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  • I fell in love with a man...and then everything fell apart. I am trying to put my life back together after me and him started making a life together.he is still insisting that we are meant to be and he will do what it takes to be with me. He says he is in love with me. I do love him. Can anyone tell me what they see happening between us? will I be able to overcome this and get back into my own place?Thank you so much for your insight!

  • I feel this relationship lacks a deep emotional bond (at least for one of you). Your partner is quite the subtle hedonist but this complements your more voluptuous qualities, and the two of you can share many pleasures together. But I feel this relationship would be more enjoyable and work better as a casual friendship than a deeper love commitment. I don't feel it will ever be truly compatible for a committed longterm relationship. Being married or living together could be very problematic. You WM are a hard worker who loves a quiet home environment, but your partner is far too nervous and emotional to give you the rest and peace you need. Furthermore, he can grow bored with what he sees as your stolid approach and he may tend to roam, failing to live up to your hopes and his domestic responsibilities. The main problem here is that one partner will seek a more deeper emotional involvement than the other partner is prepared or is able to give.

  • can you tell me Captain...why is begging me back? he is telling me he will do whatever it takes. he says he is in love with me, misses me, cries. I feel a lot of how you explained. he has little kids, which i planned activities for us to do together, but i am in school, work a very responsible job that i plan on working up more and more. i do like peace, i am a Taurus. i am very emotionally upset over all this right now. ive been in the hospital twice in a month, they dont know for sure what it is. i believe its my female problems. and i am displaced and very angry at myself. will i get into my own place again and be ok?? please talk to me.

  • The thing is he wants you sometimes, but not ALL the time. He enjoys his freedom to do what he wants. He will never want the same settled, committed lifestyle that you want. He is afraid of being tied down by anyone and has had problems with this in the past. His affection for you is genuine - he just doesn't want to stay in the same place with the same person forever. His nature will always be mercurial. You have to ask yourself if you can put up with a part time on-again, off-again partner?

  • If you want to get into your own place again, you must put all your time and energy into it and stop giving this man all your energy and anxiety. He is never going to be the ideal lover that you hope for.

  • Thank you Captain. His birthday is March 24th,1979. born at 7:30pm. Is his flighty ways bc of his sign? I have saw this type of behavior in water signs before and he is on the cusp of Pisces. If I pull away from him, which I have told him that I am going through a lot right now over our break up...will he leave me alone? I am as drawn to him bc of how he made me feel, the things we did together, even the sound of his voice if you can understand. I divorced bc of a miserable emotionally abusive relationship. This man seemed to be so different. But, in the same sense, I feel drawn towards getting my daughter raised, which she is 17, and finishing school, and getting to where I am happy and financially stable at my job. I also feel like he broke a trust that I'm not sure I can get back with him. And I'm not the type of woman to check the cell phone, and keep tabs on him like he is a child. I'm also sure that we couldn't remain just friends. Does he tell me the truth? Thank you for listening and helping me through me this.

  • Your sometimes lover has a lot of the independence and adventurousness of an Aries and some of the over-sensitivity and a more developed sense of beauty of a Pisces. His inner emotional life can be quite different to the more dynamic, competent, and ambitious facade he may present to the world. But he will not allow any emotionalism to bleed through his well-constructed worldly image. He refuses to grow up and be grounded. Prone to isolating himself, he actually can't stand being around people all that much. He secretly bears many sorrows resulting from a tragic past, with a lifelong tendency to run away from his problems and sink to very low depths at times, then to pull himself up out of the quicksand just as he is about to disappear underneath. He will often go off somewhere to seek refuge from a boring or stressful world, to nurse old wounds, and indulge in some bad behaviour to let off steam. He often feels like a victim and gets very negative about his life. He lives a life of extreme highs and lows, but it only gets dangerous for him if the risks become more and more extreme, and the isolated away time gets longer and longer.

    Sobriety and hard work are his paths away from this self-destructive self-indulgence. He actually has an insatiable need to experience peace and oneness with the Universe. What he needs to pull him out of self-destruction is the very thing he fears most - to develop greater patience and planning, and to live a simple, practical, down-to-earth, regular old existence of work, love, and becoming more proactive about his health. He must find positive solutions through a more detached and discerning viewpoint, along with an ever-increasing faith in his own capabilities.

    Surrounding himself with people who possess optimism and initiative in abundance will encourage the same energies in him - he needs to befriend outgoing types who won't let him off the hook too easily. Early in his life, his love affairs will be passionate but short-lived, rarely productive or meaningful over the long haul. Due to his romanticism and sensitivity, it is generally he and not his partners who wind up most devastated from breakups, however, which makes him much more wary in future matchups. Ultimately he will become adept at forming mature relationships based on mutual respect and give-and-take, rather than falling for more idealistic and less realistic choices that only leave him alone. In the final analysis, it is the negotiations of daily life and sharing everyday chores and activities that will provide him with the best opportunity for practice and success on his lifepath.

    However, it sounds like your partner is still stuck in the middle of his learning process. The question for you then becomes how long will you wait for him to grow up and lose his self-destructive tendencies?

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