Hi Captain, can you please give me guidance on Cappy man?!?

  • Hi Captain, I hope all is well. I am currently having an extremely difficult time in my life. I am engaged and have been seeing someone on the side for the past two years. The other day my fiance found communication between me and the guy i was seeing. The communication was lascivious to say the least and also included explicit language and photos exchanged. I am crushed because our wedding was scheduled to happen in April. Can you yell me whether you see me and my fiance getting back together or whether or not this is something I should walk away from because he is never going to trust me again or see me the same.

    Seperately, although I told the other guy to never contact me.again, I get the feeling he is isn't completely out of the picture.

    Your guidance is.greatly appreciated as I am starting to feel extremely depressed and have began to contemplate suicide.

    Thank you

    Love and light...

  • It can be very difficult if not impossible to get Capricorns to change their minds once they are made up. No, he will never trust you quite the same way again. But what were you really expecting? You know you were doing the wrong thing - if you wanted to be with another man, you should have broken off your engagement. Why did you get engaged in the first place as you are obviously not ready to devote yourself to one man?

    If you are depressed, imagine how your fiance feels? He must be devastated. You have lost his trust and dented his pride. This is your fault and you must take responsibility for your cheating. You need to examine why you did such a thing to someone. There must be fears and issues that need to be resolved before you ever try to win your fiance back. A lot of time will have to pass before he gets over this betrayal - if ever. Use the time to do some deep self-work.

  • Thank you so much for the response. You are right in all regards. The reason i did what i did is because i wanted to have my cake and it eat it too. Even if i was single and had no one, the other guy was completely unavailable and wouldn't be a candidate for a boyfriend. With that said the question becomes so why even do it? Well now i see i had self esteem issues. With my fiance i never felt attractive or even s**y. He would laugh when i put on lingerie and would never compliment me whenever i was dressed and looked really nice. I know this doesn't sound like a good enough reason to cheat but we've been together for seven years and this was the case since day one. I tried to bring it to his attention and he would always tell me to stop.being so.dramatic. So I stopped complaining and went to find the attention I felt I needed.

    I know it isn't right to look for excuses but about three months ago (while we were engaged) I caught him the phone with another woman. I didn't want to argue so I let it go. Also, he cheated on me twice which I caught him both times. After the first time he kicked me out of his house because he wanted to be with the woman. So yes, what I did was wrong and yes, his lack of trust for me is expected but shouldn't his indiscretions be taken into account as well? Or is this a case of two people that really shouldn't be together...period?

    Thank you again

    Peace and blessings

  • I really don't think you and your fiance are very compatible at all. Maybe you just stayed together because you have known each other so long it became a habit or haven, or because you are afraid to start looking and dating again. You don't treat each other very nicely. True love doesn't laugh at someone or cheat on them. You don't need someone who treats you poorly. Deal with your lack of self-esteem issues and then you will attract a really nice man who genuinely loves you and you them.

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