AstraAngel, I need a reading on a legal issue, could you help

  • I am in a legal dilemma on oil contamination in my property. A lawyer and an engineer are employed by me to help solve the money issue on who should pay for the clean up, which involves a lot companies servicing or who have serviced my heating oil. My problem is that I am doubting my own lawyer and engineer that they may be nickle-and-diming me on various testings that have cost thousands of dollars. They know the last few thousands of money left from insurance funds and are now saying all of it would be needed to cover the cost of a ground test. Should I believe them? Exhausted, frustrated and worried here. Thanks for your help.

  • Ask for receipts and a complete accounting for work done so far. Then do your own research. You want photocopies of original receipts. Taking charge shoud not be so scary for you--change your perspective. Do an internet search for any service you are confused about the price and make some phone calls for estimits. What this situation is teaching you is to not feel powerless or victimized. Also, people are less likely to take advantage of those who give the message that they "keep track" of buisness. If they try to talk you down---about your request just be strong and say it's good buisness to know where my money is going and lawyers understand "full disclosure". I know you want something easier, someone else to look after you but it's best you practice not being in the dark. Lawyers are very time concieose and it's true after the retainer they are hard to get a conversation with but you can send a fax or e-mail or leave a message with the front desk for the paperwork you want. They will probably charge you for copies--that's normal. Best way to insure fairness is to educate yourself on the process. Talk to some people who will answer for free. The internet is very resourceful. I bet you can get the ground test info today. With that in hand then you can question your lawyer with that info and go from there. It sends a message to the world that you are proactive and not passive. Lawyers often do employ their own favourite companys who they know will go their way. If it's for their gain--but if the lawyer is only getting paid by you it would not matter who did the test so if it's your money--follow it! BLESSINGS

  • Hey Tellstar

    Sri to hear about this mess you are dealing with. I'll pull some cards and see what the story seems to be.

    1. Trust - let's first take a look at your lawyer - is he trustworthy?

    I drew the Ace of Swords and the Page of Wands - Yes, you can trust this person. Also this particular deck says "The upright Ace is an omen of great victory and the success of projects founded on intelligent ideas and practice. The appearance of this card shows that forceful events are about to take you by storm and that you will need mental alacrity to withstand the pace."

    You will win in court, your attorney is having to jump through all of the legal hoops, which to you appears as "nickel and diming" however according to this they are trustworthy.

    The Page of Wands foretells a message of good news, you should hear something good for a change soon on this matter.

    1. What about the engineer? Is he doing his job properly?

    Ten of Wands and the Three of Swords. Hmm... my first thought seeing that ten of wands is that this person is too busy, and this could be a part of the hold up, delay, and tail chasing going on. Then the Ace of Wands. So he is doing his job, he is just really buy and it sounds like he might be dealing with some emotional issues at home. The appearance of the Ace Swords for the lawyer and the (eventual) Ace of Wands for this person tells me that YES they are both doing the best they can, although the engineer appears to be under some heavy work load. I will keep pressing on with them! One way or the other you will win this.

    1. Final outcome - Death - New beginnings, a clearing away of this nightmare so and putting it behind you completely. VICTORY over whoever did the damage.

    Four of Swords - giving you a much needed rest from this matter, this has been a heavy emotional burden on you. Don't worry it will end soon enough and you will be free of this.

    1. Adice for you right now - The Hermit - Stay focused on your spiritual path and let these people do their work on your behalf. Trust heaven that all will work out, it will nicely for you.

    Five of Wands - you have been dealing with a lot of decisions related to this and that weighs heavily on you. "Did I make the right choice?" I hear you asking. Yes you did. Trust.

    King of Pentacles - the material concerns associated with this, the clean up, the financial concerns, all of it will work out for you. I have prayed for you to keep your faith and courage strong. Go for a nice long walk today. Make sure the path doesn't go anywhere near oil and furnace companies and HVAC places! A park, with a lot of bird and enjoy the sun on your face.

    Dawn and a new day for you soon. And pretty green grass.

    These oil companies should be a little more careful!

  • Blmoon,

    Thanks for your advise. I was just thinking about researching the new proposal. Those chemicals and the process are all foreign to me but will try -- nothing to lose, something to learn. I like your suggestion about seizing power. Yes, it's something I should learn -- take charge.

    Thank you.

  • AstraAngel,

    Thank you so much for the reading. I feel relieved. I plan to write my lawyer and ask him why the contractor is charging $5,000 for a second testing when the first test cost only $900. Could you do this one for me please.

    Thanks very much.

  • Fire your present lawyers and get a second opinion.

  • Hey Tellstar

    Nine of Swords - first thought that came was they are having to drill in a lot more places that the original test, which multiplies the costs.

    Six of Wands - it still looks good for a successful outcomes as long as you keep the faith and trust.

    Firefly is of a different opinion. So you'll have to pray and follow your own heart. I have prayed for you and as far as I am concerned, I know it will work out.

    I have to admit Heaven did check me on the fact that the lawyers are having to be involved in your life. Did you approach the oil company directly about the problem? What did they say? They weren't willing to do what they had to do to clean it up themselves? That makes no sense. Please explain.


  • AstraAngel,

    You keep amazing me with this reading. They want to drill on the other side of the house and probably under the house as they suspect the oil went under the house which makes the clean up extremely expensive beyond the value of y house. I have no funds to do the clean up nor even just the testing. so much testing had been done to the tune of thousands of $$$. The oil company and others were giving me a run around for over a year of calls and emails. So, I got a lawyer. I have depositions coming up. I'm not giving up. I just have no money to foot the bills. I took two loans that for this that I now pay for monthly. What to do next?

  • Nine of Wands

    I would say go to court with what you have. You have done all you can, I would get your camera and crawl under the house with a flashlight and document with your own photos, and take a bunch.

    Take whatever you have accomplished thus far and get with your attorney and tell this person it is SHOW TIME. TELL THIS PERSON (don't ask)) TELL to send a letter to the oil company on their letterhead with copies of EVERYTHING that the engineer found so far, and whatever the lawyer has dreamed up - SEND EVERYTHING copies of all of it we want a package that weighs about twenty POUNDS to land on that oil companies desk. ALSO, find the oilest place of soil on your property and I want you to dig out a BUCKET of oily dirt and put that in a CLEAR zip lock bag, a giant one. FILL THAT SUCKER UP and you TELL your attornety to put a package together with everything you have along with that sample of dirt and You TELL THIS OIL COMPANY THAT THIS IS THEIR LAST CHANCE TO CLEAN THIS MESS UP ON THEIR OWN NICKEL AND PAY ALL ATTORNEY FEES AND SOMETHING FOR THE MENTAL STRAIN ON YOU (how does $5000 sound? ) AND GIVE THEM A TIME FRAME TO RESPOND OR YOU GO TO COURT.

    You don't need to spend another dime. It is time to let the oil company choose to do the right thing OR ELSE (Seven of Cups)


    JUSTICE card! you ARE going to get justice in this!!!

    Your attorney keeps jerking you around, get copies of everything he and the engineer have so far and you can go to court with that. Heck, fly me to where ever you are and I WILL GO TO COURT with you and I will dress up like an attorney and we will win this thing! I am pretty good at arguing logically. Or illogically works too some time. We get the jury laughing a little they will be on our side.

    WE ARE GOING TO WIN THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AstraAngel,

    Thanks for the last reading. I will write my lawyer tomorrow. Thanks for your support. I wish you could be here. It feels like you're ready to plow through. I am encouraged by the idea of winning this. All I did from the time I bought this house has been to pay everyone from the real estate agent, to the home inspector who said everything was fine, to incompetent oil service men, to the insurance agent, the township clerks who approved instllations, to the engineers of the insurance co,, the manger of the oil company, contractors etc. Really everyone was asking for money. And all I was motivated to do was to take care of my house. Now I am the only one facing this problem?

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