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  • Hello Firefly01

    I would like to know if you could do a reading for me. Just a general reading. My dob of is July 12 1961. Ok Firefly01 I think it is I am what they would call is a clairaudient. I have been doing some reading about them. I have some more to learning to do.

    Thanks Illona

  • If you don't mind, I will do the reading later on this evening when I will not be interrupted.

  • Hello Firefly01

    That will be fine. When you can do it that is ok. I understand you have other things to do.

    Thanks Illona

  • This reading is a general Tarot reading for the next 3 mos:

    The card covering you is the Tower, reversed, which signifies you have recently experienced a dramatic event where someone you counted on to be there for you has backed off. Allow this event to pass and not dwell upon it as its effects may not be what they seem. In the reversed position, this card is not negative. The presence of this card shows that you are in the midst of change and changes are never as easy as we wish them to be.

    The crossing card is the Knight of Pentacles, an older man of the same race as you, and he has or has had family influencing his actions. He is not overly sensitive but steadfast in his decisions. The presence of this card indicates either a person or an event that is an obstacle for you that needs attention. A "crossing card" presents an issue that must be acknowledged and handled to the best of your abilities.

    The foundation of the matter is the Page of Pentacles shows that you are involved somehow with studies, gone back to school and have been in the process of researching a matter of great importance to you.

    The recent past contains the Moon and is passing away--that which was once unclear is becoming clearer by the light of day.

    The card that crowns you is the 7 of pentacles, a sure sign of the need to keep secrets from certain individuals in your life. Be cautious when it comes to making new friends as hidden agendas may be present.

    In the near future is the Hermit, another sure sign of the need for solitude, contemplation and learning from a mentor. This card illustrates the new found "light" gained from the lantern in the hand of the Hermit, who sets out at dusk for long walks. It is during periods of solitude that deep truths are found.

    The 7th position shows your attitude towards the future and Strength lies before you. Within you and also within your grasp lies great faith and in exercising that faith, you will find strength at a time when you feel you are your wits' end.

    The 8th position is the attitude and views of those around you and in this position is the Page of Wands, reversed. In the reversed position, this card shows you are receiving opposition and disagreements about your path.

    The 9th position lies the 9 of hearts, reversed. This position indicates what you must go through. This card reflects not receiving what you want before the final outcome. It is an event as well consisting of emotional importance. For many, the 9 of hearts is the wish card--upright means yes and in the reversed position it is a flat no, but not without hope. This card in any reading shows deep development of whatever interests you contains the seeds of a new harvest.

    In the 10th position lies the 2 of pentacles--maintaining balance in the midst of multiple changes.

    In your life reading, your life path is a 9, the most spiritual and humanitarian number. People born on the 12th of any month possess an artistic bent, which manifests in everything you. No matter if it is cooking, communication or any other interest. You possess a quick-witted personality, which makes you entertaining as you radiate vitality. You are friendly and very emotional. The number 7 is considered to be the perfect number and symbol of divine abundance. According to the Bible, the positives and negatives of 7 includes the perfect number of punishment, purification and penitence. The number 7 is also attributed to Lucifer, the fallen angel who rebelled against God and made himself Satan and therefore evil, as evil is the very opposite of what is good.

    Your destiny number is 2: The number 2 suggests a course that is set for greater spiritual understanding, emotional and spiritual growth. The "2" destiny tends to involve a series of tests which lead the individual to a higher level of social, spiritual and emotional consciousness. Often this destiny points to career paths involving speaking, and understanding and analyzing the complex inter-relationships between people. Understanding these complexities of emotions and desires becomes faster and deeper with time.

    Spiritual awareness is a powerful force in the 2 destiny. There are dozens of possible roads which lead to this enlightenment and those with a 2 destiny arrive at a place where they have a deep understanding of life, humanity and something indefinable which only they can know. Twos can also extend that awareness deeply around another individual -- and the 2 destiny often indicates a deep and highly spiritual relationship with others.

    Your soul urge number is a 7: Profound spiritual growth is indicated and reflected in your life.

    Your inner dream number is a 4, which is the number of organization and your desire for greater clarity is reflected in putting chaos into order.

    The total number of the digits of your birth month, day and year add up to the number 27, which is the number of the true humanitarian.

    Thank you for allowing me to read for you. Please rate this reading on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best and 1 being the least accurate.

    Blessings always

  • Hello Firefly01

    I must apologize for taking so long to response. I will give you a 5.

    You know I have a couple of questions about some of the cards. I am not afraid of the tower I think that change is good. And the Knight of Pentacles you said that this man his family has been influence him, so is that the way he feels about me is what they have been saying too him. And then the event was it talking about me going to court today. And the Page of Pentacles I am going back to school in Dec for my masters in Forensic Psychology. And the crown card I wish I would seen that sooner. But anybody that I meet I will make sure not to tell too much too.

    And the 8th card I believe what it is telling me is the truth. And the 9th card does that mean just a big no. Thanks so much Illona

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