Celtc cross spread interpretation help

  • I would appreciate any input on the following Celtic cross spread. Thanks very much.

    1: 9 of Swords

    2: Strength

    3 (Foundation): Queen of Cups

    4 (Crowning card): Judgement

    5 (Past): 6 of Cups

    6 (Future): 3 of Swords

    7: Knight of Cups

    8: 7 of Cups

    9: High Priestess

    10: Wheel of Fortune

  • What question did you pose before pulling the cards?

  • My boyfriend left me 3 months ago. My friend looked at the cards for me then and the outcome was rather unclear, but some people did think it showed a lot of hope. However, he still hasn't come back, and so this is another reading to see where we're at now... 😞

  • Hey watergirl, don't you think this looks positive?

    Some pain still to work through (3 swords) however the future setting Knight Cups plus external forces 7 cups (love is being optioned back) + toriar is following Spirit, so = Outcome, a TURNAROUND in the matter.

    What do you think?


  • I thought it was a relationship, but wanted to make sure. And - Astra - No, I'm sorry I do not beleive this spread is giving her hope or a reason to hang on to this relationship. The outcome - Wheel of Fortune - is about the wheel turning and continuing on...life goes on...what comes around goes around....live and learn...release resistance so you can move on to better things. But to go into the spread completely, let's start with you, toriar, and what's "crossing" you...

    You in your current situation as the 9 of Swords with Strength crossing you is a message that you have gotten yourself into a place of mental torture and need to tap into your inner strength to harness your emotions and come back to balance. The Queen of Cups as your foundation - she can be many things but most often she is overly emotional or too sensitive and even depressed over lost love. Judgement as your crowning shows that you need to change your consciousness - a rebirth is required - to something more positive. Oftentimes this card points to a summoning of the past to release it and let it go so you can start over with a clean slate. Your past - 6 of cups - remember that all cards have shadow aspects so this card is about the loss of love and disharmony. Your future - 3 of Swords - tells you that there will be a need for you to complete the mourning or grieving process. The Knight of Cups and 7 of Cups are pointing to once again being overly emotional and not seeing things clearly - confusion. The High Priestess is urging you to reclaim your "goddess" power and to see the truth. She is also the femal version of the pope so she is a celibate or single woman. This spread is urging you to come to terms with the ending of this relationship and to allow yourself to go through the process of grieving/letting go so you can move on to what's next - something better!



  • Let's do this step by step. Maybe that will help you understand how the placement and the meaning of each card corresponds to your situation:

    The 9 of swords covers you. This is a card of deep anguish.

    Strength crosses you, which simply means finding the strength to carry on has become a burden that you must acknowledge and move on in spite of circumstances.

    The foundation is Queen of Hearts, a very warm and loving woman, is at the root of the issue. This card may also signify ANOTHER woman is the cause of how you feel.

    The card that is in the position of "passing" is the 6 of cups, which refers to the need to let go of memories of the past.

    The crowning card (also known as the best possible solution) is the card of Judgment, which indicates a reawakening to new knowledge and new circumstances, a rebirth filled with hope.

    The card in the near future is the 3 of swords, which is best explained as a triangular relationship in which one must be sacrificed or ended that causes a great deal of pain. The pain is a necessary part of letting go and moving on.

    The 7th position shows the Knight of Hearts and indicates you want a reconciliation except that this man is a player and a tease.

    The 8th position indicates how others view the situation. The 7 of cups in this position shows others see you idealizing someone not worthy of your attention, a dream state.

    The 9th card shows an event you must pass through before the resolution appears as the final outcome. With the High Priestess in this position, this card indicates you must take a hold of your inner goddess and nourish her. Deep down, you know deeper truths and you may dream about them as the High Priestess holds knowledge in your unconscious mind and makes you aware of feelings through dreams and seeming coincidences.

    The Wheel of Fortune as the result shows the outcome is not in your hands. Since there are 4 Major Arcana in your spread, their presence (especially if there are 3 or more) indicates you have no control over the outcome. The Wheel of Fortune can turn in either direction, clockwise or counterclockwise. It is more like a poker hand--subject to the turn of the wheel.

    Hope this helps.

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