....Sun sign astrology.

  • It seems like 99% of the population looks to their sun sign for compatability in relationships. In Western astrology the sun represents your soul. The you the world doesn't see.

    On the other hand, the rising sign is your personality. That is the you the world sees. To find out just how compatable you are with another, you really need to get a synistry chart between the two people. Looking at the signs is just the beginning.

    You also need to beware of the houses involved. Those are the playing fields. Don't forget the aspects. Trines are easy energy. But, if it's between your moon and his Mars, he could rip your emotions to shreds. Don't forget the timing.

    Your Natal Chart is what you bring with you into this incarnation. The Progressed Chart is the timing. It answers the when. So you, astrology can give you the what, where and when. But, it doesn't mean that the relationship is a lost cause.

    By knowing what, where and when, you can prepare for the rough times and deal with it all. The good times, well they'll be even better.

    There isi one more thing of importance. Saturn Returns (like a bad penny)! Progressed Saturn will conjunct your natal Saturn, Birthdays 29, 58, and 87 can be hard times, I've already survived two of them. By the time the third one gets, I won't give a poo.

  • Very accurate and perceptive. Hats off to you!

  • Agreed!

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