Trick or Treat -- CANDY HUNT is on!!!

  • Happy, happy Halloween!

    I luuuv me some candy corn.

    Thanks for the clues.

  • Wow! Easiest clue ever. Found it right away. Many thanks! 🙂

  • Not on my laptop either, although page showing differently, with things moved around. I will keep on trying, but seems the technical problems with the site is meaning not everyone will get their candy!! Strange though as I have had no problems the last two days.

    Thanks for you help everyone, and lucky you if you manage to get it today!! Definitely likes hiding!!

  • Whoo Hoo!! Persistence paid off, finally got my candy, it finally showed its face!! Happy Halloween everyone and see you tomorrow!

  • hi e1 i have not found the candy. followed hints & looked at 9 different centrals, refreshed the pages with either the 2 arrows beside address bar or hit

    F5 that also refreshes. came up empty. looked at every page i know. cannot find. please another clue.

  • LOL!!!!!!!! Flowsco your hint led me directly to my hubby! 😉

    Thanks for the great clue and I am glad to hear you are feeling better ~*~

  • Hi everyone,

    Yeah Tarot is having issues. I had to refresh a couple of times to get on the site.

    I am glad that you all did get the candies eventually.

    @ HappyDoc…it did cross my mind that it could make people wonder what sign I was talking (since I changed my about yet I thought we are in Scorpio zone at the moment so that would clarify a bit.

    @ Purplequeen, Shadowmist….sorry for the frustration. Yet you were on the right track.

    @ TripleVirgo…..once in a bluemoon…lol.

    @ denisestacie….you’re welcome…LOL . Yes thank you...I am feeling a great deal better.

    @ ganda… the clues are not the problem…probably you are experiencing technical difficulties and besides the candies are hiding in a spot that you might just pass them in your search. Besides HappyDoc added to the clues I already made.

  • Thanks guy's once again, took me a while and already had been on the page but must have missed it but hey got that candy in the end Blessings xx

  • @ HappyDoc...that did go well what i was trying to explain goes..

    it did cross my mind that it could make people wonder what sign I was talking (since I changed my icon) about yet I thought we are in Scorpio zone at the moment so that would clarify a bit.

  • Ugh.. I give up...typo's sorry HappyDoc. I am out people have a nice day and for the ones with the fresh snow...stay warm!!

  • Thanks to both Flowsco and Pardee for the nice clues over the last three days! They've been perfect.

    (Flowsco, glad to hear you're feeling better.)

  • Hmm the treat is having fun playing tricks....I can't find it yet. Anyone else have been lucky?

    This is no clue..I am really out of focus this morning. LOL

  • I cant find them either my head is so stopped up because of this nasty cold that I caught

  • No, I've been looking for an hour in a non-intuitive way....and to no surprise, haven't found the candy either. I wondered when you were going to show up Flowsco?!:) It seems you've been this candy hunt's guiding light! And I JUST started tonight/today with the hunt-- i forgot about it over the weekend, darn it!:) Last hunt, I was having fun and guiding some leading clues, but this time I'm just hoping to find some of the Halloween candy corn ON HALLOWEEN! Not to mention, it's the only kind of candy I can have since I'm on a health cleanse!:) 78 days and going.....I just realized a couple days ago that my 90 day cleanse will end just hours before the official entrance to the Age of Aquarius---11/11/11 @ 11:11 am~~pretty wild synchronization my body and the universe! I'm not sure why I decided to share all this with you Flowsco , and whoever might read this, but maybe it's to help me tune in to the candy corn gift better!? Ha!:) Well, Blessings to all of the astro friendly beings looking for their treat! Of course, is going to make this day the trickiest of all, right?!

  • I forgot about the hunt this weekend also....and have looked to no avail in finding the candy either...:-(

  • Well, i posted my comment, and came back to find shadowmist had posted just a minute before my lengthy entry! NOW I know why I added the part about not eating real candy and doing a health cleanse. Maybe to spark some inspiration for you, shadowmist?:) I'm sorry to hear of your sinus/cold thing~~seems many people are suffering from these kinds of illnesses right now. I know I had it too, plus a host of other strange uncomfortable happenings in my body that seemed to come out of the blue for me in the past few months. That is what led me to a serious cleanse. It's been a huge challenge but my intuitive self speaks loudly that it is a must if I want to transform into my more radiant self, rather than slide into sickness, chronic and otherwise as my life grows on..... hmmm....maybe i've written enough to go post this and find that Flowsco found the candy with her/his continued winning streak!? 🙂

  • Morning ladies. First I forgot we had another day to go and then I have looked for the last 2 hours. I must admit I did get distracted once again (nothing new in this household).

    Get well Shadowmist ..this weather has the body in all sorts at the moment.

    Islandsq...perhaps your sharing is part of your cleansing. The hunts hasn't been regular anymore so it's hard to remember when one will come up. I hope with Thanksgiving yet it could be with x-mas/new year.

    Thanks for the compliment...candy hunt's guiding light...LOL.. nice! I don't mind other shedding some light too as long there is a good riddle/clue added.

    Back to the search

  • Hmm I was wondering if the search has ended due to the fact that yesterday there was so much technical problems here on the site?

  • Have had a look for a while, but no luck - and wonder with my technical problems yesterday whether I would actually see them anyway. Although not having to refresh so often today. Anyway, time to pick up my son from nursery school. Be back later. Happy Hunting!

  • @ purplequeen - LOL..we posted at the same time and had just about the same thoughts..then it should be so then. Too bad.

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