Trick or Treat -- CANDY HUNT is on!!!

  • Thanks for clue. went right to it.

  • Thank you, Pardee!

    The treats were quite New to me, while looking for the good old pumpkin ...

    Every new beginning starts in the darkness of the mind, though, alike any awareness.

    So, now that I found them through your hint, the hunt for the treats becomes more like looking for something thas has becoms somewhat familiar, now.

    Learning as we hunt ... 🙂

    Blessings and get better, Flowsco!

  • Thanks Pardee! Your hint was great 🙂

  • Thank you Pardee!!! I found it!! 🙂

  • I've looked all over Moon Central but can't find the candy for Oct 29. Would someone throw out another clue? I don't know why I'm so dense today.

  • Everyone loves Horoscopes. I wonder what the forecast is for New and Full Moons this month? I think the new moon fell on October 26th.

  • Day 3 (October 30th)

    Hint/clue - Secretive as I am......I am sure the centre of attention this time of the year.... because my motto is What is hidden is more interesting than what is obvious

    Happy Hunting

    PS. Thank you for the well wishes...feeling lot better today.

  • I'm totally stumped. will you please throw out another clue.

  • Glad you are feeling better, Flowsco. Thanks for the clue, but I am just not finding it. Any chance of getting a second clue? Thanks.

  • Okay lets see

    Different prhasing - Just about all signs had their turn. I am having a blast being the centre of that is no secret isn't it?

    I hope this helps without giving it alllll away.

  • Thanks, I found it. At first I was clueless about "hidden" and "secretive", but your last clue put me on the right track. Thanks again.

  • @ Cakennedy508 - Your welcome...have a nice day!

  • Glad to here you are feeling better flowsc!!

    ok I feel kinda sluggish cant locate the candy any other clues

  • Can someone else give us a clue? I assumed that Flowsco was talking about Scorpio, but can't find anything on any of the Scorpio pages. Sorry Flowsco, sometimes you are too cryptic!

    And is anyone else have problems with the pages dropping down? I am having to refresh the pages several times before I can see anything on them - no problem on any other website, or on my other computer.

  • I'm glad that I'm not the only one shadowmist . . . just can't seem to find

  • You're on the right track, purplequeen. I had to shut down my browser then bring it up again for the candy to appear.

  • Well none of the Scorpio pages are showing any candy for me!! I assumed it would be under Scorpio Central, but nothing there!! Can anyone give a clue to clarify the exact page that it suppose to be under?

    I am finding it very irriating having to refresh every single page at least 2 or 3 times to get it to drop down though!

  • Purplequeen, I just found it, the clues are very staright forward... it's right there in "central" on the right side... hope this helps...

    Thank you Flowsco... actully without someone mentioning the sign I wouldn't have found it ever... dont know the motto's of all the signs...

    Good day to all!!

  • found the candy yea!! had to go out and come back in to get the candy to show

  • Still not showing on mine!! Boo Hoo - but thanks for clarifying Happy Doc. I have refreshed the page, I have opened and closed my internet browser and gone back in, but not there. I will now go and try on my laptop!! Weird!!!!

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