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  • Hey, this is the first time i used this forum so if i have posted it in wrong section sorry 🙂

    Is it possible to see how someone feels about you and the possoble outcome for the relationship using the tarot? If so could you please do a reading for me?

    Many thanks


  • Hey Becky

    Yeah, sure thing. You are in the right forum.

    I'll do a simple 7 card spread to give you an idea as to what is going on with the two of you:

    (Thank you heaven for speaking to Becky in this matter and guiding us to what is best)

    1. The Present Situation of the relationship

    Seven of Swords - The relationship has potential, it is mostly of a speculative kind at this point. The severn swords indicates that you are very interested in this person, and your mind is working to understand how the relationship might work. You see much potential and you are looking within, and without to find the clues that tell you how they feel about you.

    2. Your feeling about the other person

    Six of Cups - Very sweet, and very kind and thoughtful. Your emotions for this person are of a very high calibre. You would like so much to see something happen, you are awash in love already for them. You envision a very caring, kind and mutually very satisfying connection to this person, and your feelings are being carried on the wind to them.

    3. How the other person feels about you

    Queen of Pentacles - they see you as a Queen, and very impressed with you. They would feel lucky to have you, and would love to sit down beside you, for tea, and thee. As this is a card of material, this says that they have not had the chance to really get to know you within, they must make conclusions based on what they see. And they see loverliness all around you. Matter of fact, they see you influencing your surroundings, and there is something of you that you are leaving everywhere you go. They smelled your perfume and they are caught up in a vision of you, like royalty, like a crown, like Heaven.

    4. How you see the other person

    The Emperor - someone almost impenetrable, with walls who has melted your heart. For you believe deep down that you possess the key to this persons inner self, and you know, you know, that with a chance you could open that door and touch them inside, and cause love to spring forth. You are awestruck at times, and quite impressed, however you also see some pain and a history that has contributed to their defenses.

    5. How the other person sees you

    The Hanged Man (or in this case, the Hanged Woman as my deck shows a girl). This is one of those cards that when it appears upside down, I do notice that fact. And this came in reversed. How does he see you? As a lady who has been through a lot, and is still laughing. Who has weathered storms that would make most people give up and drown. He sees you as a lady of great tenacity and courage, very lovely in the ways that say "SHE IS STRONG and a fighter, and will not close herself of from me." He sees you as someone that gives him hope. He is praying that you DO have a key to his heart, and that one day very soon he will be able to see his doors swing wide to you. He sees you as a deeply spiritual person who ascends in his dreams.


    The Two of Wands - this is a lovely card of tremendous potential, some decisions, many decisions still have to be made, however the choices are in both of your hands. I see the other person holding their hand out to you, asking you to come with them. I see a trip very soon for the two of you, and it will mark the turning point in the relationship. I am seeing only beautiful things here for you, I am crying and that is usually a pretty good sign in a reading that the angels and spirits of love are very strong over the two of you. Future? How bright is the Sun to you?

    7. Your advice for the present time

    Five of Swords - I see you pulling away from others and praying, alone in your thoughts and meditations. This is a sweet time for you, the advice is LOO UP, LIFT UP YOUR HEADS and your heart to the skies, and be willing to accept the potential of love that is wanting to come forth. Meditate and spend time talking to heaven is what I get. And maybe pick up some Kleenex for the tears of joy to fall.

    I felt very strong emotions here Becky, very beautiful. That Six of Cups alone that represent your feelings for them has enough energy to power a small city. The other person is picking up on that right now. You are off and running. Or driving, I do see a road trip very soon, a picnic (hope the weathers nice better plan it soon!) and you and them are laughing and sharing a lot, and the Emperor's walls come tumbling down.

    Blessings and love Becky.

    I hope that gives you something to think about. 🙂


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  • Hi sorry i have taken while to reply my internet been playing up 😞

    thank you so much for your reading 🙂 really helpful 🙂

    hope you are well 🙂

  • Thank you for your last reading 😃 i currently have another love interest, and dont know if the last readings was to do with with him. If you arent too busy (dont wnt to take advanatge of your readings 😃 ) is it ok to do on how carl bayliss feela about me, do you need his date of birth if so ill send it in anothr reply.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Hey bexxy_bexx

    You didn't tell me you had two love interests... naughty girl... you are the only one who can decide who that first reading was for. Which guy would you like it to be for?

    Here, I'll pull some cards on Guy#2 and see how this matches up with the first reading. Let's assume for now that the first reading was for your Mystery man, and this one is for "Carl".

    1. The Present Situation of the relationship

    Three of Cups - yay! this looks pretty nice, getting off to a good start here! This tells me you two click well and it seems to bring out the best in both of you. Why are you bothering with the Mystery Guy, Carl already looks like where the fun is.

    2. Your feeling about Carl

    Two of Swords - What happened? This shows you sorta closed off from him for some reason. Was it a little spat? You have pulled away and are looking at options I think... maybe you feel you can do better than Carl - enter "Mystery Man"!

    3. How the other person feels about you

    Five of Pentacles - he feels locked out of your life. Like he has had something going with you (Three of Cups) and then you retreated (two of Swords), and now he is out in the cold. Poor Carl! You need to open your door again and invite him back in where it's warm, Bexxxy!

    4. How you see the other person

    Five of Swords - There has certainly been some friction between the two of you. Why is that Bexxy? It was good, maybe too good. I think you struggled to accept his love and you pulled away. Now you are weighing and pondering what the future holds for you, and you aren't sure Carl is the perfect guy. It was fun though! Why not focus on the fun part of the relationship and let the mental drama go away?

    5. How the other person sees you

    The Empress! Carl has a thing for you no doubt about it. He has enjoyed being in your arms and loves that "Mother Nature" nurturing love you gave him. He would love to be back there for sure. Why not hook up again, ask him over or something? Drop your differences, forgive and forget and let "Mother Nature" take over again between you?


    Eight of Cups - well, unless you go to him like TODAY and reach out to him, this relationship is fading into the sunset. You are the one determining how this is going to play out, not Carl. He is wondering about you already, and is starting to let his eyes drift in "other directions" if you catch my drift. There is still time to salvage this though, however YOU have to move quickly and shore up what you had. Invite him to see a movie this weekend is what I am getting...

    Go see "Paranormal Activity 3" - get ONE thing of popcorn and share it. And act scared out of your wits! Whenever the scary scenes come up on the screen, reach over and GRAB CARL and bury your face in his shoulder. DO this through out the whole movie, even the parts that aren't scary. When you walk out the theatre with him, hold on to him tightly and say, "God Carl, that movie really scared me a lot... I need you to hang with me for a while until I'm not scared anymore... how about coming over to my place and we can chill, or something? I am really frightened... "

    Grab him when you say 'frightened' and then look up into his eyes and say "you always know what to do to make me feel better" and then kiss him. By the time you get to your apartment, your relationship will be back on track in a very big way.

    7. Your advice for the present time - Queen of Pentacles - You are calling the shots Bexxy_bexxx. Carl is your guy, at least as far as he is concerned. The Queen of Pentacles is the Queen of "arranging circumstances" to her advantage. The only question is, how do you want the movie of your love life to go? A romance or a Horrror? Take the bull by the horns, and Carl by the hand, and lead him back to where it was really intimate with you two. Who cares that you both don't agree with everything? That ain't gonna matter when you two are close. You really like him, a lot. You simply need to relax and receive what he wants to give you.

    Go see that movie, and I promise you will be back on track in the love department. I would forget about Mystery Man, and stick with Carl. He is wild about you and would love to get get things "poppin' again between you.

    love and light, camera, action


    P.S. I can look at how you and Carl's charts match up, however I can already tell you that you two go well together. GO SEE THE MOVIE. 🙂

  • Hi thanks for tbe reading, it made me laugh lol

    About the two of swords, hes ususally working so dont really get much time to talk to him but when he is not in work, dont want to seem needy by emailing him all the time and end up annoying him lol not in a relationship with him, even though i would like to be. But i wil take your advive with paranormal three, seems a good idea haha.

    Thanks again 🙂

  • Hi how are you? I tried to take your advice bout asking carl to meet up but he had to canvel due to work commitments. Is it ok to do another spread on how he feels and see if it has changed/devolped at all (i swear this will be the last haha amd if theres anything i can do for you in return just say=) )


  • bexxy

    Okay let's take a peek at Carl ...

    1. How he feels toward you right now -

    Five of Pentacles - shut out somehow. I am not sure which way though, does he feel closed off from you for some reason?

    Four of Pentacles - a lot of material energies floating around you two. His work/your work is interfering with anything fun happening romantically. You will have to get creative so see how to break through these material/work situations to reach him emotionally. I'll see about helping you with some ideas there.

    And the Nine of Pentacles - yeah, the material thing is intense right now for some reason. You are in this card, sort of off in your own space/place and the connections are not easy to make.

    Let's see...

    Heaven, what can Bexxy do to break free of these material restrictions and make some sort of Cups connection with this man? Do you have some ideas for her?

    Eight of Pentacles - ugh! Another Pentacle. There has to be a good message in here somewhere Bexxy... hang on...

    Page of Pentacles! Oh my! We are in a Pentacle prison! Okay Bexxy, let's regroup here... all is not lost. Heaven is trying to say something to you...

    Nine of Cups and the Eight of Cups - Okay, a pattern. FINALLY! Some light at the end of this tunnel! Did you see that? We had the same progression in the Pentacles, 9 then the eight, then a Page.... and then the angels jumped us to Cups, 9 and 8...

    they want us to really notice that Page of Pents. A messenger in material.. something in that Page.

    I am getting try to reach him THROUGH work. Are you two working at the same place? He travels with his work? Is there a way to leave a note, a message, a letter. Write him a poem. About work. Somehow to translate all of that Pentacle energy into Cups you are going to need to get on the same page with him, materially. There has to be an exchange of something between you. Something shared has to be passed between you. LIke, send him or leave him something and then have that come back to you. I am casting about now, hoping to spark an idea.

    Nine of Wand - still standing. This is a card of great fortitude and hope and diligence. I am getting don't give up on him. There is a wall between you two, work related. That wall has to come down/.

    Then (Six of Cups) there is sharing between you and a breakthrough.

    DOES any of this spark any ideas for you Bexxy?

    Hang in there I will get you two hooked up come h*** or high water.



  • Nooe we dont work at the same place but his work does involve travel, hes flying instructor 🙂

    I followed your advice and went to see him at work dragging my friend as excuse to be there,cus shes interested in flying lol but he was just about to take someone up so couldnt really speak to him 😞

    Was thinking of asking him to come out for drink but with his work, it does get in the way alot.

    Would an email do, was thinking of just emailing him saying sorry didnt get chance to speak to you as he was busy in work, just thinking a message slightly linked to work but not really materialstic 😕

    Haha thanks for all the help you have given me 🙂 been a god send 😃


  • Seven of Wands - time to chose a strategy...

    You need to leave something for him at his work... that says you understand him AND his work. Pilots are fanatics about flying and when you share that with him, it will really turn him on.

    Go to a toy store TODAY and find a little toy plane that you like - something childlike- like this...

    Put a little bow on it or something, and a little card... write something simple and sweet like

    Eric (or whatever his name is, use his name, not Eric ha ha)

    hoping all is blue skies for you -


    You see? something nice and simple. That will start converting pentacles into cups...

    you need to give him something sweet and innocent, a little gift that he will have sitting on his desk... and then, he sees that... and thinks of you... and then the magic happens...

    Ace of Pentacle > Knight of Wands and Queen of Wands

    So then the two of you start doing things together (that's wands)

    and then...

    Ten of Pentacles - you eventually get back to Pentacles with the two of you together, in love, living and loving and very successful together.

    There! You need to get that little plane to him first 🙂



  • Haha great idea, thank you once again for all your help 🙂

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