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  • Hello Firefly01

    I have a question, my question is sometimes I can smell perfume or cologne and nobody is around. I do believe that I have some kind of ability but just really don't know how to use it or learn how to use it. Can you please give me some kind of tips.

    And my other question is when you use the sea salt in the house do you put it in every corner of the house in the closets too. Sorry for sounding like I have my blondie wig on today.


  • Loved ones who have passed on send "messages" using the senses. If you smell cologne, it is possible that a loved one who has passed on is letting you know she is concerned about you and in that spirit world, things work "behind the scenes" to your benefit. Consider yourself very fortunate indeed. Not everyone pays attention.

    When I use salt, I use it to "cleanse" space from bad vibrations--like negative people in your life whom you wish to send on their way and move on with their lives. Sage is used to banish unwanted spirit activity in the home. Incense works very well, also. And no, you don't sound dumb for asking. Actually, you asked some very interesting questions. Keep up the good work!

  • Firefly01

    Thank You so much. Because I was thinking that maybe I was losing it. Because I could be in the car with my friends and then the smell would come and I would say hey what kind of perfume or cologne do you have on. And they look at me like didn't I just tell you that I do not have any on. And then when I do the cards sometimes when I am by myself I can hear a voice and that is a little scary but I knew from a little girl there was something a little different about me

    my dreams would come true and I wuold not say anything. And when I would be pregnancy wow I would not like to go too sleep sometimes because whatever I dreamt about I would see. And now I am starting to have that start again, and now I hear the voices and the smells and then I see out the corner of my eyes so sometimes it gets a little scary but I am trying to teach myself how to use my gift. Thanks so much Illona

  • Meditation helps the most to control how you receive messages. I have mentioned more than once to take advantage of reading, then allow your gaze to drift out the window and watch, really SEE the trees swaying in the breeze, notice how the clouds change shape with the wind and most importantly, WATCH people.

    Once you get the hang of it, you will begin to receive messages about strangers without them realizing it or even seeing you. Remember, how a person dresses, the car they drive and how they speak and act tells a very vivid tale about the kind of person one is truly is.

    Blessings and Peace be with you! You are well on your way....

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