Please help.....

  • Not been on this site for a while I need help....

    Anyone....I only come when I need desperate help....

    Please help me to understand what is currently happening in this relationship with t.

    Thanks to all who make an effort to reply in advance. Its your free time you give up thanks xxxxx

  • Hi forevervirgo

    I will help! Others here as well I am sure will have some insights also, I love to do this. it all comes from God - for free.

    The Knight of Pentacles - so far so good, I don't see anything wrong, the relationship feels like it has been plodding along slow but steady. This could be what has you concerned - nothing is really happening, no fireworks, no music, nothing thrilling.

    The Knight seems to be gazing off into the distance, like his eyes and mind are somewhere else.

    Knight of Wands - Hmm... another Knight, someone that T is comparing himself to, and this is robbing him of his self-esteem, he has his eyes on other people, other places, and this has diverted attention away from you, and it is alarming you.

    The Lovers - you two have shared a very close, simple and sweet relationship. A lot of trust and caring, and this was dependable - until lately. Now with his eyes and heart drifting other places, you are sensing he is diverted and this is painful, you want the Lovers to stay Lovers, and yet you are aware the energies are shifting under your feet.

    Eight of Cups - someone is leaving, I believe it is you. Something has been missing in the relationship for a while, and your heart can only take so much. You are packed and ready. There is a lighthouse ahead, and you have your roadmap ready. Some discussions, maybe even some arguing and you are crying. The music is ending and you do not want to be around for the last stanza.

    Six of Swords - a journey for you. Away to a new land. Whatever this was has prepared you for what is to come. There was land, now there is water, you are crossing to sunnier places, where love is not something, to be managed, it is something, an advantage. You've had enough tears, enough misery, enough wondering and wandering outside his house at midnight, let me in, and he would not. Broken hearted you run, and you do not want to stop running. Angels carry your heart now, safely in the ship of your own consolation.

    Page of Pentacles - what is coming is a new material stability and the sun is breaking forth on your life. DO not be overwhelmed by this current situation, it is passing, and something much brighter up ahead. ROSES and love and the cerulean hills of your own longing for the tender relationship you deserve. Messages too, you should begin to look for a word from heaven. You are looking for that even now. You are learning to manage your heart a little better. You are cautious while caring.

    King of Cups and the Ten of Wands - You have let love dominate your life to the point where it has saddled you with too much responsibility. You had felt like the relationships were something you were responsible for, like when they encounter problems you had to figure it out, fix it, guide it, correct it, manage it, tell it, talk it, change it, direct it, overhaul it, resurrect it... and the weight of this has become more than you can bear.

    You are now being relieved of that weight and something much nicer, quite heavenly, quite wonderful is now entering, and you will not have to lift so much as a finger.

    Here is a little poem I just wrote for you, to cheer you up. I don't know exactly what you are dealing with now... THIS is what is coming up for you.... soon... the poem is titled "on the sofa":

    "Oh say, Reginald... could you fix me another cup of tea?

    "Why, it would be my pleasure, forevervirgo! Wow, what is that you are wearing! You look so cute in that!"

    "Oh this? I have had this, you know, it is old!"

    "Well, it doesn't look old to me, it looks lovely on you... oh, here's your tea."

    "thanks darling. Say... I could use a little neck rub, you know, while I am having my tea..."

    "I would love to... like this?"

    "Oh yes... that's nice... very nice... a little lower if you don't mind..."

    "oh, I don't mind at all... how's this...?"

    "Oh! perfect! Um... yeah... a little to the front.... too...."

    "is this... helping... forevervirgo? You know, I could do this... forever I think...."

    "Oh my goodness... yes... like that... oh that... yeah... right there... oh my god...."

    "... don't let me do too much... I know you have to get back to work... I don't want to cause you to be late...."

    "... oh, that's okay.... it's Friday, no one cares... go ahead... keep doing that.... oh yes... oh my...."

    "... here, let me do this also...."

    "oh! my! .... that is sweet... oh my... I think... we need to... relocate... I... oh yes.... yes....."

    "... yeah, there are a few spots... I can't reach here... on the sofa... "

    You hang in there forevervirgo, I am praying for you... heaven is watching over you...

    Your advice card: ACE OF WANDS - remain focused on God and your angels, wrap your arms around yourself, go look in the mirror and look in your eyes and say out loud "I AM LOVED BY HEAVEN AND I WILL HAVE THE WONDERFUL LIFE I DESERVE. IN LOVE. IN MATERIAL. IN HAPPINESS. THANK YOU HEAVEN. AMEN."

    You go do that and I know you will feel bette.

    Now... I need to go fix some tea... I have a lovely companion here I want to minister to...

    love, astra

  • Aw thanks astral, brought tears to my eyes. Your reading confirmed two readings I have done for myself. One last week. Using iching. One that I am being protected from heaven.

    And now in this current situation I should just keep still free from entanglements and that something is approaching me ..........but everything gets so confusing

    But so many thanks for taking your time out to help me. Mwah x x x

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