feeling stale and stagnant. I really wanna do things differently on the relationships side because i feel like im just settling for the sake of security . I really have got more corageous since i have aged, im hoping to move to a whole different city and start a new life . all supposing my house sells that is , but I do still have some doubts.. its a really big change. I dont want to regret it.

  • Dont worry i know its easy to say that as we all have worries. I believe you will recieve the guidance you seek and just keep coming on here chatting to people to exchange thoughts and energies with i feel this is a very supportive place and its keeping me sane so far! lol!

    By the way your thank you is most welcome.

    Dont be a stranger.

  • Life is about learning about yourself and the world around you. Mistakes are only mistakes if you keep repeating them otherwise, they are lessons. Forget about relationships and learn about you. And when you do, you will change what you feel is important in any relationship. Back in 2005, my mother passed. I changed jobs but, I still felt restless. I felt Jehovah was telling me it was time to leave, time to have a life of my own. My family stressed me out. Some of them were expecting me to take care of them and my father when he got sick, just because I had been my mom's Hospice Nurse at home in her last days. I put all my stuff in storage and upped and moved to Las Vegas Nevada in 2/2006. I had only been here for vacations and I knew 2 people here. I didn't have a job lined up and the place my friend found for me to stay was.....well, it was close to a school for my then 13 year old daughter. I found a place 6 months later, close to her high school I'm glad I moved from my hometown. My sister sees how happy I am and she wants to move out here but, she has the burden of the house too. I haven't heard from my original 2 friends in probably a year or so. I've made other friends and lost some of them too. we didn't have falling outs, we just don't have anything for each other anymore. Currently, I have someone in my life that I know I'm supposed to learn to focus better and to use my skills to help more people. I have just settled into doing just enough to take care of me and my child. He works for a company and has a company. He's got me working for him too. . Am I expecting him to stay in my life for the rest of my life? no. But I enjoy every minute that we do spend with each other and I know he has a lot of knowledge about business and money. I told him he's going to be my Muse while he's still here.

    I have felt closer to Jehovah since I have been here. I pray and he gives me the answers. traditional Bible/Church brainwashing doesn't work for me. I have read the Bible and I studied a lot of it, with different religions, looking for the answers, all I got was more questions. I do believe that Jesus bought us from Jehovah with what he went through but, Jehovah's keepin a few after this is all over! I even asked a Rabbi questions since the Old Testiment is taken from the Holy Book. There is soo much left out of the King James version!! I have for years kind of done Tarot cause they've always' talked" to me but, not as much or as well as I do now, I've been studying . I pay attention now to things like if I have more then 1 page, Knight or King or Queen or even how many of the same number cards. I used to just read them in their positions and their meaning. I can see a story unfold when I know how they relate to each other and the pattern. I hadn't cracked my numerology books in years, until recently. Now I understand it better. There is an order to the universe and figuring out what our role is, is part of our challenge. You have to put aside what is the "expected" norm. What your family expects from you, is NOT it. how can it be, most of them are confused and unhappy themselves! Be all that you can Be! and you don't have to join the Army to be ALL!! The knowledge is out there, even just being curious and looking up things on the computer, opens doors in your mind.

  • Thanks for that, you sound like your life is heading in the right direction , I did have a free reading done and it fortold mostly doom and gloom , the things i didnt really want to hear , had enough of that lately , thought i was coming to the end. i just gotta keep negative people out of my life , negative for me i mean , the disbelievers and the ones who will try and pull you back , cause I will get there in the end even if it takes a while

  • You are correct! Negative people and thoughts are no help to you! Keeping away from them will help you so much and finding new friends and relationships that allow you to grow and be positive is what you want in your life. You have your own path to lead and lessons to learn and the people you keep company with will make you or break you! Search out the good ones, pray for them to help you.

    I call these negative people "energy vampires" that bring you down and they are very good at manipulating you! But there real colors always come out sooner or later, you will feel your energy being drained and know you have to get out of the situation. No one is perfect, we all have bad and good, but you have to weigh it out. Some of my dearest friends that I don't want to let go of are energy vampires, but I have to keep them at arms length. I don't think they realize they are, and they don't have any intentions of hurting me, but they are lost, and I cannot interfere in there life plan, I can only protect myself. Move on in a positive direction in your life. Their will be ups and downs, thinking positive and moving in a positive direction in what feels right to you is very powerfull!

  • Sounds like your on the right path too. I've had readings that were wayy off. Most of them put me married years ago with 5 kids. I did have one that was done over 20 years ago and she told me things that are still coming true to this day. She told me I wouldn't get married again until I was in my mid to late 40"s, i wouldn't be rich but, would be able to afford to do the things I like to do (travel) and, I would have 2 jobs most of the time, one being my own business. She told me other stuff too that came true. She had told me I would move out of my hometown one day. I was maybe 23 when she told me that and she saw that I didn't believe her. She reassured me that it could just be to the next town. Hah, I moved 665 miles away!! She didn't put her personal opinion into the reading. Gloom and Doom to one person can actually mean challenge and excitement to the next. Think Indiana Jones!!! it's all how you look at it. i have this saying : When life gives you lemons, make Lemonade and sell it for a profit" Don't worry, just keep a positive attitude, keep moving forward and it will come to you. it's faith. He never gives you more then you can handle, it makes you stronger. And when you feel like you can't take anymore, lay on the floor and cry and pray like you feel like you won't EVER stop crying. He wants you to Fully Rely On God.

    Well, have a good one, I'm going to take a nap cause I have a date with my guy and another couple.


  • Have fun on your date! Life is funny sometimes, if you stop and watch the things going on around you. As for instance, just this morning I was praying out loud on my way to work to my angels, guides and anyone that was listening to help me out financially at this time. Well, after I got to work about 2 hours later I got a phone call from my husband saying he was having really bad chest pains and something was not right, he scared me so much that I called 911 to go get him. And as I rushed home I was thinking, great! Another bill we cannot afford but I would rather be safe than sorry! He made it to the hospital and everything turned out ok, so I ran home to get some stuff and decided to check the mail. Well, low and behold there was a check in there that I almost brushed off as junk mail and throw it away! This check was not a whole bunch but what floored me is that it came at the right time when I am broke and it was from an insurance check that they charged me to much from 3 years ago!! And the address on it was from an old address of mine! What are the odds? To weird. Devine intervention and miracles do happen! I know it is hard to see when you are down and out with a heartbreak, but just remember things always change! Life can be funny if you just look at it in another perspective!

  • "Your career is characterized by guiding, encouraging,

    taking care of others and, by example, teaching

    responsibility. At its essence, your work assumes a

    parenting role. The public sees you as an authority,

    an expert, and powerful leader. Your career may start

    small, but with persistence and patience (which you

    have about your work even if you don't in other areas),

    your work becomes a shaping force in people's lives."


    You have a lot of planets in your 11th house of social concerns this year. Actually there are four planets in your Pisces sun sign and your Neptune is in Aquaruis.Hang in there.

  • Sherri- I had the much needed money in the mail thing too. I had laid on the floor and cried like I would never stop but, when i did. I checked the mailbox for bills and, my mom had put me as beneficary to her insurance. it wasn't a big policy but, it really, really helped for months after.

    We had a nice date, I was cracking jokes and making everyone laugh, dinner was good. Everyone got along well. ( I had gone out on 3 dates last year, before I meet the guy I'm currently seeing, my guy and the other guys girlfriend knew it. STRANGE) Then my guy got a call from his mom in Ohio, a close family friend had a stroke. They don't know how well he's doing or if he's going to make it.. I asked him if we could pray for his friend and the families. We were sitting in the car praying. My guys off to work in California for the week, in Santa Maria, I told him to think of me when a cool breeze passes his cheek cause I'm here in the 108 degree heat!

    He did leave me something to remind me of him and keep me busy, I addressed 87envelopes and folded the letters that go in them, he was supposed to sign the letters, do postage and take them to the post office Saturday morn, instead, Saturday evening, he gave me his signature to copy and 2 rolls of stamps! His Title of Director, fits him to a tee!!

    Well, you know that bit of irony, if you do a job efficiently and fast, you will surely get 2 MORE jobs for every one you finish!! Haha ha!

    The road less traveled is the road that leads you to Jehovah. You have proof in your life that he provides and that he is real. If you open your souls ears to him, he usually isn't saying what the masses are telling you to do. It's what he wants you to do. I've had some "different" things happen to me and they had placed me in places that I would not consider on my own. I've tried to resist before because something or someone didn't make sense, Jehovah took all my other options away, so I had to do his bidding! It's ALWAYS turned out better then I imagined.

  • Well I can understand what your both saying but the thng i pray for most will never happen , and I suppose its meant to be that way and best for me, I just cant see that at the moment . The mind is a funny thing we can choose to move on or wallow in the rut we hve made in our minds... The thing is the moving thing seems so clear to me in the daylight een exciting and im full of confidence , but if i wake in the middle of the night thats when i have serious doubts. Why is that. I think the doubts are because its night and will be a strange place and alone at night apart from my son. where as through the day , you can surround yourself with people even if they are strangers .. does that make sense?

  • Thankyou Desire, was that mean tfor me? It was spot on with the work thing , thats one good thing and confident thing I can take with me , I have qualifications to go to the same kind of work, not just looking about for anything that pays , that is one area I am confident in , being able to get a job.And being confident at my job , I always think that will stand me in good stead wherever i go.

  • Yes, some things in life we may want very badly, it feels so right, but it is always gets out of our reach. Especially if dealing with other people. We cannot change there path or ours, all we can do is move on and play it out. It does not mean God does not answer our prayers, he cannot intervene in our plans that we set for ourselves. To learn and grow through pain and sorrow.

    And as for night and day, when you wake up at night keep in mind that you are under the energy of the moon which is very emotional. That is why it is good to sleep on a problem and then think about it the next day so you have both emotional and intellectual perspectives. The energy fields of all of our planets are very strong and change constantly. Just like what I call "my black cloud week" no matter what I do, nothing turns out right this week. I feel down, depressed, can't shake a feeling and don't know why cause I was happy as a pig in mud last week. But when I look at what planets are in retrograde and what other energy is in motion at that time I can see why I am struggling. Can't fool mother nature and Gods universe!

  • Hello: I am sad for you feeling lost. I myself went through the same. Where to start . Just over a year ago my husband of 25 years told me he wanted a divorse...I am 52. Anyway long story short and hopefully a fast track to happiness for you. This is what I did. I brought into my life all the things I could think of that made me happy . I moved to a small seaside town, as I love the coast, beach walking etc, I still felt lost for a while, then I got a job in a garden shop, love plants to the max. Found the happy music and also connected with beautiful music which I played to help me sleep at night. Read Linda Goodmans Secrets of the Universe. Made friends with a dolphin... found my animal totems and my gardian angels at "Lins Donain" on internet .Learnt how to use the animal guides and to meditate to my angels. Rid myself of all things negative and replaced it with feelings of love toward everything. stayed away from negative people. soon I started to meet other people who were spiritually connected in ,the strangest way. at my work, new hairdresser, etc , it was as though I had been brought here by Linda Goodman, strange as it my sound, the dolphin was my connection. anyway I feel warm love inside now am happy and beleive in manifestation. I beleive that by thinking happy thoughts and visualising what I want it will come to me, as it has. Money, love, perfect job. now almost perfect life. I beleive everyone we meet in our life we do for a reason , weather it be 5 minutes or 25 years and sometimes it isn't clear why until they are gone.Now I just smile at everyone , sometimes we have to go through pain and confusion , if we are not strong enough to move out of that situation, it is taken out of our hands by our higher mind who proceeds to guide us to move into a new life a better life a happy life. Look at the positives ,you can do what you want when you want and dont have to answer to anyone.. living on my own is great. here I am up at 2.45 am talking to you. with my favorite music playing and a nice cosy log fire burning. As far as love goes it wont happen untill you are completely happy in yourself, when you are smiling and chuckling and laughing then you will be more attractive and love from men will be abundantly obvious, they will be fighting eachother off and you can pick and choose. Clive Tues wed , Ian Thurs through to sunday. Get the thought of happy and love, that is the secret to everything nothing else nothing, just be happy with nothing ,just happy and feel the love from your animal friends then all else will flow like a river to the sea. Good luck.... go have a bubble bath and put on some happy music...like Reggae..not country , learn all the words and sing along. Good luck I beleive wishes do come true , just have to ask, but have to already be happy inside when you ask. I am here for you.

  • Thankyou Virgo monkey that is a lovely story and I am happy for you, It sounds like you have it all sorted . Its the positive thinking that I lack , Im not really looking for love , I just wish that I could be happy with myself , love myself more . Im very overcritical of myself and I suppose it all began as child. I have had a horrid life, not of my choosing , how can one choose as a child ? We rely on others ,I dont hark back to it , we can decide to change that and be the person we want to be, without blaming our past.. Ive made bad choices in adult hood , but im really starting to believe that I have another chance at a whole new life ,my son and I. Just us being happy together and feeling love and closeness.Then i believe as you say all will fall in to place . Im still in a situation where I cant do anything until my house is sold , then the world is our oyster . Im a pessimistic pisces , I just hope im not trying to run away from me , becuse that will never work anyway.Same sh** different city kinda thing.

  • ok. I have given you my thoughts.... the rest is up to you. you are beautiful and worthy of a good life....it is just ahead of you.. xx

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