Pleased to help with your numbers and charts

  • Nice to meet you all. I am occasionally online. If you have any questions about your cycle, numbers or signs I would not mind helping you with the answers.

  • Thanks Ocensus for your kind offer.What information do you need for a reading?

  • Just your bday. I already know your number name. 8

  • Hi ocensus

    My DOB is 19th fen 86. I don't have a preference re numbers cycle etc.



  • Nine to the second power. I'm sure your chart says the same. Hm hmm. 5 then 8 then 6 then 9. You clipped yourself. I find this very intriguing. LOL! Good One. Well it didn't go as supposed. You'll receive your 8 after your 6 for such disrespect towards the 5. NOt from me but from the stars. LOL. It's not as bad as it seems the stars find you interesting but im sure you already received such corporal punishment. Spreading info like this over the internet is scary since you respect the numbers so much now. Maybe you can let any readers know how sorry you are for such a mistake. Im glad you were punished but im glad you repented. It was not a sin against GOD or JC but a sin towards the stars. Im not worried about people messing with the stars bc i know you had the most boringest life ever due to this. BUT I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE A CHANGED PERSON COME FEBRUARY. positivity coming you way in the six a nine. Your books will take you places in the six and you will feel more happier in the looks department in the 6. You will have more friends due to your acceptance and vision and you will love life more due to this acceptance and vision. Breath deep life is getting really really good. Love the 6 cycle it loves you.

  • Thanks for responding Ocensus. This is my user name..

    My first name adds up to 4 and the full name to 11 ,according to numerology.

    Dob: 28 November 1969.

    thanks v. much

  • i dont know why its showing asterisk there.I just said thank you very much:)

  • thank you so much suramya - I have just moved into apartment number 212 , can you tell me what that means?

    Thanks in advance.

  • maybe you need to know I m born 2nd October 1952.

  • This is Oceansus's thread!

  • Hi there Oceansus!

    I was born May 6th 1992 at 9:28pm in Dallas,TX (Very Detailed I know lol!)

  • Thanks for the offer Oceansus!

    August 5, 1951

  • Oceansus, My dates are 11/25/1954 . What are my Numbers? Thank You. And have a wonderful blessed day!

  • Oceansus, My dates are 07 (July)/20/1971. Kindly provide me with a reading. Thanks a million.

  • Hi Ocensus,

    My DOB is 01 /(April) 04/1982 .Can you tell me about my numbers.Thanking you in advance.

  • Ocensus,Thanks for your time & energy on my behalf. DOB: 03(Mar) 04,1959.

  • Hi Ocensus,

    25 Oct 1979. And thank you 🙂

  • Hi Ocenus


  • Thank you Ocenus for your help. My Birthday is March, 1954! I posted a question earlier and maybe you can help me. Please see message below and thanks again for your help.

    Question.....My business name is everyonebiz! When I broke it down the letters equaled 65 6+5=11

    Do I break that down again or is my business name an 11! If so the meaning of an 11 would be very helpful! Thank you so much.


  • Suramaya,

    Your birtchart number is 37/10 and with your name the number is 21/3. There is a great book by Dan Millman that you will find your individual numbers in. At this time i cant think of the name of it but his first book is the peaceful warrior and the book you want has to do with life purpose. it will give you a great break down on your numbers. I myself live under both number cycles. i excelled at my birthchart numbers then changed with the celestials.

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