Trick or Treat -- CANDY HUNT is on!!!

  • Interesting. Maybe my intuition WAS working for me..but technology gone wrong, interrupted it! In the first few minutes of my initial search, I felt a pull towards a certain page, and when I got there, it said there was an "error" and that the "page I was looking for no longer exists". It was the only time I got that screen on this entire site. And my higher self told me that the candy corn had wanted to be on that page, but I kept on looking, hoping that intuitive whisper was a figment of my imagination rather than a truth channeled through my third eye. 🙂 Oh, and Flowsco, yes...I agree with you....part of my cleansing IS sharing~~thanks for listening/reading, responding, communicating and guiding your light (your welcome!:) ). ~~ Blessings~islandsq

  • Give yourself a Halloween reading on this special day. All hands on deck!

  • I tried to give myself a Halloween reading a couple hours ago, Irving....but alas, no candy to be found! Maybe things are up and running now? I'll try again! Thanks!:)

  • All hands on DECK, Halloween deck that is!

  • LOL..Irving thank you.

    I have been on that page yet I believe the loaded it up much later.

    Anyways everyone today's (October 31st) last clue of the hunt: See Irving's clue posted above this post.

  • I found the candy corn~~yay! Thank for the reminder to go back to where I was i around 2am, Irving! it took awhile...but they taste yummy! Now...for a clue. Give me a second....

  • *they

  • Islanq... that was the clue. lol

  • Ha, ha, Flowsco! You and I probably ate that candy at the same moment in time! And yah, it wasn't there earlier~~I know we tried, my flowing friend!:) And because i love clues, i'm going to add another version to help those who might not get Irving's clue.

    Clue: If you go to the place where Halloween hangs out and look to the tarot for a deck-adent candy reading....make sure you take time to browse the decks for the true Halloween spirit deck. It is there, you will find the trickster---a.k.a., "THE FOOL"-- who will give you your TREAT of candy corn. Once you meet the FOOL (trickster), remember to drop down your candy bag, so he can drop the candy corn in it.

    Now go eat it and smile! ~~Blessings all!

  • Irving - thanks for the clue, I'm a little dense this morning so I of course went to the wrong place, but then I finally figured it out.

    Flowsco and others, thanks for your efforts.

  • Well there you go. Both Irving and Islandsq rounded up the hunt with their clues. I can't imagine someone not finding it unless we get technical headaches.

    Happy Hunting everyone and Happy Halloween!

  • Thank you Flowsco and other members for all the wonderful hints. When I first started these search's several years back I did them on my own. I don't think I ever found all of them and it took hours each day. Now in comparison it's a breeze.

  • Thank youn Irving, Flowsco, and islandsq (I really needed that last clue to find the candy corn in the correct deck). Happy Halloween to all!.

  • Thanks!! took me a while to understand where to go to view the decks, but found it in the end! Happy Halloween, hope you all have a ghoulish night!! ( ; >

  • Thanks to Flowsco, Pardee, islandsq and Irving for the great clues! I used to hunt for hours too when I first started searching, but now the clues are as much fun to figure out as the hunt!

    Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain to all who celebrate!

  • The facebook clue:

    Last clue! Find the Tarot deck full of tricks and treats, and you'll also find something sweet.

    I think that is the most straight forward clue they have ever had. Well done,

  • Thanks for the clues Flowsco and everyone else. I look forward to the candy hunt almost as much as Halloween itself.

    Happy Halloween everybody!

  • Great hint Irving! 🙂

    Happy Halloween everyone ~~~~~*~

  • Happy Halloween, beautiful candy corn beings! I'm so glad I could be of help to at least a couple Cancers on the hunt--ha-ha! You're welcome Cakekennedy and seanymphI'm happy to communicate a clue in a Cancerian manner! I just found it funny and interesting that you both have the same sun sign and you were the two (that i'm now aware of) that found my clue helpful!:) Yes, I have a Gemini sun sign, but on the cusp of Cancer with my mercury (communication!) in Cancer, as well my rising sign and Mars both in Cancer. So.....I kinda feel like I'm one of you (ascending influence)! I guess your receptive positive communication supports my theory--hee-hee! Blessings to all

  • thank you all for the wonderful hints I hope everyone had a safe & happy halloween

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