Can someone help me with this dream?

  • so i have alot of dreams about the person i love. but yet we have recently broke up . and were just friends..

    ok so heres the dream. i was with my friend and we were roller skating down the street. that whens we stopped and she puled out a knife and tried to stab me. so i beat her up. and then she tried to give me stuff for a make up to be friends again. then all of the sudden im dragging my ex (the one i talked about up there) across the floor. and we are in a theatre,the show starts so he gets up and takes a seat and so do i. our seats are seperated and about arm distance. and he grabs my hand and holds it. a lady come up and tells us to stop because we might get to serius with each other. so we stopped and as she walked away he took my hand again.

    this dream confuses me.. can you help?

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